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Flights, accommodation and travel gear {bags and accessories} – In this resource page you'll find all of the products and services that I use before and during my trips


Skyscannera website and application that allow comparisons between flights to different destinations and send alerts when the price changes. The application also gives an option of searching for the cheapest destination within dates that are suitable for your travels when you type “everywhere” in the destination box.

Hidden Flights – an app that finds flights at the most ridiculous prices –for last minute flights and for flights planned long in advance.

HopperNot only does this genius app find the cheapest dates for your flight, it also predicts the fluctuations in the flight ticket prices and sends an alert when it’s best to place your order.


Hotels Combined – The first website I like using to compare hotel prices before booking a vacation. The website, which already won the prestige award ‘leading search engine for hotels in the world’ in the “World Travel Award” competition for the third year in a row, includes information from many websites and applications for hotel booking into one place.

Three additional websites I love checking before booking to make sure I choose the right hotel and to read guests’ reviews are :

Hotels.com – A great site that contains almost all hotels in the world, with a convenient interface and almost always has a 9 + 1 offer if you book your entire vacation through the site.

Booking.com – The most famous website when it comes to booking hotels.

Agoda – a great site that contains many deals and many hotels that do not exist on other sites

AirbnbSometimes I prefer spending my vacation in a cool apartment instead of staying at a hotel, since it’s a great way to experience the city from a local’s point of view and because it comes out much cheaper and affordable. This is exactly why Airbnb exists! The website includes alternative lodging options – from renting a room in an apartment {significantly cheaper than a hotel} to an entire apartment or house {usually also cheaper than a hotel, and creates significant savings especially for families or groups}. Through my link, you’ll receive a coupon code of $40 towards your next trip. Worth it!

Tip : when searching for a flight and hotel, you should use an incognito window. The websites identify your interest in some destinations and locations and raise the prices accordingly if you're not ordering at the moment.

For additional tips for ordering hotels click here.


Luggage – For the past year I have been traveling with the Verage V-lite hard luggage.

These suitcases are super lightweight, tough and most importantly beautiful !!

Backpack – 30 liters Backpack by Peak Design – This backpack is probably the best in the world! The bag is very comfortable on your back, protects incredibly valuable equipment {my laptop, my camera and lenses, for example}, with a functional and modular design that helps with keeping the bag in order, and no less important – it also looks really good! If you purchase in sum of $65 or more through my link, you’ll be able to choose one of several gift options at checkout!

Camera Grip Holder – Know how sometimes you really want to capture a specific moment but until you take your camera out of your bag that magical moment has passed? Oh! That's exactly why the camera clip holder was invented – it let's you take out the camera quickly giving, providing maximum accessibility so there's no chance you'll miss a shot 🙂 There are many camera holders available on the market, but since I was super happy with the bag I bought from the company Peak Design, I decided not to take a chance and to go straight for the option with the highest quality.
True, it isn't cheap – but when it comes to expensive equipment like a camera and lenses, you really shouldn't compromise. Since my photography equipment is advanced and heavier than amateur cameras, I decided to choose the CapturePRO Clip which fits the equipment best and will give it the maximum protection needed.

Bag for Electronic Equipment – When I go out on a trip with the camera, the computer and, of course, my cell, I always pack in my suitcase a compact bag with all the cables and the technological accessories so they won’t get messed up or lost.

Scale – No matter where I travel, I always pack a small scale for the suitcase, too! As someone who tends to pack too much, and also loves shopping and travels quite a lot with low-cost companies – this suitcase scale I bought was one of the best investments I made.

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