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Estée Lauder’s new fragrance – Modern Muse Le Rouge

Even though I get easily bored with most things in life, it’s a bit hard for me to switch perfumes – give me Fantasy in the summer and Hypnotic or Euphoria during the winter and I’m set.

It’s not because I don’t want to change things up a bit.

Even when I’m blinded by all of the commercials for new fragrances, and dare replace my usual perfumes with a new one, I usually get upset and wonder why I bought it in the first place. It’s as if what I smelled in the store that made me want to buy the perfume disappeared the second I got home. I decided to stop wasting so much money on perfumes that just collect dust in my closet with an easy and useful method – to treat new perfumes the way I referred to guys in the dating world. What does that mean? From now on, when I fall for a new fragrance and I really want to buy it, I give it some time to prove itself before I let him into my house. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

So this is my method – want to buy a new perfume? You have to give it at least two tries on your body at one of the pharmacy chain stores to see how it is during the day and if it’s that good that you want to spray more of it on yourself, then it must be yours.

Modern Muse Le Rouge – הבושם החדש מבית אסתי לאודר

The perfume that caught my attention this time, is the reason we are gathered here today – Estée Lauder’s new fragrance Modern Muse Le Rouge.

First of all let's talk about the packaging, because let’s face it – it’s usually what makes us want to try a new perfume.

Modern Muse Le Rouge is designed in classic but not boring shape – a tall luxurious glass bottle with rounded corners, clean and fine lettering and a spray nozzle that’s shaped as a minimalist bow-tie in a red and gold color combination.

Something about this bottle is so French chic – so delicate but at the same time dominant and sexy, beautiful without too much effort.

What can I say, the combination of gold and the classic bow with the French scent conquered me before I even smelled the perfume.

Modern Muse Le Rouge – הבושם החדש מבית אסתי לאודר

Modern Muse Le Rouge – הבושם החדש מבית אסתי לאודר

And now, most importantly – the scent

The first moment I sprayed the perfume on my wrist, it felt a bit weird and I wasn’t sure it was my type; but it was just a matter of seconds until it absorbed in my skin and I got addicted to the scent and started sniffing my hand non-stop – I just wanted more and more of it.

After reading a bit about the perfume I understood why it took me a few seconds to get used to it…

The thing about this fragrance is that it’s made from a combination of contrasting scents that eventually integrate harmoniously – roses, currant, raspberry, pink pepper, saffron, vanilla, jasmine and more…

I usually go for the sweet fruity scents, and stay away from the floral ones. That’s why the second I sprayed it and the most dominant scent was the roses which overshadowed the other ingredients, I doubted it. But when I gave it a few seconds to absorb, I suddenly smelled the sweet ingredients and I knew I had to get it.

What’s special about this perfume in my opinion is that it suits girls like me who tend to go for the sweet scents and girls that go for the floral scents, because it really manages to balance the two in a fabulous way.

Another thing I loved about Modern Muse Le Rouge was that even though it has a dominant scent, it doesn’t take over and it lasts for many hours, so even when I leave the house for a few hours to run errands or for a long night out, the scent lasts 😉

So let’s get straight to the point, I’m addicted to it and I recommend you go try it and let me know what you think of it!

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