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PINSPIRATION : Cozy And Decorated Reading Nooks That Will Inspire You To Design Your Own Little Corner

Ever since I was a little girl my father tried to get me to read more books.

For some reason, I wasn’t able to adopt this hobby or habit and until a later age I just assumed it wasn’t really for me. I would read books here and there, but I’ve never been what they call a “book worm.”. In recent years, I discovered that I actually like to read, even love to read, but less fiction books and more about training, self-study and books that combine the genre of self-help and the popular-science genre, like Dan Arieli's books.

In the end, no matter what literary genre, reading a book manages to disconnect us from our everyday life in general, and from screens in particular, and in this way, it connects us to ourselves.

The hottest trend in home decor this season is precisely regarding this theme. It may sound a little old fashioned, but one of the most popular things in the home design world today is creating a decorated reading corner at home. Yes, just like the ones that used to be in almost every house and which can be found these days mostly in hotels.


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Before you reject the idea right away for budget reasons or lack of space, you should know that you really don’t have to turn the whole house upside down and take a loan to create an intimate reading corner at home. With small changes and the allocation of a small space in the house you can also create a small and cute corner in the house without breaking your savings {unless you want to, because the sky really is the limit here }.

When designing a reading corner, comfort is the key word, so the base accessories for this corner should be an armchair or comfortable seating corner, a lamp that will provide good reading light and a small side table {which you can put the book on, your cup of tea and maybe some snacks}. Whoever wants to put more effort into it will also add a comfortable footrest, a small library {or a big one} and other accessories, like a small rug, pictures or anything else that will give the little corner special character.

I've collected a few photos from Pinterest that will give you a lot of inspiration to pick yourself up and plan your own reading corner this coming weekend

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Which corner did you like most? Tell me in the comments
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PINSPIRATION : 15 comfy and Stylish Reading Corners that will inspire you to create your own little reading nook. | home decor trends 2017 | Read more @ hedonistit.com

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