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My Formula for Writing Blog Posts

You know that feeling when you sit down to write a new post and…

*Insert cricket sounds*

Instead of a fun flow of words, you find yourself typing and deleting over and over again because your words just don’t feel right, and you don’t even know how to write your post in a way that would also be interesting to your readers?

Oh, I feel you girl. 

Writing a new blog post is not an easy task, even if you have lots to say about a certain subject matter. 

The words get stuck, the writing doesn’t flow, the entire structure of the post seems amateurish and difficult to understand. 

The truth is, there was a time when I felt real guilty about it. 

Guilt that I, a “Blogger” with a capital B, have a hard time formulating texts. 

It seemed so strange to me and I was sure I was the only blogger who encountered writer’s block. 

With time, and experience, I discovered that it is really a bunch of nonsense.

Writing a blog post is challenging not only for new content creators but also for experienced ones who have already written several articles in their lives.

So how did I manage to overcome the challenge that sometimes comes with writing new posts?

Well, like I always do – I searched and searched until I found the answer. I read and analyzed the most successful posts on my blog, as well as posts from other blogs, and I found that all of them {whether consciously or not} seemed to have been written according to a particular structure. From the moment I designed this formula that divides a post into 6 parts, I discovered how much easier it is for me to write new posts. 

In this post, I will share my formula for writing successful posts and 4 more tips to help transform your posts from nice to super professional. 

How to Write a Blog Post - The formula for writing a quality and interesting post

My Formula for Writing Blog Posts

1. The Title

One of the most essential parts of a blog post or article is, of course, its title. 

The title is more or less your only chance to draw a reader's attention to your post – especially if they come across it in a search engine like Google, where there is no representation of the images integrated in the post.

Think of a title that will stand out and draw your target audience’s attention, without using Clickbait. Your audience is looking for something specific, and your titles need to be specific enough and aimed at the content shared in the post, without deceiving your readers. 

Usually, at first, I create a pretty generic title, and only after I’m done writing the entire post do I head back to the title and “fix it up” to reflect the value and vibe of the post. 

2. Preface

The moment your potential reader chooses to read your post and clicks on the title, the first words revealed to him are those belonging to the preface. The first sentences serve as an opportunity to intrigue your reader and let them decide if the written content is worth their time. There are different ways to keep a reader curious, but my favorite way is by sharing a personal experience that is directly linked with the subject of the post. 

I often write the preface at the end. Why? Personally, I feel like it flows naturally to share my personal experience after I know exactly what the content of the post is.

How to Write a Blog Post - The formula for writing a quality and interesting post

3. Problem and Solution

Directly after the preface come one or more paragraphs about the problem that you’re about to solve for the reader, and a tiny teaser of your solution – That is, how the reader will think about the problem in a new way using the information or tools you give in your post. This part of the post actually gives the reader a reason to keep reading.

By the way, bloggers are often unaware of the problems they could resolve with their posts, and not only does it take the wind out of their sails, but it also causes them to share content with their readers in a much less successful way. Here are some less obvious examples of problems found in different niches:

✔️ A travel guide solves the lack of knowledge about a destination/lack of time to organize a successful trip

✔️ A recipe for an easy and healthy snack solves the problem of wanting to avoid buying processed products and /or lack of time to prepare complex things.

✔️ Winter styling tips offer a solution to the issue “M wardrobe is full of clothes and I have nothing to wear”

4. Heart of the Post

After the title, the preface, presenting the problem and its solution, we have reached the most important part of the post – the heart! In fact, this is actually the main content of the post, the reason why the reader decided to click the link. The heart of the post should give real value to its readers. What do I mean? That when a reader has finished reading this part of the post they should feel like they have truly earned {and learned} something from the post. That taking the time to read the blogpost was worth their while. Want to know why? Because if it doesn't, the same reader probably won't rush back to read more content you've written on the blog, and that's a shame.

I like to outline the significant points I would like to discuss in the heart of the post before I begin my writing “flow”, it makes me feel organized and assures me that I haven’t left out anything major out.

How to Write a Blog Post - The formula for writing a quality and interesting post

5. Conclusion

You’re done with all the actual details and think it’s over? Think again. Don’t leave your readers hanging – conclude the content you presented in a few short sentences to bring your post to a close.

6. Call to Action

Last but not least is the call for action. It’s an important part of the post not only because it leads to interaction with your readers, but also because one of the criteria according to which Google ranks websites and webpages, is based on the amount of time a reader spends on a particular page online, and the call for action that you add at the end of the post can cause the reader to spend more time on the post/page or lead them to other pages within your blog/site.

Here are some call for action ideas :

✔️ Ask the reader a question that has to do with the post’s subject, and the reader’s personal experience. 

✔️ Direct the reader to similar blog posts. 

✔️ Ask your readers to share your blog post on social media 

✔️ Promote products or services related to the topic of the post.

✔️ Present your reader with an opportunity to join the blog’s newsletter.  

How to Write a Blog Post - The formula for writing a quality and interesting post

Now that you’ve written your post, there are a few more things you should try in order to transform your blog from just nice to super professional… 

Reread your post

It's pretty obvious but it's important for me to emphasize. Read your post again to make sure it is well written and in your writing style, correct any spelling mistakes and make sure you really like the post. If you don't 100% trust yourself when it comes to proofreading, let someone you trust go over the text. True, it doesn't guarantee your post will be free of small errors here and there, but it certainly reduces their prevalence. 

Leave Room to breathe

You know those posts that look like on huge text block? Not a fun sight, am I right?

In addition to the content itself, which should be clear and interesting, I recommend using four tools that will make reading your posts much more of a pleasant experience – use spaces, headlines, lists, and bullet points. It is easier for us to read texts that are subdivided into sections, so it’s always a good idea to create some sort of  division in the content {just like I did in this post ?}.

How to Write a Blog Post - The formula for writing a quality and interesting post

Don’t be stingy on pictures

One of the main things I notice when I read other blogs is the visuals incorporated into the posts. And let's face it – I'm not alone. Human beings are visual creatures, which is why adding certain photos to a post helps draw our attention and continue scrolling. One of the things I dislike most is checking out a post after seeing a picture of it online on Pinterest or Facebook, and discover that it is the only photo in the post. This is why even in posts where images are not the main content {such as this post ?}, it is important to me to incorporate successful visual content that will make reading much more enjoyable.

Don’t forget to add helpful links

You know that feeling when you're surfing the web and you read a recommendation about a certain product/service, but there is no available link to click on that will lead you directly to the product? Try not to do that to your readers.  

Now, I’m not saying every little thing mentioned in your blog should be linked, text bodies with too many links are difficult to read {and you don’t want to scare away your readers for no good reason} but it is important to link the few significant things that are mentioned in your post.

How to Write a Blog Post - The formula for writing a quality and interesting post

Creating quality content for your blog can be a bit intimidating, and sometimes even paralyzing.

I know.

But from my personal experience, once you do it neatly and acquire tools for proper work, you will be able to overcome your fears and concerns and write successful and interesting posts for your blog. If you embrace my formula for writing quality posts, I'm sure you'll find that your post writing process becomes much more flowing and successful. Good luck!

Have more tips for improving the blog post writing process? Leave me a comment below!

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How to Write a Blog Post - The formula for writing a quality and interesting post

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    1. Thanks Jen! glad you liked this post 🙂 good luck with starting your new blog! it’s such a big step 🙂

  1. This blogpost is really very intresting as the strategy of writing a blogpost is very well explained. Thanks for the valuable infirmation.

  2. I loved this post very informative and useful! Thanks for sharing such kind of useful stuff. Online pdf scanner Excellent and well described article thanks for sharing your article. Great list here.

  3. Thank you dear Tamar,
    I have so much to share with my readers, and so many blocks to resolve. This post just popped my mind open and I thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.
    Love .

    1. Thanks Liona! I’m so glad that this guide sparked your motivation and gave you some new tolls to work with 🙂

  4. Great Article. You have beautifully articulated it. Readers revisit only if they found something useful. So the core formula is to provide value to the readers. Also, Title is very important.

    Thanks & Regards
    Aria Mathew


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