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How To Design The Most Chic Accessory Wall

Let’s start from the fact that I have the cutest boyfriend ever!

If you already read this post, then you know that I moved in with Daniel last year, and since then my accessories are still stored in boxes in a dark corner of the house.

It’s my fault, completely my fault!

There were many desperate attempts to find a solution for this problem – at first I thought I should buy some kind of cabinet and organize my accessories in it, or even a stand to keep on a dresser or on the counter, but it just wasn’t right for two main reasons:

  1. I couldn’t find anything beautiful and special enough.
  2. We don’t have extra space in our house to place more objects {as I already said, I’m a serious collector so I have a ton of stuff}.

While I have completely given up on finding a solution for my accessory problems, Daniel didn’t give up! He scanned Pinterest from every direction possible until he found the idea for this beautiful thing – an accessory wall!

In retrospect, not only did he find the solution for my mess – we were able to take advantage of the boring white wall and turn it into the most chic wall possible.

Killed two birds with one stone, right?

I’m so lucky I found a man with good taste 😉

So if you have an endless amount of accessories that are in a mess {admit that you do{, or if you just want to change the scenery a bit, then this post is just for you!

What’s cool about this DIY is that everyone could customize it to their own personal style.

I love the combination of wood, white and gold, and I designed my own wall based on this color palette.

So what do we have here?

  • Three wooden boxes of various sizes – household goods stores
  • Gold colored metal screw hooks – hardware stores + arts & crafts stores

קופסאות עץ לבנות וווים מוזהבים

  • Copper colored house shaped rack – GOLF & CO

בית נחושת לתלייה על הקיר golf&co

  • A mirror with a caption – household goods stores / arts & crafts stores {I got mine from a store in Eilat called “Lamundo”, but you could easily make one yourself by writing on a mirror with a permanent marker, or you could even use an erasable marker and change the sayings whenever you want 😉 }

מראה עם מסגרת עץ וכיתוב שחור

  • Picture frame – GOLF & CO

מסגרת לתמונה golf&co

  • Hanging display stand that resembles a tree trunk – GOLF & CO

גזע עץ לתלייה - golf&co

גולגולת מחרסינה urban outfitters גולגולת מחרסינה urban outfitters

To be honest, this DIY isn’t complicated – it’s based on your own personal taste, and the displayed items could be collected from different places to create an eclectic and original feeling, and not one that’s based on a certain pattern.

These are the tools you’ll need handy:

  • Tape measure
  • Screws & Dibbles {for the heavy stuff}
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Leveler
  • Pencil

כלי עבודה tools

my handy man - hooks

I’ll be completely honest with you and confess that the whole technical side of this piece {drilling, hammering, hanging things straight} was taken care of by my personal handy man, Daniel. If you also have two left hands and if you have the laziness syndrome, you should ask someone you trust to lend you a hand and an eye.

This is my finished masterpiece…

קיר אקססוריז accessory wall diyקיר אקססוריז accessory wall diyקיר אקססוריז accessory wall diyקיר אקססוריז accessory wall diyקיר אקססוריז accessory wall diy

I hope my new wall will inspire you to create your own wall, allowing your personal style to pop out of it ☺

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