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The Perfect Guide: Bangs Styling Guide

One of the key elements in my signature look is my bangs! I’ve had bangs from a young age and you might say that my bangs have basically been with me my whole life {There was that one break in the middle but I came to my senses! ?}.

Most women will tell you they have a love-hate relationship with their bangs. When the bangs look their best, they frame the face and give it a unique look, but when things get messy? Oh… that’s where the trouble starts. The challenge with a bangs is that you can not expect them to look perfect, just like that, without any effort. Bangs require commitment and skill, but from my experience, it is totally worth it.

I decided to write this post with all my tips for maintaining perfect bangs, because one of the questions I've been asked lately over and over again is how I manage to keep my bangs so neat all the time.

So without further ado, here are 8 tips for the best bangs care….

Bangs Styling Guide


Do not cut your bangs by yourself {Especially not the first time!}

So you’ve decided to make a big change and go for a haircut with bangs, congratulations! Before you make the big change, think again if you are willing to take it upon yourself, as it involves lots of fiddling with so, if the answer is no, you may want to think again… You decided to go for it and join the bangs club after all? I highly recommend that you go to a good, trustworthy hair salon for your first cut. There are lots of different styles of bangs, and it is important that the hairdresser matches your bangs’ style with the shape of your face, so that it will look perfect. Keep in mind that bangs grow in very fast, and you may have to visit the salon every 3 weeks for a trim to keep the bangs out of your eyes and looking fresh and aesthetically pleasing. If this whole bangs thing is new to you, I really recommend that you don’t try it at home, even after the first cut. It takes skill to cut bangs well, a skill you probably don’t have if you haven’t been to the hair salon many times and watched your hairdresser’s moves closely. True, there are lots of online tutorials  but, you shouldn’t take the chance. If you’re really brave and have decided not to become enslaved by a visit to the hair salon every 3 weeks, do not shorten your bangs at once. Meaning, it is better to slightly trim it every once in a while than to be stuck with crooked bangs that you will have to cut too short, a length not necessarily right for you, in order to straighten out the situation.


You Must Blow-dry Your Bangs Immediately after Taking a Shower

I know what you’re thinking… What’s the point in blow-drying your bangs? It’s actually the fastest drying part of your hair… The thing is, once the bangs begin to air-dry they return to their natural form, so if you weren’t graced with silky smooth hair, chances are your hair texture won’t add to your bangs’ look. My hair is wavy, and I would always wake up with messy bangs going in all of the wrong directions. Once I started blow-drying my bangs I discovered how much easier it was to care for my bangs right after I get out of the shower.


The Best Drying Technique

I like to dry my bangs while I hold the blow-dryer above my head , aim it downwards at my forehead, and comb my bangs with my fingers. When it has dried a little bit, but is still damp, I take a thin comb and comb my bangs to the right while the blow dryer is in my left hand directing the bangs. I repeat the same action, this time to the left – I take a thin comb and comb my bangs all the way to the left, while the blow-dryer in my right hand to direct the bangs. Finally, I hold the blow-dryer above my head once again, aimed down at my forehead, and comb my bangs from the top down with a comb. There are lots of recommendations out there to use a round brush for drying your bangs, but I’ve tried many and my bangs always seems pretty puffy after I’ve used a round brush. With my technique, you can be sure that the bangs will be kept neat, smooth and straight, and will not be messy and get all over the place.


Bangs Styling Guide

Bangs Styling Guide


Final Touch with a Hair Straightener

Once my bangs are completely dry, I like to give them a final touch with my hair straightener. Since I don’t like it when my bangs are too straight and rest flat on my forehead, I slightly round the edges toward my face with a hair straightener. If I have the time, I divide my bangs into three equal parts and straighten each part from the root downwards, until I reach about 2 cm from the edge where I slightly curl it in. If I’m short on time, I do it all at once!


Give Up Oily Hair Products

I try to avoid using any product directly on my bangs, especially when it comes to oily products such as cream, mousse, and serum. There are two reasons for that: First, Rubbing these products on your face {and forehead} continuously and for a long period of time can actually be quite harmful the skin. Such products, combined with sweat and dirt, can clog your pores, and as a result you will be more prone to having pimples on your forehead and temples {You’re welcome to read this post for more tips on clean, healthy skin}. The second reason is that bangs tend to become more greasy looking,  faster than the rest of the hair, and so using product makes it look even greasier. Bottom line in this case, is less is more, and if possible it is better to completely give up completely use of such preparations.


Bangs Styling Guide


Wash your Bangs Frequently

In recent years, more and more studies have been recommending that you do not wash your hair every day, and I am totally in favor – after all, who has time to deal with the whole process every day? But when it comes to bangs, it's a different story – they get greasy very fast, and just don’t look good, even one day after being washed… so two or three days without a wash? No thanks ? My solution is very simple. I tie my hair back to keep it away from my face and quickly wash my bangs before I wash my face. True, it does add another 5 minutes in the morning, but it guarantees that the bangs look their best and helps keeps excess oils and dirt from coming in contact with your facial skin.


Dry Shampoo is the Ultimate Savior

Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver. During flights, long trips, and in case you don’t have the extra five minutes to wash and reset your bangs, it does the job. Dry shampoo is based on a powdery spray that aims to absorb all the residual oil and dirt accumulated on the hair and scalp. After just a few sprays – the hair feels as if if was just washed – cleaner and a lot lighter, and it also has a wonderful smell. Keep in mind, dry shampoo is not supposed to become a permanent replacement for a real wash with shampoo and water, rather it is simply an in-between refreshment. If you abuse it, chances are your scalp will become dry and itchy – and dandruff is not really very sexy. Click here for more tips on how to use dry shampoo.


Allow your face cream to absorb

Just like with hair products, your face cream can damage your bangs and the skin on your forehead. If you apply face cream on your forehead and let your bangs fall directly above, chances are the your bangs will soon become greasy, and the rubbing of  oily skin {due to freshly applied lotion} on greasy bangs can not be good for your pores. I suggest you remove your bangs from your face completely using any kind of headband, wash your face, then apply the face cream and wait until it is fully absorbed {about 5-10 minutes} before you let down your hair.



I hope my tips will help you keep up your bangs without any unnecessary frustrations or headaches! 🙂


Already have bangs or thinking of joining the club? Let me know in the comments below!

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