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Hey babe!
The first rule to success is never stop learning!

I believe self-development begins with independent learning  – that is how I turned my personal hobby into a successful business.

Which is why I have developed digital courses where I packed in all my knowledge in the most orderly, accessible way – and not less important- aesthetically pleasing, for a pleasant learning experience, so that YOU can save precious time and specialize in your field of interest  anywhere, anytime, and at your convenience!

The Blogger's Photobooth
My Secrets to creating magical, eye catching visual content

Dreaming of finding your unique photographic style, shoot professionally aesthetic photographs, and know how to edit them like a pro using Lightroom?

In this course I will share my method with you, step by step, to creating charming, eye-catching visual content, to take your blog or business to the next level.

The Blogger's Photobooth
כל הסודות שלי ליצירת תכנים ויזואלים קסומים שמושכים את העין

חולמת למצוא את סגנון הצילום הייחודי שלך, לצלם בצורה מקצועית תמונות אסתטיות ולדעת לערוך תמונות כמו מקצוענית ב-Lightroom?

בקורס אלמד אותך צעד אחד צעד את השיטה והאסטרטגיה שלי ליצירת תוכן ויזואלי קסום שמושך העין, כדי שתוכלי להקפיץ את הבלוג או העסק שלך.

מתנה אישית ממני

הצטרפי לקהילה שלי וקבלי את אחד הקורסים המקצועיים שכתבתי
לכל מי שמתעניינת בהקמת בלוג ויצירת חומרים דיגיטליים לסושיאל

מהו הקורס שהכי מעניין אותך?

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Hotel Rothschild 22

Creating a content strategy, producing and creating visual content that aligns with the hotel branding and values.

Creating an Instagram account made up of a mix of ambient images produced under an integral color palette, built specifically for the brand and photographed at the famous Rothschild Avenue with models combined with inspirational quotes.

Hotel Herods Dead Sea

Creating a content strategy, producing and creating visual content that aligns with the branding and hotel values.

The account is built from a color palette that combines the hotel atmosphere, landscape and Drone photos of the unique Dead Sea along with model photos, highlighting the unique Dead Sea spa and mud experiences.

yummy yummy

Creating a content strategy, producing and creating visual content that aligns with brand values.

Creating a trendy Instagram account that combines the variety of desserts sold at the store with unique pop-up accessories. 

As part of the project, a concept was built that showcases the special, original and trendy desserts of the chain. “Instagram desserts” that are not only excellent but also corrupt and delicious.


Creating a content strategy, producing and creating visual content in the purpose of branding the company as a young and prestigious brand.

Creating an Instagram account in a natural, harmonious and clean atmosphere that emphasizes the design of the jewelry in an elegant and chic way. we choose the brand a color which creates an effortless look, but yet prestigious and full of style – a look the is timeless with an international aroma.