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Bullet Journal – The Trendy Twist on a Classic Dairy

A guest post by Danit Eshel, the blogger behind the Lavandula blog.

Hey everyone, I’d like to talk about {or rather, write about} this amazing thing is known as a “bullet journal”, why you should make space for it in your life, and how to do so!

Let’s start with the most basic question, what is a bullet journal?

A bullet journal is an empty notebook {large/small, blank/lined/dotted, etc… whatever works for you!} from which you create a journal that is designed to perfectly fit your needs. Who creates this journal, you wonder? Well… you do! From scratch, and it makes no difference whether or not you consider yourself as the “creative” type, anyone can make a bullet journal.

There are two main approaches to a bullet journal. The first is creating a sort of log meant to keep track of your schedule, from organizing dates to sleeping hours. The possibilities are endless, the main thing is to help you arrange your days, and your mind. For example, you can dedicate several pages to a specific month, noting what you have to get done this month/week/day, prioritize your tasks, shopping list, aspirations, keep track of things like exercise, food, payments and your income, and emotions! {Yeah, yeah you can keep track of your feelings throughout the month}, list what you are thankful for {because it is important to be grateful for what you have}, books you’ve read, films you’ve seen, and plenty more… I totally recommend searching Pinterest for “bullet journal” ideas, you’ll find so much inspiration!

There is not only one right way to manage your bullet journal – it’s a matter of preference, some people take it along wherever they go, others fill it in the morning, at night, or over the weekend to prepare themselves for the new upcoming week. 

The second approach {my personal choice} is more artistic, creating a space for relaxation, creativity, and documentation of simple life events – making the bullet journal a sort of “travel diary”. It’s based on the same concept of an empty notebook, only it is filled with daily documentation. Whether you went on a fun family trip for the weekend, spent the day with yourself, tried a new restaurant, class, or hobby… Simply document it – the big moments and the small ones. I find physical documentation of a positive day or experience really helps embed it in your mind, and there’s something so nice about flipping through a journal with photos and some notes about how you spent your day, maybe a date, location, and activity. I personally have the memory of a goldfish, so “downloading” my memories onto a page is very helpful 😇

It could be really great for parents who want to document their child’s first year of life {or more}, a bride who wants to document her wedding day in a less traditional way, and more.

Beginners Guide to Bullet Journal - what is bullet journal, how to create it and how to use it to mange your time and experiences?

So what do you need in order to start a bullet journal?

The basics – a notebook and a pen! If you’re more of a practical minimalist, that’ll do.

If you’d like to have something a little more colorful and decorative, the options are endless – markers, stickers, washi tape, acrylic or watercolor, anything goes! Products can be purchased at any art supplies store, or online. 

I recommend beginning with what you have at home. This could include images you liked in a magazine, quotes from books you love, newspaper clippings for texture, printed pictures from the internet {some websites, like Unsplash for example, have a free image bank} and most importantly, you should print photos from your phone’s camera roll! After all, we all use our phones to record special moments, why should the content just sit there? Print your photos and paste them in the journal. 

I also use many stamps – it’s fast, easy, and beautiful. A great way to add an illustration to your journal, even if you're not the best at drawing. I also use paper cutouts that I paste on one another to create interest, I like to cut and paste, it calms me down. 

I also use the journal as a base for doodles, I paint and draw the things I learn, and it serves me as a sort of documentation – so I can see how I’ve improved with time!

Beginners Guide to Bullet Journal - what is bullet journal, how to create it and how to use it to mange your time and experiences?

I really encourage you to try and develop this hobby, I believe it could be an excellent addition to 2020 and a great way to make the most of your time and enjoy it as well 🤗

So, what do you think of the bullet journal? Is it something you’d like to try? Leave me a comment below!

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Danit / Lavandula

The Lavandula blog was founded in 2012 by Danit, and has since become the home for many posts about lifestyle, beauty, and care, to inspire women {and men} to love and enjoy all that is beautiful in the world.

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