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How Good Photographs Can Get You Clients & Improve Your Sales

Visual content that blends well with brand values and adds value to the target audience is one of the most important tools in every business's marketing and strategy. Whether it's a business like a hotel or a jewelry design business, every business owner needs quality content to help them grow their business successfully.

This has been true ever since the first advertisement in history was published, and is especially true today, at a time when digital media is largely based on endless visual content and is as well an essential platform when promoting a business. 

Safe to assume that business owners wouldn’t make any compromises when it comes to such a significant aspect of their business promotion, right? I thought so too…

You have no idea how surprised I am, time and time again, when I find that this major commodity doesn’t receive the proper attention and is done carelessly, and could actually cause more harm than benefit. 

A good photograph is not made by a simple “click” – it is so much more than that. A good marketing image, one that succeeds at conveying the brand’s values while emphasizing an aesthetic and professional appearances, is a product of complex production. This includes styling, photography, editing, and the combination of accessories that perfectly match the brand's mood.

Good quality photographs don’t only make a brand “look good”. They are a truly powerful marketing tool, and when used properly, they can promote the business, attract the right people and turn them into consumers.

So, why are these images so important? And how exactly are they going to improve my business? 




Have you ever encountered an Instagram account or a small business website and after a quick look at their photos decided that whatever message they are trying to convey, it is not worth your time {nor your money…}? This happens to me about a dozen times on a daily basis, as I scroll through Instagram seeking new designers or brands, and also every once in a while when I receive partnership requests.

Unprofessional images, especially those representing a product or service for sale, cause a sense of discomfort in their target audience due to the lack of professionalism. They don’t make me want to buy a product, because I assume the product will not be of quality, and they even lead me to reject offers for business collaborations because they make it seem as if the entire business is managed in an unprofessional manner.

If you would like for your brand to be perceived as professional and high quality by your target audience, you don’t underestimate the importance of its visual representation. 

איך תמונות איכותיות יכולות למשוך לקוחות ולשפר את המכירות של העסק שלך


A successful, cohesive branding is an integral part of successful business branding in attracting the right audience for the business. In order for a business, whether big or small, to be successful, it needs to have a unique branding strategy based on the brand’s values, and should be reflected in the look and feel of the transmitted atmosphere.

When business owners think about branding, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the logo, but an equally {if not more} important product of a successful branding process is, of course, the business’ image. The images are actually the ones through which the business is showcased in online stores, websites, social networks, magazines and more.

Once a connection is established between the target audience and the brand through images, the conversion rates for the services or products sold in the business will be higher.

איך תמונות איכותיות יכולות למשוך לקוחות ולשפר את המכירות של העסק שלך


The impression you make on those who come in contact with your business is divided in two – first impression and lasting impression, and in the long run, both types are of equal importance.

The initial impression of a business should immediately grab the attention of the target audience. The logo, colors, and images, should be eye-catching and cause interest in the brand, having people want to keep track, or simply sign up for the newsletter, to learn more about the business, and eventually become a customer.

First impressions are certainly crucial, I mean, “there is no second chance for a first impression” which is why, usually, when a new product is launched, a business should invest in a professional photographer and pay for a series of images to use for online sales and promotion, included in web design, and as a base for an impressive grid on the brand’s Instagram account. 

But, this is only the beginning… After all, we live in an age where new content is constantly being published in the race for the audience's attention. It is impossible to recycle the same images over and over again, the audience is will easily become tired with the visual content.

This is where the lasting impression kicks in. You may succeed in attracting the right audience thanks to the appearance of professional images in your brand’s ads and online store, but how will you make sure to keep them interested?

In most cases, small businesses don’t have the budget to hire a professional photographer to create the desired image bank for long term use in and on the various business platforms. In such a case, what often happens is that you begin a desperate search for images. You delve into your files, looking for something that may not have been used yet, even if originally you weren’t pleased with them. Once you get those out of the way, you begin to simply shoot the products as you go along, using unflattering lighting or in a way that doesn't suit the branding of the business – just to keep advertising.

Believe me, I know how it works, it has happened to me so many times with my business when I first got started.

The problem is that advertising this kind of content can be harmful to your brand. The brand has to be consistent, and continue to provide the same experience to its target audience, otherwise you risk losing your audience. Keep in mind that most people don’t just pay for any product or service offhand, rather it’s the positive first impression that creates a connection between them and the brand, causing them to become interested and keep following the activity. If the lasting impression continues to be positive, there is a very good chance that they will eventually become customers in the future.

Now, look at the way your business is displayed across the different platforms – do your photos represent your business the way you want it? Do they appeal to your target audience, your dream clients,? If not, I encourage you to read my Product Photography Guide for Small Businesses, where I share everything you need to know to do it yourself.


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Good quality photographs don’t only make a brand “look good”. They are a truly powerful marketing tool, and when used properly, they can promote the business, attract the right people and turn them into consumers.So, why are these images so important? And how exactly are they going to improve my business? 

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