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OUTFIT : The Time I Fell For Fall

Pink Fall Outfit | Hedonistit.com

In Israel there’s no Autumn. Ok, well, not exactly. There’s a very short period that can be called autumn, but it’s also likely that we would miss it if it wasn’t defined as such on the calendar. The autumn in Israel is summarized in yellowish leaves, accompanied by a little breeze. It’s nice, but not particularly impressive. I think that's why this season never excited me. I always saw in pictures and movies from abroad the embodiment of autumn in all its splendor, and sometimes it even felt as if the beauty that was reflected through those pictures was edited in Photoshop. It’s as if it doesn’t make sense that the autumn is so wonderful in reality. Since this image is far from me, I had never felt a special fondness for the autumn. In fact, it was the only season I was really indifferent to. I didn’t love it and I didn’t “not love” it. It just didn’t really exist for me.


All of this changed during our trip to Japan.


We traveled right in between summer and autumn, the time when the leaves gradually change from green to brilliant shades of orange and red. I can’t describe in words the astonishment I had from the amazing nature that surrounded us, especially when we stayed at the Suiran a Luxury Collection Hotel in Arashiyama, Kyoto. The location I chose for these photographs was the hotel's enchanted Zen garden, which corresponded perfectly to the colourfulness and the “details” of the autumn outfit that I packed in my suitcase.

The base of the outfit was a perfect pair of pants from MANGO, made from a soft fabric and had a wide cut which made me fall in love with them the second I tried them on. It has a “no effort” chic to it which I really liked. In general, lately I’m more attracted to looser and more comfortable clothing, and with all due respect to skinny jeans, I think everyone should adopt at least one pair of wide pants like these. To Daniel's dismay, who thought they were too wide already, I paired the pants with a pink, airy kimono. Because if you’re going for the loose look, then you should go all the way. I topped it all off with black and gold accessories and a bright pink lipstick.


What do you think about this loose and comfortable look?


Pink Fall Outfit | Hedonistit.com

Pink Fall Outfit | Hedonistit.com

Pink Fall Outfit | Hedonistit.com







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