Online Photography and Editing Course in The New Media Age

Professional photos will upgrade your brand. And yes, you can create them yourself.

Are you a small business owner? A content creator?

Come learn how you can create quality content for your brand on your own!

Visuals Are The Key To Creating Great Customer-Brand Connections

It is no secret that the digital world had become a crowded and loud space. There is more content and competition than ever before, and it is very hard to stand out.

To make sure your brand shines in the digital arena,

You must learn how to create eye-catching visual content.

I’m Tamar Leibovitz Golan, owner of the HEDONISTIT content creation brand, and I have decided to let you in on all of my secrets!

After producing, creating and photographing dozens of productions for the hottest brands around the world

And among my clients you can find the following brands …

I invite you to my digital course on creating visual content in the new world.

The most up-to-date and current course with everything you need to know in order to conquer the digital arena, In the easiest and most comfortable way possible, with me accompanying you all the way.

The bottom line – this course has everything you need to create photos that will draw the eye as well as attract your ideal audience.
The Outcome?


Who is the course suitable for?
This course is a great investment for small business owners

Think how much money you can save by not having to hire a photographer to shoot your products! Not only will you save lots of money, but you will finally gain complete control over the images representing your business on your site, social networks, and any other platform you want to market your business through.

If you are a blogger, the content you create will eventually be converted into revenue

The better the content you create, the more businesses and companies will want to advertise and market their product on your blog and social media. Thanks to the photos I take, I keep getting proposals for sponsored Instagram posts (and can afford to ask for a higher price because I know my content is of higher quality than a lot of other Instagram users.

Are you dreaming of creating visual content for brands? Your place is with us.

Creating visual content for brands is a very profitable business!
In The Photo Booth course, I teach the exact method by which I create visual content for small and large businesses all over the world – so you can live the dream, too.

The course is also suitable for beginners who have never held a camera in their own two hands

and for those who have already experienced photography and editing but feel incapable of bringing the desired magic into their pictures. Each chapter in The Photo booth is based on the material studied in the preceding chapters, so you can be sure that this course will give you the best results in the shortest possible amount of time. The course is designed with the assumption that its users need not know anything about the subject beforehand, and explanations are provided every step of the way. 

This course is for you if you want to stop spending too much time, money and energy trying to get amazing photos for your blog or business.
The course for creating the perfect image in the digital era, is just for you!

The Photo Booth is a digital course full of information available on an exclusive members-only website, in which I teach you, step by step, how to create perfect and eye-catching photos for your brand, in a few short weeks!

Throughout the course, I teach the way to find your own unique and personal style, brand the photos according to your brand, add some amazing styling, use the Lightroom software strategically so you can edit your photos easily and professionally, and much more.

You can find among my students women who started from scratch and had no prior knowledge of photography, styling or photo editing, as well as some who already came into this with a bit of experience, but still couldn’t create the photos they wanted because they tried learning it on their own, or at a place that did not give them all the correct tools, which is why they could not quite put all the pieces together.

This course is the complete and unique path for anyone who wants to get onto the fast lane to creating successful photographs on their own!

Unlike other courses, The Photo Booth teaches you all the components of photography, styling and photo editing – all in one place!

If you are ready to take your photos to the next level and you want to learn all my knowledge, techniques and secrets I use to take pictures, style and edit my photos, click the button below to register for the course.

Success Stories
When I first saw The Photo Booth course, I quickly realized that this was the complete package I was looking for and didn't think existed."

During the first two years of establishing the brand, we experimented with several photographers, and we always found it difficult to convey our brand values and vision to be reflected in the images. When I decided to take on the role of visual content creator in our biz, I knew what I wanted, but I had no idea where to start. When I first saw The Photo Booth course, I quickly realized that this was the complete package I was looking for and didn't think it existed. Today, I can safely say that photography and photo-editing are done quite intuitively, and I can't remember my life before Lightroom!

Shiran Valeny, Owner and product manager at REELIE, a brand for natural beauty products
"Like always, Tamar does things so precisely and makes you want to learn! I am super excited for my upcoming first professional photoshoot! Thank you, Tamar!”

I was really debating whether or not I should purchase the course. For several days I read the materials, the syllabus, the content, over and over again, and couldn't make my decision. On the one hand – I am not the best photographer by definition, I am an amateur photographer with a good eye and my partner’s old camera, light years away from taking pictures that will pass my own approval and be uploaded to my feed or website. In terms of photo editing – forget it! I’m NOT there and have never edited a photo beyond free iPhone apps. On the other hand – after spending a significant amount of money on product photography and marketing for my business, I realized I had no choice but to do it myself. Considering my economic state but also and primarily because I wanted to take control of this field, and not be dependant on others when it comes to photography. I reached a point where I was rejecting writing new blog posts because I knew I didn’t have the adequate photography skills. I am just about done with the course and I feel that I have received practical knowledge in the most aesthetically pleasing (pink! 🙂 way correctly divided into chapters and subchapters and accompanied by lots of pictures that complement the writing. At the end of each section there are written homework exercises and at the end of each chapter there is a concluding test, so I always felt that I was 100% covered in terms of learning and understanding the material.

Noa Ben Yishai Shaked, Owner of “I’m On It” A planner business
"The course is excellent, I have mentioned several times and will say it again - as a digital course enthusiast, your course is designed in the most cohesive and professional way"

You managed to get into the head of someone who has no knowledge in the field and cover everything from A to Z, and the results accordingly. Personally, I was interested in refreshing my knowledge from a previous course, and I came out with a lot of new knowledge in both photography and editing. The fact that you can always return to the materials and the course content has no expiration date is really comforting, it is also fun to refresh your knowledge and review techniques that need strengthening. I heartily recommend this course to anyone to anyone who wants to develop their knowledge in the field!

Yarden Levin, Blogger, Piece of Air


Why is the Photo Booth the perfect course for you?
The only course oriented *solely* towards photography in the new world.
Available in an advanced, convenient and easy-to-operate interface, so you can adjust it to your needs and pace.
Divided into short, light chapters with written and video explanations.
You can take it with you anywhere and learn whenever you want.
Includes instructions for independent practice at the end of each unit.
course students will continue receiving updates from me on all the newest trends in the world of digital photography.
There are many other bonuses! (wait, we’ll get there 😉)
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shooting pictures isn’t enough to make them amazing - you have to create them!

A great image is not just created by clicking the camera's button, and it doesn’t only depend on your understanding and application of the principles of photography…
The great part about creating an amazing image is actually all the work that goes into it – choosing the right angles, assembling interesting compositions, choosing the right color palette, photo styling, and of course – editing the image after the shoot. Only when you view a picture as the whole of these aspects, can you create an amazing eye-catching image.

The Photo Booth Curriculum

The Photo Booth course consists of three parts that make up the complete formula for creating the perfect image.

All the written guides, instruction videos, checklists, quizzes + worksheets to practice the material and cheat-sheets for easy and efficient learning – will guarantee you leave this course with all the tools you need to create photos which are nothing short of perfect!

In the first part of the course, dedicated to photography...

you will learn all the techniques and tips that I have learned over the years from working in photography for brands around the world and for my personal brand.

The content and tools I teach will significantly reduce your learning curve and make your entire photography experience much more enjoyable and satisfying.

The chapters in the first part:

It’s time for you understand exactly what goes on inside your camera! In this chapter, you will get simple explanations, practically and realistically, without any unnecessary terminology.

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • Basic terms from the world of photography.
  • The camera’s photography modes.
  • That little trick to immediately upgrade your photos.
  • Photography accessories you have to know.

Are you tired of your photos not coming out clear enough? Do you want to add that special blur in the background which makes them look extra-professional?

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • What focus is and exactly how it influences your photos
  • What a shutter is and how you can use it to upgrade your photos.
  • The safest way to complete a photo shoot with razor-sharp photos.

How movement influences our photos and how you can “capture” it in various ways with your camera.

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • What is Aperture, and how you can use it to capture different types of movement.
  • What a “freezing” motion is and how you can make sure all elements in the photo are sharp.
  • What a “smearing” motion is and how you can blur out parts of a photo to create a more artistic look.

Light plays a major role in creating a good photo – which is exactly why you have to learn how to use it correctly.

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • Everything you need to know about natural light.
  • How to use the light meter.
  • What is a ‘Histogram’ and how it can save your photos.

Do you feel like your photos are always banal and dull? Want to get more interest in them? This chapter is for you! 

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • New camera angles that will lead you to create more interesting photos.
  • How to construct winning compositions.
  • Laws of composition that will upgrade your photos.
Flatlay Photography Tips and Ideas For Beginners - 5 tips to help you take better flatlay photos for your blog, business, or Instagram for beginners. (+ Pink flatlay inspiration!)
In the second part of the course, dedicated entirely to learning photo styling…

You will learn all my tools and methods for creating the perfect photo styling. Styling is one of the most powerful tools to upgrade your photos. Even if you think that you “don’t have what it takes” right now – I guarantee you that this part of the course will open your chakras for creating dreamy aesthetics in your photos!

The chapters in the second part:

Colors play an important role in the world of art, and hence also in photography. Colors influence the viewer’s associations and the way they perceive the photo. Using the right colors in photography can stimulate the emotions we are looking to convey through the photo, making our content and brand stand out.

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • The color palette and how it works.
  • The meaning of various color combinations in photos.
  • How to construct a good color palette.

One of the most important choices in styling is the background, which can either make or break your photo.

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • How different backgrounds influence the photo.
  • How and where to find backgrounds at affordable prices.

The stage of selecting props for photos is one my favorite parts in creating an image. It is, in fact, my way of turning the vision I’ve formed in my mind into something visual, and telling the narrative behind the photo; or in other words – making my fantasy come true 😊

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • My secrets to gathering a winning collection of props.
  • How to select the right props for the photo.
  • How to organize and store props in the best way.

The real magic happens right on the set. Arranging and placing various items, playing with textures and patterns to create a balance – these all ensure that the final photo will be pleasing to the eye.

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • Styling tips for working on-set.
  • How to create depth in photos.
In the third part of the course...

you will learn everything you dreamed about working professionally in the Lightroom editing software. From importing and sorting images into the software, through building custom Presets that match your brand's colors to the perfect image export!

The chapters in the third part:

Lightroom software can be quite intimidating and confusing at first, but in truth it’s magical! I promise I’ll clear things up for you.

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • The software’s interface.
  • The full list of all the awesome keyboard shortcuts.
  • The easiest way to connect your camera to the software.

Organized work with Lightroom is the key to quick, successful, and frustration-free work.

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • How to import your photos to the software.
  • Organized work with the software’s catalog and folders.
  • How to organize your photos in the best way, allowing you to stay organized while you work.

The part where all the magic happens! Are you wracking your brains every time you try to edit your photos, but no matter how much time and effort you put into it always lets you down? Then you’re going to fall in love with this chapter!

In this chapter, among other things:

  • Get to know all the tools and various editing indicators in the software – understand exactly how they work and how they influence one another.
  • Learn to edit the photos you took according to the color scheme of your brand, to give your Instagram feed a unified and holistic look that will align with your branding scheme.
  • Learn my precise work process for editing photos within the software.

One of my most favorite things in Lightroom is the editing presets which cut down on the time I put into editing the photos!

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • How to create professional and custom-made presets.
  • How to install presets onto the software.
  • How to copy one photo’s edits to a series of photos with a single click.

Always wanted to be a fly on the wall in a professional photo editor’s room?

Join me for video lessons on editing photos in various styles, from start to finish.

If you thought you could not possibly work in a more organized and quick manner after everything you have learned – you are in for a surprise – and a big one!

In this chapter, you will learn, among other things:

  • Various methods of sorting photos within the software.
  • What is a ‘regular collection’, what is a ‘smart collection’ and what is the difference between them?
Success Stories
“My visual content, which is the basis of my whole business, was significantly strengthened and as a result I’m getting more calls from clients!”

About a year ago I decided to change directions and open an independent business for event design, which included two very important loves of mine – flowers and design, so the connection was natural.

After a few events I realized that, no matter how beautiful the design and flowers were – if the photos were mediocre, all that beauty just wouldn’t be communicated. I realized that in order to elevate my new business properly I needed visual content that was nothing short of excellent and eye-catching.

The course’s content is highly focused, comprehensive, detailed and concise at the same time… ultimately, it’s just an excellent course! My photography and editing skills greatly improved, without a doubt, and my visual content, which is the basis of my whole business, was significantly strengthened and as a result I’m getting more calls from clients!

Ori, owner of an event design business
“Thanks to the course I had an easier time understanding all the technical aspects of photography I once thought were the gospel truth.”

I always loved taking and being in pictures, and ever since I decided to open my Instagram page, a year ago, I knew I wanted to improve my pictures and learn what is the right way to use a camera and Lightroom, once and for all.

There’s a lot of information on these subjects from a lot of different sources – most were boring, pretty generic, unappealing and mainly unfocused. Thanks to the course I (finally) had an easier time understanding all the technical aspects of photography I once thought were the gospel truth. I realized it wasn’t at all as hard as I’d thought, but totally related to how the material is taught.

I gained a better understanding of the world of photography, it’s terms, how to create an “aesthetic” in photos, how to really work with the camera in a professional manner that will produce pictures of the highest quality and visibility.

I recommend the course to anyone who wants to enter into this world, improve their photography and editing skills, and isn’t sure where to start.

Ronit, owner of Instagram account TheVeganBlondinit
“I discovered all the secrets of every photographer and blogger that I couldn’t ever have found elsewhere, in such an honest and real form, far beyond my expectations!”

I was afraid that I hadn’t been cut from the cloth of a real photographer, that I wouldn’t know how to apply the material, and especially create original content. To my joy, I turned out to be completely in the wrong, beyond the technical content about the camera and Lightroom… I discovered all the secrets of every photographer and blogger that I couldn’t ever have found elsewhere, in such an honest and real form, far beyond my expectations!

For example, the bonus of developing a completely unique photography style opened my mind and made me understand how to do so correctly. Beyond the professional content I acquired during the lessons, I also received a lot of confidence in my abilities, my unique qualities, and that was a huge gift for me.

Thanks to the course, I opened a photography and media management business with the goal of creating unique visual content for business owners, out of a passion to create content that would inspire people. I’m as proud as can be when I show potential clients my presentation which demonstrates my abilities and receive such positive feedback in return! Pride! My investment in the course truly paid off!

I recommend it for anyone who wants to improve their photos for business, private or professional purposes.

Moran, content creator
“Before I signed up for the course I was a little nervous because I didn’t know how comprehensive it would be, and whether it would address all my needs, so I was concerned the financial investment wouldn’t pay off. Much to my satisfaction, all my concerns disappeared the moment I entered the course.”

It was important for me to learn the basics of how to take pictures with a professional camera as simply as possible – bottom line, for it to be as understandable to me as possible. It was important to me, not just for my hobby but as a blogger at the start of her career, so that I would have quality content that would be fun to look at and that would provide, among other things, inspiration.

Before I signed up for the course I was a little nervous because I didn’t know how comprehensive it would be, and whether it would address all my needs, so I was concerned the financial investment wouldn’t pay off. Much to my satisfaction, all my concerns disappeared the moment I entered the course. I feel I learned the most professional way to take and edit pictures myself, and as a result, I can now create any kind of visual content I desire on my own.

I don’t need external professionals anymore, which is highly significant to me, not just financially but in terms of my time constraints, and in general it’s more convenient and efficient from my point of view. Also, my confidence in my outputs has risen, as they are now more professional, and I feel much more comfortable publishing them.

Karin, Owner of The Lioness Online
“I was worried the course would only touch on basic content, that I would learn things I already knew. Of course, when I read the syllabus, I understood there was a lot more there, and when I started studying, I realized how much more there really was!”

I always felt my photos weren’t good enough and accordingly felt self-confident about them. As someone who has taken and edited pictures for 8 years, I learned a lot from the course, suddenly understanding that I didn’t need to “bust my brains” to get an aesthetic, sharp, and excellently-edited picture.

After the course, I learned to use my camera a little differently, more easily. The chapters on styling and Lightroom really completed the whole picture for me when it comes to photography and editing. The styling in the photos is what makes them so precise and aesthetic, and the Lightroom chapter showed me exactly how to use each thing.

Even though I was already using Lightroom, I didn’t know how to create the perfect picture and build a consistent editing style across a series of photos. To this day, I am thrilled with the knowledge I accumulated.


Want to get a glimpse of the course?

Sure thing!

You are invited to enter the course system, experience with 3 free classes, and get a taste of the fantastic system in which the course operates. Also, within the system, you will be impressed by the full course curriculum – so you know exactly what you are getting!

So how does the course work?
Play Video
Study at your own time and pace

You’re busy, that’s clear. You either manage a blog or business and have thousands of tasks and errands to mark off your to do list every day (and let’s not get started on your personal life…) but you understand the significance of amazing images for the promotion of your business or blog, and you’re no longer willing to compromise!

This is why I decided to make the knowledge I have accumulated accessible in the form of an online course. So that anyone, from anywhere in the world, can study the contents of the course. The lessons can be learned at your convenience, whether you decide to spend 15 minutes every day, or binge-study.

Where can I find the course?

The Photo Booth is an online “members only” digital course. Every student receives a personal password to access the course and its content. The course was written, photographed, and edited at the utmost professional level to ensure that the learning process is as interesting and satisfying as its result, and is structured in a pleasant way that my knowledge, tips, techniques and secrets can be acquired through a comfortable and fun experience!


The Photo Booth is more than just an online course, it represents an entire community structured on creativity and ambition, a community of people, entrepreneurs willing to invest themselves to become the best version of themselves. As a student of The Blogger’s Photobooth you get exclusive access to the facebook group.

This unique group will contribute to the improvement of your photography skills and help you connect with other students. The group serves as a platform for raising questions, learn from others, get feedback on your own progress, and contribute to the community by sharing your knowledge. And of course, group admins including me will check in from time to time to make sure your questions get answers!

You want your partner to take photos of you for your blog/Instagram/business – but every time you ask, it blows up into a fight? You have no idea how deeply I understand! At first, shooting with Daniel, my “Instagram Husband” was not at all ‘picture perfect’… but look at us now! 🙂 IIn recent years, Daniel and I have gained quite a bit of experience in the field of collaborative photography and have created a winning formula that ensures that we will both be happy after the shoot. In this bonus, which is composed of two parts, His and Hers – Daniel and I tell all – and share our tips and techniques for friction-free photoshoots.

Having a unique photo style is your ex-factor. It distinguishes between anyone with a camera and a photographer. However, since we spend a lot of time as a consumer of content, and often compare the content we create to that of others, we remain constantly on the passive side of the viewer and take no action. For this reason, exactly, finding your unique signature style could be challenging. We are constantly surrounded by inspiration, but we often find ourselves creating the same content as everyone instead of producing our very own original content. The Unique Photography Style Guide will lead you step by step to find your unique way to take and edit your photos so that your work is different and stands out in the content flow on the web.

Chase Jarvis, a renowned American photographer and entrepreneur, once said “the best camera is the one you have on you.” The camera that excels at this important criterion, especially at a time when we want to document pretty much everything that is going on in our lives, is of course the one in your smartphone! This two-part bonus chapter teaches you how to get the most out of your smartphone by getting to know its Lightroom for mobile interface.  In the first part you’ll get to know the app’s user-friendly interface and learn how to photograph manually. In the second part you’ll learn to implement what you have learned about photo-editing in Lightroom – on your mobile app! – so you can create amazing visuals even when you’re away from your computer.

There are so many cameras and lenses in the market…. How can you be sure which one is for you? And what lenses would be most useful? This is exactly why I threw in this bonus chapter to the course. It provides eye-level explanations of the differences between the various cameras and lenses, so that you buy nothing other than the right equipment that best suits your needs and budget. This two-part bonus chapter includes detailed explanations of the differences between the cameras and lenses, expands on the main criteria you should check before buying, and important tips on how to buy second hand equipment, that will save you time and trouble.

There is nothing that can ruin a photoshoot more than arriving on set ill-prepared. The smallest things you forget to bring with you can get take the wind out of the sails, make you impatient and discouraged, and as a result – your photos might turn out a lot like your day. Which is why I decided to add this bonus checklist for a photoshoot. Over the past year, since I started working with this personal checklist, work has become a lot more organized and a lot less stressed. Everytime I shoot, whether it’s for a client or for my own blog posts, I print a copy of this checklist and take it along to ensure that everything is well and ready for the photoshoot. The template includes a list of things I think you need to make sure to do and bring before and during the shoot, as well as blank lines so you can add the things that matter to you.

#An added bonus for those quick to decide!
A step-by-step guide to constructing a successful Instagram account

As a long-time user of Instagram, I had the privilege of witnessing the changes and trends affecting this platform, and I deeply understand the psychology behind it. I have been maintaining my personal blog’s brand, HEDONISTIT, for over 5 years now, and as part of my expertise I have managed and created content and visual content strategies for famous Instagram accounts worldwide.

In this bonus, I will present to you the foundations of constructing your brand’s strategy on Instagram and the actions you should take to help you reach your target audience in the best way possible + answers for the four most common questions I am asked in my Instagram tutorials.

Hey! I'm your teacher, Tamar Leibovitz Golan.

I am a digital entrepreneur, owner of the Hedonistit blog and visual content creation studio – ‘Hedonistit Marketing and Content’. My mission is to help business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers stand out in the digital space and attract their ideal target audience; I do all this by teaching photography methods, styling and editing in a simple, step-by-step manner.

After teaching over 45,000 students in my online courses, creating visual content for clients around the world, and opening a successful online store – I have become an independent entrepreneur a thriving digital empire.

Throughout the years I have received many requests and questions from content owners and business people interested in finding out how I’ve been so successful in creating visual content at such frequency, on my own, while maintaining a high level of quality. I realized there was a real need for an accessible, convenient, and precise course, so anyone could learn how to create excellent content on their own, from anywhere, for themselves. This is the reason why I have spent over a year building the course in order to answer all those perfectly! 

Today, I am more than happy to share some of my experience with you and make your way towards creating quality content easy, fun, and convenient, to make your brand sparkle in the digital arena.

30 Day Guarantee

I'm so confident in this course, and I know it will help you a lot! I’ve learned from experience of more than three years working in the field, so the content and tools you learn in this part will significantly reduce your learning curve and enhance your entire photography experience into a more satisfying one.

If you complete the course, apply my techniques and homework, and don’t see results – you can send me an email within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund as per the policy.


The creator of the course, Tamar Leibovitz Golan, the owner of Hedonistit, photographer and content creator, specializing in blogging and social networks, and administrator of  – “The Israeli Blogger Community” on Facebook.

Click the sign up button, complete the purchase of the course, and within a few minutes you will receive your username and password for the course site.

Once you sign up for the course you will get instant access (with no expiration date!) for all of the course materials, updates, and exclusive facebook group. So even if you are too busy to commit to learning a new course, worry not! You can join the course now and start studying at your own pace – even if it only happens in two months or later on – you may begin whenever you want.

The Photo booth course is neatly structured and easy to understand. If you still come across something you don't understand, don't worry – as a student of the course you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can get help and advice when you need it 🙂

Absolutely not, for two reasons:

1. I teach all of my tips, techniques, and secrets I use for shooting and photo-editing. Although the course also includes basic material on photography, (can’t advance without it) this course is my “baby” and I’ve shared all of my professional secrets in it. There is no way you can access that material anywhere else 🙂

2. Think of all the time you waste endlessly searching the web and applying random techniques and strategies, detached from one another! You can spend the same amount of time investing in true study of the full program of essential tools you can start applying now. The Photo booth is a step by step guide to achieving amazing results and that’ll get you to where you dream of being.

Definitely! If you complete the course, apply my techniques and homework, and don’t see results – you can send me an email within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund. I'm so confident in this course, and I know it will help you a lot! I’ve learned from experience of more than three years working in the field, so the content and tools you learn in this part will significantly reduce your learning curve and enhance your entire photography experience into a more satisfying one.

Absolutely. The Photo booth teaches the process of creating amazing visual content from start to finish. As you know, I have been a blogger and creator of content for various brands in Israel and abroad for over three years, and I have vast experience creating aesthetic visual content that leads to interest in your brand and draws people to eventually become clients. I can assure you there is no course like this one in the market, that is aimed at bloggers and small busines owners, and emphasizes how to create trendy content in line with social media. Bottom line – if you’re ready and willing to invest in producing beautiful, high quality visual content, this course is worth every penny!

The Photo booth is the place to begin! Many photographers spend their weeks, months and even years attempting at what ends up as failed photo shoots. Many times, they don’t realize that the problem is in their lack of knowledge, and think that if they buy an expensive and sophisticated camera, they will finally be able to take professional photos {spoiler: that is not true. You can also take pictures with a basic, inexpensive camera}. By adhering to the course’s curriculum, which builds a foundation in the most orderly and efficient way possible, you are expected to improve your photography skills faster and in a more professional way than if you completed the learning process any other way.

No, if you don’t already have access to the software, you will have to subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. The subscription, which includes the two favorite programs of photographers worldwide, Photoshop and Lightroom, costs 9.90$ a month and includes the updates and updated versions.

If you’re into photography and want to improve your images style, the answer is definitely! The course will provide tools to make your personal photos of traveling, eating, and your family, worth printing and keeping in a physical photo album. And who knows, you might want to change your profession at the end of the course 😉

The course is for anyone who wants to create high-level visual content, whether you’re using a professional camera or a smartphone (there is a whole bonus section where I explain how to apply all the material using a smartphone!) Of course, a professional camera will produce better results, but today you can get amazing results on your smartphone too! I recommend reading through the full curriculum before signing up – where you will find that much of the course is about photography, styling and editing that do not depend on a professional camera. I also teach how to photograph manually using a smartphone, so I'm sure you will learn a lot in the course even if you are not interested in buying a professional camera right now.

Success Stories
"The Photo Booth was way beyond what I expected. Besides the great tips and clear explanations, it was the aesthetics of the interface and the content had me at first glance. The design, video clips, worksheets and additional documents - Wow!!"

Thanks to the course, my photography has wonderfully improved, I learned a lot of new tricks, and the thing that mattered most to me – I learned to edit like a pro in Lightroom (and now I also realize how unfamiliar with the software I was before!). So, thanks to the amazing Tamar for the even more amazing course!

Tali Daron, Owner “Talinka - Digital marketing, facebook, content writing"
“The course’s content exceeded my expectations by countless degrees!”

I joined the course’s second registration and it was after a long period of waiting for registration to open. That entire time, I went over your blog and tutorials, and when registration opened I didn’t think twice and immediately purchased your course, without any deliberations (and I have to note that I wasn’t in the most financially solvent situation at the time!)

I must admit that the course’s content exceeded my expectations by countless degrees and I enjoy sitting and relearning them each time, seeing the results whenever I have a bit of spare time to pick up the camera and take some snapshots, or edit using Lightroom!

To put it briefly, if anyone is deliberating I happily recommend this course, speaking from personal experience!

Menashe, Amateur photographer
“I feel the course granted me a lot of confidence and motivation at a time when I really needed it”

I’m a professional makeup artist, and the only way for me to market my business is through photographing and editing photos of clients. Every time I picked up a camera I wasn’t sure which angles were best for a shot, or how to approach the matter at all. When I reviewed the pictures at the end of a photoshoot I wasn’t at all pleased with the results, even though I felt I had the potential to improve my photographic skills – I just didn’t know where to start.

The Photo Booth course exceeded any and all expectations! The course’s content, the way it’s presented, the precise aesthetics that only Tamar has, and Tamar’s and Daniel’s willingness to get involved and assist in any way they could, on the course participants’ Facebook group – all these led me to understand that the moment I joined the course, I would be in safe and good hands, with real care that doesn’t exist in any other course on the Internet.

The change in my photography and editing abilities was simply enormous after the course. I’m also receiving positive feedback from my environment and feel that my confidence in the field has increased substantially. I’m not afraid of picking up a camera anymore, and most importantly – I feel the course granted me a lot of confidence and motivation at a time when I really needed it.

I received incredible amounts of practical knowledge from the course, and now I feel secure and that I’ve gathered enough knowledge. I’m full of motivation and feel I have the tools to develop my business in the direction I’d always dreamed of.

Roni, a professional makeup artist
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