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Switzerland : Adelboden – A Summer Vacation In The Swiss Alps

When Daniel and I began planning our last trip to Switzerland, we didn’t have too many deliberations – it was clear to us that no matter what region of the Swiss Alps we would visit, we would end up in a breathtaking place. After all, all of Switzerland looks like it was taken out of a postcard, so there's not much room for mistakes 🙂


After searching on Pinterest and Instagram, the decision was made to settle in the picturesque village called Adelboden. Honestly, I haven’t heard anything about this village before, but the Cambrian Adelboden Hotel located there caught our attention immediately and made the decision easy. I know that for many people the hotel itself isn’t a dominant criterion when choosing the destination, but the design and atmosphere of the hotel are very important to me and these are things I really don’t like compromising on. The second thing I checked was the distance of the hotel from the most famous tourist attractions in the area – Interlaken, Grindelwald and Jungfrau, for example, and when I found out that it was approximately an hour drive away by car {driving on the most beautiful roads} the final decision was made to visit Adelboden.


Adelboden Switzerland - a summer trip guide in the Swiss Alps

All the most important things for the trip – the flights, the car rental and the hotel – were booked a few months before the trip, and we only left the trip’s itinerary as a last-minute mission. After all, we checked and saw that all the famous tourist spots were relatively close to the hotel and we weren’t worried for a second that we wouldn’t have anything to do during the three days we were going to tour in the area. So just a week before the flight I decided to read a little more about the small town we were going to visit and not just about the popular activities in the area. This was the moment when our itinerary almost completely changed.

Adelboden is a small holiday resort known mainly to ski enthusiasts because it's close to many amazing ski trails in the area and even holds a big ski competition every January. Since we toured the area at the peak of the summer {mid-July}, we didn’t think there would be many attractions that would suit us and so we planned to go to the famous attractions of the Swiss Alps. And then I discovered the site of Adelboden.

Adelboden's site is one of the best sites I've come across – it combines all the sleeping accommodation options, culinary facilities, services, trip routes and activities that can {and should} be done within the village and nearby places, and even divides them between summer activities and winter activities. After I was stuck on this site for a few hours, I realized that it’s not only a place to stay in, but also to travel around. We decided to go to the more famous tourist spots on a different trip, and this time just enjoy everything close to us. Moreover, in contrast to all the famous tourist places in the Swiss Alps, the hiking trails and the observation points in the Adelboden area are much calmer and much less crowded – which is exactly what we were looking for 🙂

Adelboden Switzerland - a summer trip guide in the Swiss Alps

There are two main ways to get to Adelboden – 1. Using a rented car from the airport {two and a half hours drive from Zurich or a one-hour drive from Bern} 2. Use the excellent Swiss public transport and get help from Google Maps.

If you plan on traveling around Switzerland by car, you should know that there are speed cameras everywhere, and you’ll get a fine for any small deviation above the speed limit – it’s really not worth the risk. In addition, we bought a local SIM at the airport in Zurich {I highly recommend the company Salt} and we navigated with Waze. You can also navigate offline with the Google Maps app, but it doesn’t warn you about speeding, speed cameras and cops on the way, so I think saving on the Sim in this case can end up being very expensive…

Another thing that’s very important to remember when planning a trip to Switzerland is that planning is one thing and reality is something else – the weather is very unpredictable and it rains in the summer a lot of times {there’s a reason the grass is so green 😉 } Therefore, it’s worth making a general list of attractions that you want to do and make accommodations when you get there. This is also one of the reasons it’s worth taking a good hotel {preferably with a pampering spa like the Cambrian’s}, because you may be spending a lot more time there than you planned – so at least you’ll enjoy it! 🙂




Our trip in the Swiss Alps began on Thursday evening and on Sunday we already went back for another week in Zurich, so we divided the short time between the amazing hotel we were staying at and a number of places we chose carefully. Keep in mind that there are “extreme” activities, such as mountain biking and sky diving, that I don’t have the courage to do, but if you’re not a scaredy-cat like me, you shouldn’t miss them! 🙂 The rest of the activities in this pastoral and picturesque area can be found on the Adelboden site.

Engstligen Falls –

I saw the impressive Engstligen Falls directly from our hotel room every day and I was enchanted. These impressive falls, located in the Engstligenalp Mountains, are the second largest in Switzerland and are surrounded by a magical forest. The path to the falls is clear, short and very easy to walk {if I remember correctly, it’s about half an hour each direction}, and it’s highly recommended to have a picnic bag with goodies because in the middle of the path there’s an organized place to sit near a fire-pit that can be lit independently.

Apart from the falls themselves, it’s recommended to take the cable car to the top of the mountain and enjoy the perfect view of huge green grazing pastures with cows strolling around with bells on their necks, tiny mountain huts and breathtaking panoramic views. From the top of the mountain you can go on hiking trails in different lengths and degrees of difficulty and the paths are marked super well.


Adelboden Switzerland - a summer trip guide in the Swiss Alps

Adelboden Switzerland - a summer trip guide in the Swiss Alps

The entire trail {both of the falls and the top of the mountain} makes you surrender to the beauty and calmness around you and forget all the troubles in the world. We planned on this path taking two hours and actually ended up spending half a day there because we just had a hard time leaving 🙂

How to get there – we arrived at the entrance point to the path with the car {15-minute ride}, but you can also take a bus {30-minute drive} or even walk {90-minute walk}.

Blausee Lake –

Lake Blausee, a 30-minute car ride from Adelboden {or one hour and 10 minutes by public transportation}, is a clear, beautiful lake with turquoise water in a magical natural park. Apart from the mesmerizing lake, the park has a small boutique hotel and restaurant, picnic and barbecue sites, trout farms, rental boats, a charming play area for children and even a small alpaca farm!

We walked around the park on Saturday, and as we were warned at the hotel – it was full of visitors, so the experience could’ve been better. If you have the opportunity to visit it on a weekday you can get almost the whole park to yourself 🙂

The park is open from March 30th to November 15th and there is an entrance fee. More details can be found on the park’s website.



Adelboden Switzerland - a summer trip guide in the Swiss Alps

Oeschinensee Lake –

A 20-minute drive from Lake Blausee, there’s a town called Kandersteg, and one of the mountain peaks there overlooks Lake Oeschinensee. The large and spectacular lake, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful lakes in the Alps, is surrounded by high mountains with white peaks, and the combination of them creates a dramatic and breathtaking landscape. Here, too, you can take a boat trip on the lake and it’s highly recommended to take fresh pastries and a cool beer with you and simply enjoy the view, although you can also sit in the café overlooking the lake.

To get to the lake, take the cable car from the town of Kanderstag and from there, there’s a beautiful and relatively short walk to the lake {approximately 25-minutes}. There’s also an option to travel from the cable car to the lake in a small car at an additional cost. Next to the cable car there are also cool sleek silver mountain slides.

Entrance hours and prices can be found on the lake’s website.


Adelboden Switzerland - a summer trip guide in the Swiss Alps

Adelboden Switzerland - a summer trip guide in the Swiss AlpsAdelboden Switzerland - a summer trip guide in the Swiss Alps

And one final tip from me before the end – If you’re going to travel in Switzerland forget all the check-lists to places you supposedly have to visit. There’s no doubt they’ll be amazing, but as I said in the beginning, Switzerland is a country that looks like it was taken out of a postcard and even if you choose hike on paths no one has ever heard of, there’s no way you won’t enjoy the spectacular views, the quietness and the endless calm feeling that will take over your whole body 🙂

Have you already visited Adelboden and have more interesting tips? Share them in the comments below! 🙂
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