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40 Golden Tips for The Beginner Blogger

Chinese philosopher Laozi is known to have said ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. This saying is relevant to so many aspects of our lives, from health and nutrition, to love, family life, and of course profession.

It’s as true as it is simple.

Though sometimes, even once we’ve already made a decision to set out, it could be difficult to decide what the first step will be.

If you’re new at blogging, I assume you’re standing at exactly the same point where a million bloggers have stood before you – you’re debating how to begin your very own journey. It is totally natural, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get some advice from those who were  previously in your shoes 🙂

I asked the amazing bloggers – all friends in my Facebook group The Blogging Babes, to share their golden tip for beginner bloggers, and the answers are so great I just had to put them all together and dedicate a post to them, so that they can eventually reach you, too!

Make yourself a nice cup of coffee, or pour yourself a glass of wine {even if it's 10am, this blog is a safe zone 😋}, and dive into this promising, golden list. I just know  you will come out with lots of amazing insights for your blog ♡

1. Lior , ‘Not Just a Designer’ “Focus on a particular, certain approach (and the tools – how to choose it), understand who your target audience is, and write to them!”

2. Yarden, ‘Piece of Air’ “Don’t be too hard on yourself. That goes for posts too – because they don’t always turn out like you originally thought, and sometimes my 80% is 120% for my readers. I don’t mean take it too easy either, but getting hysterical about every little detail will simply hold you back. This also goes for your ongoing  routine – if you haven’t published a post on time, haven’t reached your goal etc, self criticism won’t help. Life happens and sometimes things just don’t go your way and that’s fine, instead of judging yourself, channel your energy to “how do I take it from here?” and get back to work :)”

3. Dorin, ‘All About my Passions’ “Invest in unique content, and find your inner voice. All the while using advanced visual photography including uniform, artistic image  editing.“

4. Efrat Avigail, ‘Pretty So’ “Don’t be afraid to get going, the best way to improve is on the move, and fear of imperfection will never get going. Try, try, try and get better as you go, and keep it up!! I agree with letting go of a specific niche. Just write. At times you might  discover your niche, others you won’t, that doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t succeed, and sometimes a broader niches like ‘Lifestyle’ can contain a whole world. I don’t have a niche, and I love that I’m not limited to a certain subject or field. I write about what I love, and what is interesting to me, and when you’re passionate about your writing, that’s what makes good content.”

5. Ayala, ‘Mostly Living’ “Let go, lots of girls think it’s either all or nothing, that everything has to always be amazingly perfect form the very start. You should start with writing for yourself, be yourself and all the rest (hard work included) will happen ♥️ I built the site with a friend’s help and spent nights watching tutorials on YouTube. It still has bugs. I don’t have a logo or a gantt chart, and basically, I’m still trying to figure out my blog’s identity, and I was terribly stressed over it, the day I decided that things take time, and the way things are is okay, I was relieved.”

6. Maya, ‘Secretour’ “I’m a beginner independent blogger for a few years now. Understand that you are your own motor. If you have no energy, nothing will move forward, and you won’t have vision or inspiration. So if you need to, take the time to go to the beach, a cafe, a friend, and more. Another tip would be to pay the professionals –  you can’t do it all ❤️

7. Avivit, ‘Hakol Tov’ “Write about what you love, and who you are. Otherwise, it just doesn’t work.”

8. Shiran, ‘972Fashion’ Think about what your X-Factor is, what will distinguish you from the rest so as not to drown in the ocean of bloggers. It doesn’t have to be your niche, it can be a certain design, or even your writing style. “

9. Michal, ‘Pieceful Minded’ “I can’t expect to be the best  at something when I’ve only just started out. There is learning time for everything. You need to persevere, learn , and develop. There’s no point in feeling down about not being at the level you wish you were,  and there’s no reason to be frustrated 🙂 .”

10. Adi, ‘History is Life’ “Patience”.

11. Revital, ‘VENNDI Blog’ “Understand that if you’re doing this not merely as a hobby, but because you’re interested in earning money, so I recommend that you figure out your monetization possibilities early on. Money is not a five letter word, it is one of the energies that helps you find the focus and motivation to persist and improve. Blogging is a sort of entrepreneurship, and, like every business, you gotta figure out what sources of income match your blog.”

12. Shahar, ‘YOLO Blog’ “Understand the meaning of SEO and write posts that will organically show up on Google.”

13. Carmel, ‘Terminal CK’ “Stop telling yourself that everything is terrible.”

14. Ira, ’Irahhok’ and ‘Umami’ “Do not compare. No one is like you, every blogger has her own way, her own pace. Don’t try to compare a new blog to a mature one. The only proper comparison is to yourself. Where were you a month / six months / one year ago,  and where do you stand today. And be happy, and praise yourself for every accomplishment ?

15. Shahar, ’Blue Vagabond’ “I have some ‘serious’ tips that I find to be super important: 1. Don’t neglect backup and security! 2. Be autodidactic. Teach yourself to learn – learning is integral to the world of blogging and the internet , because the systems are constantly changing and updating! These may seem intimidating at first, but become easier with time ?

16. Doron, ‘Stylista’ “You have to be true to yourself and your own way, believe in yourself, persevere and continue with all your might towards your goal ??. And  also, join the Israeli Bloggers Community ‘The Blogging Babes’ :).”

17. Milen, ‘Mom Dresser’ “Be true to yourself, avoid imitations, and stay on the creative and innovative side of things, let go of a lot, and keep in mind there is no such thing as perfect – and it's a long and windy road to get there, and that’s ok, because mistakes pave the way to success. Always ask yourself what is the added value you present to the world.”

18. Yaara, ‘EatNresting’ “Have a mailing list from the very beginning. Even if you’re worried no one will subscribe, and you’ll have to send a newsletter to only 2 people. The mailing list grows quickly (I swear, I didn’t do much to promote it!) and following that tip, a sign up to the newsletter pop-up is highly recommended. Even if you hate it and you think it’s annoying, and looks bad, and is something you would never sign up through, it actually works very well and its conversion rate is much higher than just another line at the end of a post or on the side of your blog. “

19. Anuchka, ‘Anuchka’s Blog’ Youtube channel “Know what it is you want to relay. This will make editing a lot easier.”

20. Yochi, ‘Halmo Lifestyle’ “From my experience, a good word, communication, and sharing, goes a long way for us, and the others of course”

21. Yael, contributing writer ‘Collective Collection’ “The work ain’t done after you hit ‘Publish’. Now is just the time to work on the upkeep and connection with your community.

22. Yarden, ‘PlanneriTrips’ “Plan and organize your time correctly to ensure continuity and devote some time every day to something blog-related.”

23. Maayan, ‘At Beseder’ “If there’s anything I’ve learned in starting my blog, it’s that you don’t always have to do everything on your own (Even though you really really want to… It’s your baby after all, it’s super personal, can’t you do it yourself? Well, you know… admitting something is difficult – is a difficult thing to do!). In my case for example, after nearly tearing off my head trying to understand how wordpress works, I finally took up a one on one guidance. Not only did she make things clearer,  her help allowed me to focus my attention on where it needed to be – writing for example. The thing is, it is important to remember that even when you pay someone external to help you out, it should be more than just ‘here’s my money, thanks for your service’. It should be a learning experience, it is important that you learn and understand how and what to do, to enhance your abilities and to avoid being dependant on others in the future.”

24. Rotem, ‘Tricolad Lifestyle Blog’ “Invest and persevere.”

25. Shuly, ‘The Wall Whisperer’ “Figure out, as quickly as possible, what your goal is … self-expression and personal satisfaction, or to generate income?  Because the best ways to achieve each goal are different. “

26. Shayna, ‘Fashionistas’ “Although I am still relatively new to blogging (a year and a half), my tip is that perseverance is the most important even when sometimes you have no desire or time.”

27. Yarden, ‘Oh So Fine’ “As a beginner blogger myself (past four months ?) I would have liked if someone told me to take my time, and be calm, everything has its time. I wish experienced bloggers would share with me what usually works, and not to hurry. Create quality content even if that means taking a 3 week break between posts.”

28. Yonit, ‘Bloggeristit’ “A blog is dynamic, what you have today will be different than what you will have tomorrow.”

29. Or, ‘Stay in Style’ “What interests you will most likely interest others too, just write of yourself, your opinions and conclusions without being ashamed of them, and the rest will come your way. “

30. Dana, ‘Flying Dana’ “Don’t hold yourself back from doing things because they are not yet perfect. You will improve with time, and mostly by interacting with your audience and understanding what they want. Just like any other product, Apple, too, started out with their first iPhone, which was far from perfect. With time they understood their customers’ needs, and today there are over 10 versions of the original iPhone.

31. Efrat, ‘Feministit’ “My tip is to have a voice. What do I mean? To truly know what is the message I’d like to relay, even if it’s unconventional or unaccepted, pass it on. In my case , this is expressed via my different approach to female sexuality and I am very glad to be an ‘extreme’ voice in a field that can be very stressful to many women (‘be more like this, less like that…’).”

32. Ella, ‘Extra Cream’ “Understand that it is a process composed of hard work and self exploration, and internalize that things will not be perfect from the get go. Knowing how not to criticize yourself too much, and perseverance, is key. You will find the right niche, you will improve your writing from post to post, the images will get better as well, and even then – keep on learning new things.”

33. Yaarit, ‘All The Good Things’ “In two words? Organic SEO. I can not overstate the significance of organic promotion and highly recommend not to publish any post without basic optimization – sub-headlines, internal links, alternative text for images, etc. Organic traffic that reaches your blog via Google results is quality traffic that is long-lasting and turns every post into an asset that does not depend on any kind of sponsored,  promotional content :)”

34. Jenny, ‘TG Design Studio’ “A quick, played out plan, is better than a perfect plan that never comes through! Stop planning – start doing!”

35. Luba, ‘Fashion Tails Blog’ “My tip is ask yourself what it is you can do for your community and the answer should be your starting point from which to create relevant content. This way of thinking will allow you to generate valuable content.

36. Sarit, ‘Minimalist Me’ – “Go for WordPress’s payed plan. 24/7 support I could have never done without.” {Note from me: I highly recommend starting an independent blog on WordPress.com rather than WordPress.org. Click here for all reasons why.}

37. Shantih, ‘The Funny Bunny’ – “Create connections and long term collaborations with people and brands you find interesting, and give preference to those above short term ones. A high quality identification with brands that you love and that love you, strengthens your relationship and creates a solid foundation for a long positive relationship, that usually leads to creative ideas and future income, in a harmonious and stable way.”

38. Yael, ‘The Dream Ocean’ – “Just start. Write. Design. Research materials, inspiration. Introduce your voice. You will probably find yourself starting over again – I built my website, and after a two-month long block, I deleted everything, reset my template, and started from zero. And there is still work to be done… But this process helped me understand and define what it is I want to say.”

39. Shelly Niazov, ‘Shelly Niazov’ IG Account – “Be you. What is most fun about a blog is the blogger’s personality. There are plenty of blogs about Beauty (or any other niche) – what makes you special? Once you know the answer to this question, you will know how to leverage your blog, and yourself ❤”

40. Maayan, ‘Half Cat Half Pizza’ IG Account – “Persevere. It takes time for things to get going. Nothing has to be perfect when it goes up, sometimes 80 percent is better than 100. The best way, in my eyes, is keeping to a specific day and time. “


I hope you enjoyed and learned from this post!

To finish up, here is my golden tip – persistence is the name of the game.

I remember one of the things I hated most was being told “it takes time.” I wanted it all here and now, but with time I realized that it isn’t realistic to expect overnight results. If you really want your blog to become successful, and profitable, and even for it to become your day job, you need to view it as a business, invest and persevere. In this case there is no better phrase than the one that states “Dreams don’t work unless you do”. Don’t forget that the reason you started a blog in the first place is because you are passionate and wanted to realize your potential, the rest will come in time


What is your golden tip for a beginner blogger? Leave me a comment below! 🙂

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  1. I think these are diamond tips for me for starting or improving my blogs from now on.

    I really like your thought that we have not to compare with any other blogger as each blogger has his/her unique factor by which he/she will succeed in the blogging field.

    I always looking and followed other blogger’s blog but from now on I will only take a glimpse or idea from other bloggers but create own style of blogging.

    Thanks again!


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