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One of the things I love most as a blogger is the fact that I have the ability to touch the lives of so many women, to use my knowledge and capability to help others realize their potential. I am so pleased to see you using tips I share, that you reach out to my blog for inspiration, and that my students see results thanks to my courses. 

When I was thinking about what kind of premium course I’d like to create, I noticed a recurring theme, a pattern, in the messages that appeared in my inbox and in social media. Everyone was asking me how I shoot and edit my photos, and the moment I started doing personal consultations, I was getting dozens of inquiries for personal advice on this very topic.

I realized that my community, composed primarily of style and aesthetic loving bloggers and entrepreneurs, was struggling with generating visual content which is the bread and butter of any online business.

So when it came to decide what online course I’d like to create, I knew that a photography and photo-editing course is exactly what my community needs. This is why I decided to combine all of my knowledge, tips, techniques, and secrets into one fun essential course, to help other women reach the point where they feel confident enough to share the visual content they create.

And that is how The Photo Booth was born.🐣

The course was first launched in January 2019, and already has an amazing community of over 250 students, all at different stages of their journey to discover their unique photography style. And all of them are at different levels of refining their professional photography, styling, and editing skills. 

Every time I receive an email from one of my students telling me about their progress and confidence they now have in creating the images, I am filled with pride!

A number of weeks ago I came across a photo that really caught my attention while scrolling on Instagram’s explore. I clicked on the account and immediately fell in love with what I was seeing – a fine, harmonious feed of photos in pink pastel hues. The account belonged to what seemed like a luxury brand from abroad, with an effortless chic not often seen locally… and then I read the bio and realized that this brand is based in Tel Aviv! I was in shock! (Not that there aren’t great things around here, but this brand had an extra-feel to it 😍)

And you know what I found out when I checked out their website?…

Behind the blog is an Israeli woman named Shiran who was interested in my photography service for her new brand, and in the end – mainly for budget reasons – she decided to sign up for The Photo Booth course to learn how to do things on her own. Of course, at this point, I couldn’t have been more excited!

So I turned to Shiran, and asked her if she would be hosted on my blog to share the story of her personal photography story – and happily, she agreed 😊

I think that seeing others’ success offers lots of inspiration to others, especially when we understand how they reached where they are today – so I am so glad to have Shiran and her beautiful photos, here on my blog.

מקרה בוחן - קורס צילום ועריכת תמונות

Tell us about yourself, and why you wanted to study photography and photo-editing?

Hey, my name is Shiran Valeni, and I am a partner and product manager at REELIE, a brand for natural beauty products. 

A super trendy brand, REELIE is composed of minimalist branding, copywriting a serene voice & tone, the unboxing experience, generating visual content for social networks, and more. 

In the first two years, we tried working with a number of photographers. Though the experience was a positive one, we found we were having trouble relaying the brand’s values and our vision for the photos. At a certain point, we figured it was up to us to create visual content on a regular basis that is loyal to the brand, the person behind it needs to be in-house. At least one of us should be a pro when it comes to photography, composition, and editing. This way we could set foot independently and create authentic visual content that reflects our brand’s values. 

מקרה בוחן - קורס צילום ועריכת תמונות

What were the fears and concerns that held you back?

While I always had a feel for visuals, I feared the concepts and technicalities associated with photography and editing. That’s why, at first, we were sure we should be outsourcing professional photographers. 

How did you approach photography and photo-editing in the past, and what difficulties did you encounter before joining The Photo Booth?

When I decided to take the visual aspect upon myself, I knew exactly what I wanted, what does or does not work, but had no idea where to begin. 

So we checked out a couple of courses and even private lessons. 

We were quite confused by all the different topics that are I guess significant in photography but irrelevant to contemporary photography designed for the networks. All the courses offered in-depth professional content and were less focused on the content’s adaptation to the digital world.

מקרה בוחן - קורס צילום ועריכת תמונות

Why did you decide to sign up for The Photo Booth?

Every choice I make is based on extensive (some might say, obsessive) research of what’s out in the market, what’s the hottest trend (so as not to miss it), and what combination works best for me. I have known Tamar’s blog for a while, and I know that her content and social activity is always super professional, precise, and relevant, and I  trust her recommendations. 

When I first saw her course and explored it, I quickly realized this was the perfect package I was looking for and didn’t think it existed

The course is divided into three “semesters” 

Professional photographyonly what I need to know about photography to take professional photos

Compositions – how to set up my frame for different photography styles

Editing with Lightroom – the fun and challenging part – editing the photos and matching them to the brand’s character, and social media. 

מקרה בוחן - קורס צילום ועריכת תמונות
מקרה בוחן - קורס צילום ועריכת תמונות

Did you experience a turning point during the course or at the end of it, can you tell us about it?

At first, the end of the tunnel seemed far off, I couldn’t understand how all the information came together. Later on, I began feeling like I was on a roll, and could see an improvement in my photography. Today, I can safely say that photography and photo-editing are done quite intuitively, and I can’t remember my life before Lightroom 😊

Do you feel that thanks to the course you have acquired new capabilities that will serve you as a blogger/business owner? If so, what are they? {Directly - like photography and photo-editing skills, and indirectly like confidence, income, clients, etc.}

Totally, today we rapidly create our own quality visual content. 

What did you feel are the biggest advantages of The Photo Booth?

Where do I begin? Focusing on relevant content has saved me lots of time, the ability to train a student with no previous knowledge and help her become a real pro, the flexibility of a digital course, presenting the content in a friendly and accessible way so that it is very easy to understand, and the flow of the course is properly built.

מקרה בוחן - קורס צילום ועריכת תמונות

How would you describe your photography style? Pinkish pop with a touch of vintage.

Pinkish pop with a touch of vintage.

What inspires you?

Growing up during the nineties, addicted to Australian beauty products, and a fan of cocktails, I am inspired by anything that makes me feel cozy. Holidays, good healthy food, boutique brands from around the world, and feel-good blogger’s diaries with real quality content.😊

What tip or piece of advice would you like to share with those who want to succeed?

There is nothing you can’t learn. It’s all about diving headfirst, and a little help from the pros when and where it's necessary. 

מקרה בוחן - קורס צילום ועריכת תמונות

I hope you enjoyed hearing from Shiran about her brand’s story🌸. If you would also like to get a lot more than inspiration and follow your dreams, this is your chance to access my toolbox and start generating your very own breathtaking photos for your blog or business. Click here for more information about the course. 

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