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International Women’s Day – The Feminist Revolution Through Music + A Raffle {closed} !

In honor of the International Women's Day taking place today, that’s dedicated to show the respect and love towards women and their achievements around the world, I decided to share a playlist with you that I prepared as part of a radio course I took during my degree in Communications at The Hebrew University {Oh, the nostalgia… 😉 }.

I’m not a bra-burning feminist, not even close to it, but I really dislike the concept that’s unfortunately still very common worldwide – that women are worth less than men, which is still reflected in so many significant areas in our life, like religion {which also affects secular crowds in the choice of a marriage institution and the divorces through the Rabbinate in Israel}, unfair salaries, discrimination in the workplace and so on.  

All the songs I chose for this playlist are iconic songs that have the feminist spirit from various times in history, starting from the feminist revolution that took place in the 60’s and until today.

Press “Play” and enjoy this day that’s dedicated only to us.

Wishin' and Hopin' Dusty Springfield

Dusty Springfield, a pop and British soul music singer, known as the “White Queen of Soul”, recorded the song “ Wishin’ and Hopin’ “ in 1964, which turned into a hit and was featured in many playlists in the United States and around the world.

The song was written in the spirit of the revolutionary period between the 60’s and the 70’s, and deals with the liberation of women from the perspective of breaking the society’s conventions and norms from the previous time period, which held on to the idea that women have to wait for their “knight in shining armor”. This song calls for women to be the initiators of relationships – to no longer sit, wait and hope for attention from a man or for him to reach out to you, but to change from being passive to being active – and work to catch him.

It’s true, this song may not seem very feminist to us these days, because it talks about very superficial ways to get a man – like brushing your hair especially for him – but it’s considered very feministic for times when women were expected to be passive and quiet.

Favorite phrase :

” ‘Cause you won't get him
Thinkin' and a-prayin'
Wishin' and hopin'”

You Don't Own Me Lesley Gore

The song “You Don’t Own Me” was recorded in 1963 and came in second place in the US billboard charts.

This song also deals with women's liberation, but from a slightly different perspective. In contrast to the previous song, the liberation of women in this song is actually from the relationship and is also presented in a more aggressive way – women are tired of feeling like an object owned by her partner and demands equality within the relationship.

Favorite phrase :

“I'm young and I love to be young
I'm free and I love to be free
To live my life the way that I want
To say and do whatever I please”

These Boots Are Made For Walking Nancy Sinatra

The single “These Boots Are Made for Walking” was released in 1966 and made it to first place in the US and British pop charts.

The song and video characterize the feminist wave of that same period – a combination of a revenge song written to a treacherous man and the famous miniskirts from that time period.

Favorite phrase :

“One of these days these boots
Are gonna walk all over you”

Respect Aretha Franklin

The song that was recorded in 1967, starred in pop charts and became the song most identified with Aretha Franklin.

The song was originally performed by the singer Otis Redding and presented the perspective of a desperate man, who is willing to give his wife anything she asks for under the condition that she gives him a little respect. On the other hand, the song performed by Franklin is totally different, and talks about a woman from a strong and powerful perspective, who knows that she has everything a man wants and needs, and therefore was a very important milestone in the feminist movement.

Favorite phrase :

Find out what it means to me”

You ought to know Alanis Morisette

“You Ought to Know” was the first song that changed the pop image identified with Alanis, to an alternative rock image associated with her until today. The song was written in 1995 as a kind of feminist revenge song about an ex-boyfriend, and it was ranked high in many billboard charts in Europe and in the US and awarded the singer with a double victory at the Grammy Awards.

Favorite phrase :

“And every time I scratch my nails
Down someone else's back I hope you feel it
Well, can you feel it?”

Nobody's Wife Anouk

This song was the Canadian singer’s breakthrough, was ranked high in billboard charts for a long time and earned the singer numerous awards.

“Nobody's Wife” was written from a feminist perspective. In this song she demands from her man to accept her as she is, and not to try to change her behavior in any way. She’s aware of her flaws and aware that she doesn’t act according to the image of the “perfect woman”, and throughout the song she repeats her cynical apology, but emphasizes that she’s “nobody's wife”, because she’s her own entity. She looks at each woman as an individual and not as part of a pair.

Favorite phrase :

“I'm sorry but I ain't gonna change my ways
you know I've tried but I'm still the same
I've got to do it my own way”

Just A Girl No Doubt

One of the most feminist songs in my opinion, because it goes against all common female stereotypes, which portray women in a weak way, needing the supervision of a man. It’s written in such a cynical way, going against what the patriarchal society is trying to do to women – it’s wonderful

Favorite phrase :

Don't you think I know exactly where I stand”
“This world is forcing me to hold your hand

Cool Scmool Bartmobile

A song from the fourth album of the American punk-rock band “Batmobile”, which was the foundation of the indie scene in the early 90’s.

The song was written from a cynical perspective, expressed in the form of a cheerful song, dripping with sarcasm. The singer sounds like a little girl instigating a fight in a playground, which creates an effect that is completely feminist on the one hand, while being brutal and honest on the other hand.

Favorite phrase :

״I can bake a pie & look you up & down
I could throw your heart right outta this town״

A Woman's Worth Alicia Keys

A song about the respect a man has to give a woman in a relationship. In my opinion, the song addresses men, trying to explain to them the right way to treat women {unlike hip-hop songs that belittle and underestimate women}, and addresses women, too, making them internalize the fact that they are worthy and that they should be respected by their men.

Favorite phrase :

״You will lose if you chose to refuse to put her first
She will and she can find a man who knows her worth״

Like A Boy Ciara

The song describes the double standard in the society, and the fact that the society positively accepts the fact that men can act in certain ways in relationships, and if women act the same way they are perceived in a disparaging way.

Favorite phrase

“Would the rules change up?…
Or would they still apply?…
If I played you like a toy?…
Sometimes I wish I could act like a boy”

Run The World (Girls) Beyoncé

The unquestionable queen, Beyoncé, has talent not only to create hits in a dizzying pace, but also to put meaning and aggressive and kicking content in her songs. The song “Run the World (Girls)” presents in a clear and firm way the empowerment of women par excellence – an assertive and unapologetic announcement about transmitting the power to women in patriarchal society.

Favorite phrase

״Who run the world? Girls!״ {predictable, right? 😉 }

In honor of the International Women's Day, I decided to treat my followers with a pampering package


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Have a wonderful Women's Day, a day we can be proud of all of our achievements despite all the difficulties along the way, encourage each other and get pampered a little more than usual 😉

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