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Office equipment, useful tools for managing and marketing my site, and more –

In this resource page, you'll find all of the products and services that I use to run my business

Office Equipment

Desktop computer – iMac 27 Retina 5K Display 2017  – This is by no means my largest investment! I spent a long time deliberating whether or not I should buy this computer when finally I decided it was a purchase that would pay itself back in no time. I spend many, long hours working on the computer, and it is important to me that a computer works quickly, doesn’t falter, and, especially, allows me the freedom to concentrate on my work. This computer has an amazing 5K screen on which I can edit images and videos at the highest quality at amazing speed. Indeed, this is a big investment, but this high quality and the advanced computer will serve me well for several years.

Laptop – I use the MacBook Pro 2018 15 inch. The computer is used for work while shooting, on-the-go editing, and can hold all my edits and work even when I'm away from home.
The computer has excellent processing power that works great for editing and graphics software that I use as a photographer.
And the bottom line is that Apple's computers are light, powerful, and never crash!

Tablet – iPad 9.7 2017 – I bought this iPad because of my husband’s nagging he wanted a tablet for working with the drone and for watching Netflix on flights. Turns out,  this version of the iPad serves me much more than I expected, and not only for surfing the web (although it is exceptionally wonderful to have on the flight 🙂 }, the iPad is great for customer presentations, allowing me to work with Pinterest in a mobile and clear way, and it is convenient and comfortable for simple tasks, taking videos, and more. 

Mouse – Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse – After about a year of working with Apple’s Magic Mouse, I was ready to get rid of it. Although it has cool functions compatible with Mac computers, its ergonomic shape is just awful! And so the Logitech is what put an end to my husband’s helpful search. The mouse’s ergonomic design is amazing, like a glove, and it works quickly and easily. It can even be set up for two computers, with just a click!

Mouse Pad Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad – Once I had the mouse and the stand, I figured I might as well complete the set and get a proper mouse pad. Not only does it look good, but it’s also large and comfortable.

Desk – SKARSTAAfter my last desk could no longer handle all of my stuff, I decided it was time for an upgrade. I searched the internet for a simple desk, one that would allow me to work while standing {because it’s so important to change your position when sitting at the computer for so many hours}. The desk’s height can be easily adjusted, manually, by turning the handle {there’s no doubt that a motorised one would be ideal, but unfortunately that model doesn’t exist yet in Israel}.

Desk chair – When it came to the chair, this too was a factor I found important to invest in and buy a comfortable high-quality chair. After an elongated search for a comfortable, and designed chair, I found the perfect chair for me in IKEA.

Website Hosting

As I’ve said earlier in this post, if you want to start a blog the right way – go for an independent site on WordPress. I always recommend beginners bloggers to store their website on Bluehost because it’s very cheap, reliable and professional. Click here to start a blog in less than 15 minutes.

Site Design

Have you always heard that it is easiest to build a site on WIX because of its convenient design interface (but on the other hand, you were worried about building your site on Wix because of all its drawbacks)? 

Have you thought it difficult to design an aesthetic and professional site on WordPress? 

So I have some good news for you – there's a small, genius plugin for WordPress that makes building your entire site just as easy as on WIX! 

Get to know Elementor – the tool you need to know to build your site easily and quickly.

My whole new site is built with this amazing plugin called Elementor, and it is the best thing that has happened to my site in recent years. 

The plugin allows an easy drag & drop workflow on my site, lets you design your WordPress website super easy and gives endless design options!

Elementor builds excellent WordPress-based sites and allows us to create beautiful sites in the easiest and fastest way. The basic plugin of Elementor is free, meaning its use is free of cost.

You are welcome to check out my article on Elementor and understand why this is the most important and best plugin currently on the market! And yes, you need it!

I bought the design for my  previous website through the amazing ThemeForest website. This site has hundreds of premium design templates for any purpose – from a blog, to a magazine, to an online shop. If you’re debating which format to choose for your site, I recommend you read this guide that will make your life much easier  😉

Software services

Blogstomp – Excellent software that saves me hours of work by creating collages for the blog {and even for my photo albums!}. Worth every penny.

Canva a great way to create graphics for social networks. It’s easy to use, fast and full of very useful functions. Another advantage – it's free!

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing platform that facilitates growth for small to mid-size businesses. ActiveCampaign provides tools that businesses can use for managing and nurturing existing contacts, keeping tabs on clients throughout the sales process, and even obtaining new customers.

Marketing With Pinterest

Pinterest is a great website full of inspiration and information about infinite subjects, but its benefits don’t end there. As a blogger, I use Pinterest also from a business standpoint to promote my website and gain followers from all over the world. There’s a complete bible behind marketing with Pinterest, but the base is the publication of high quality content as much as possible and making sure it reaches the right audience. In order to promote my Pinterest account, I use this excellent Internet tool called Tailwind. This is a great tool for scheduling pins {articles}, which saves me hours and hours of promoting on Pinterest. In the past, I divided my day by the hours most suitable for posting on Pinterest, which didn’t always work out with my schedule so I missed the money time of the platform a lot of times. Today, I save my favorite pins using Tailwind’s tool, for times that fit me, and it automatically publishes them at the best times to post in terms of exposure.

Online courses I absolutely recommend 

1. Pinterest Course – THE BEST PINTEREST MARKETING FOR BUSINESS COURSE – One of the best courses I have followed (or taken) in my entire blogging career! In the course, Anna explains all there is to know about promoting your blog or business on Pinterest. I highly recommend.

2. Affiliate marketing course for bloggers – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – I heard about the concept of an affiliate program in the past, but only after I took this excellent and super-detailed course I really started making a lot of money from it. In Michelle's course, she explains everything you need to know to make the most out of your affiliate programs with complete transparency. This is one of the best acquisitions I made for my business, and that same month I made more money than I invested in paying for the course. If you decide to turn your blog into a business, and want to make money with using affiliate programs – you definitely shouldn’t skip this course!

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