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Why Your Business Needs a Blog – 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ignore

As part of my personal blogging and business consultations, I meet entrepreneurs and small business owners on a regular basis, all of whom offer unique services and products, and all of them ask me the same question – “How do you properly market your business, to increase your prospects and not leave a hole in your pocket?”.

The same question in various forms appears in my inbox, private messages on Instagram, and even as replies to the stories I post.

As you may already know from the title of this post, the answer to this question is a business blog.      

As soon as I mention a blog, and present it as an essential platform for business promotion, I often encounter great fear accompanied by the following phrases:

✘ “I know nothing about blogging”

✘ “I don’t understand how a blog can affect the promotion of my business.”

✘ “Isn’t sending my clients my business website enough?”

✘ “Aren’t I better off investing my energy in self-promotion on Facebook or Instagram?”           

Why your business needs a blog - 5 reasons you shouldn't ignore | למה העסק שלך זקוק לבלוג – 5 סיבות שאסור לך להתעלם מהן

I can imagine at least one of these questions came to your mind…

Business owners seem to believe that blogs are for “bloggers” alone.

The fact that a blog can become a real business is no longer a foreign concept, but still, if you ask small business owners to list 3 ways they promote their business, a blog is often never mentioned.

How come? Maybe because blogs still have a relatively inferior image, and are perceived as something that is mostly done as a hobby, and not as a digital asset which should not be ignored.

Nowadays, there are nearly no businesses left without a website. But a website alone doesn't always provide enough information, personality or authority to stand out against the competition.

This is where the need for a business blog comes in.

A blog is actually a powerful marketing tool that helps you connect with your target audience and bridge the space between the products / services you offer to your ideal buyer through fun and educational content. 

Why your business needs a blog - 5 reasons you shouldn't ignore | למה העסק שלך זקוק לבלוג – 5 סיבות שאסור לך להתעלם מהן

So why is a blog so important for your business? And how exactly can it attract a high-quality and accurate audience?

A Blog Gives Your Business a Voice

A blog can personify your business. When written in a personal, friendly tone, a blog allows people to connect with it on a personal level, unlike a business website which more often than not has commercial air to it. If your blog has a personal accessible voice, it is likely that your target audience will feel more comfortable contacting you, inquire, and eventually become paying customers.

A Blog Builds Trust in Your Audience and Establishes Your Expertise

When you create a business blog and constantly publish content that is valuable and serves your target audience, you are simultaneously forming a sense of trust and authenticity regarding your brand, and showcasing to the world that you know what you’re doing and you are an expert in your field. 

Own a business for natural beauty products? Fill your blog with posts about the qualities of different plant ingredients, a guide to home care routines, tips for dealing with various skin problems, and more. The goal is to share with your target audience content that can be valuable and useful to them, and of course relevant to the services or products offered by your business. In the future, when a potential client is interested in what it is you have to offer, they will feel more confident making a purchase since they already know you  and your brand, and since you’ve helped them in the past. 

Why your business needs a blog - 5 reasons you shouldn't ignore | למה העסק שלך זקוק לבלוג – 5 סיבות שאסור לך להתעלם מהן

Blog Content Lasts Longer

I have been doing freelance work since 2015 and I can safely say that my entire business has been structured on my blog.

Instead of treating my blog as a personal journal, I treat every post as an opportunity to draw new people to my website, give them high-value content, and eventually allow them to connect with my brand and the products and services designed especially for them.

Unlike occasionally advertising random content on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, where content’s life span is relatively short, a blog has no expiration date. Thanks to the fact that websites {and blogs!} are indexed into their search engines, they can expect to live a long life… 

What do I mean, you wonder? Take for example my post from 2017 “5 Tips to Building an Active Community”. This blogpost has remained one of my most popular posts until today. Meaning, content that was published two years ago is still drawing people to my website. If we compare the blog to other content I posted on social media, there is no doubt that the blog posts continue to attract readers, years later, while those “temporary” posts on social media lose their momentum quite quickly. Which is why investing in your blog’s content is far more profitable and worthwhile in the long run because it continues to work long after it first went “on-air”.

Why your business needs a blog - 5 reasons you shouldn't ignore | למה העסק שלך זקוק לבלוג – 5 סיבות שאסור לך להתעלם מהן

A Blog has Added Value in Terms of SEO

In today’s world, almost every business has a website, whether it’s an online store or a website used as the brand’s business card. If your business website is well-structured in terms of SEO, meaning you use keywords and phrases to help people find you when they search for the services or products you provide, you are probably wondering why that may not be enough? And in that case, how might a blog actually bump up your site in search engine results? The answer is simple. Google and other search engines tend to prefer websites that are updated regularly and provide real and up-to-date valuable content to their readers. Once you keep to writing a blog, and continue publishing posts with useful and valuable information, the search engines begin to recognize you as a sort of expert or authority in your niche, hence your site’s rating will go up. Adding a blog to your business can dramatically increase the traffic your website gets. 

Why your business needs a blog - 5 reasons you shouldn't ignore | למה העסק שלך זקוק לבלוג – 5 סיבות שאסור לך להתעלם מהן

A Blog Differentiates Your Business

No matter how big or small your niche – whether you’re a jewellery designer, graphic artist, fitness trainer, or anything else, chances are there are many more businesses out there offering the same products or services like you!

I bet you’re thinking, “Yeah, Tamar, but what I’m selling is different!” Now I know no two businesses are exactly the same, and that goes for their products as well, but is your potential client aware of these slight differences? Your goal is to emphasize the things that make your brand or business unique, and in fact, differentiate you from your competitors. Keeping a blog will help make your business stand out since the blog can be used as a platform to showcase the personality, experience, and added value of your service.

Why your business needs a blog - 5 reasons you shouldn't ignore | למה העסק שלך זקוק לבלוג – 5 סיבות שאסור לך להתעלם מהן

Bottom line – If you’re looking for ways to connect with your target audience and attract the right kind of clientele, the kind that will turn out to be the best ambassadors – a blog is in no way something you should pass up. 

Convinced it is time to start your business blog? Congratulations!

Here are some guides to read before you begin: 

WordPress or Wix – Which is better for your website or blog? 

How to Start a Successful Blog – A Girl Boss’s Guide

The Greatest Fears of Every Beginner Blogger  – And How to Deal. 

In what ways do you currently promote your business? Are you planning on starting a business blog? Leave me a comment below! 

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Why your business needs a blog - 5 reasons you shouldn't ignore | למה העסק שלך זקוק לבלוג – 5 סיבות שאסור לך להתעלם מהן

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6 Responses

  1. A chief reason every company needs a blog is to increase their visibility. Put simply, the more blog content you create, the more opportunities you’ll have to show up in search engines and drive organic traffic to your website

  2. I loved this post very informative and useful! Thanks for sharing such kind of useful stuff. Excellent and well described article. Document Scanner Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Beautiful and very knowledge gaining blog!

    I always ignored creating or making blogs for my business as I previously thought that it is very complex and needs a huge team for managing all blogs but after reading your blog I cleared all the doubts and now I will create blogs for growing my business.

    I hope that after making blogs for my business my business will see good growth.

    Thanks for giving me these valuable tips or strategies that I am never aware of!

    1. I’m so happy that you enjoyed my guide and found it useful! more to come so keep posted 🙂

  4. Absolutely Right!
    Having a blog acts to be a crucial factor in recent days. Even a small scale business can have their blog to exhibit their products and also this might help in broadening the target audience level. This leads to earn some bucks as well 🙂

  5. I just started a new business and I never thought I would write a blog. Then I started reading other people’s blogs and realised that a lot of them are vacuous nonsense and then I also realised that I have a lot to say and a lot of ideas to impart about my new business. Since I’ve been writing my blog I’ve realised the value in it as it allows your personality and knowledge to show through in an informal, non-sales type way. Now I’m hooked, and now I know about the value of it long-term for driving traffic it’s made me even more enthusiastic.


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