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OUTFIT : She Was The Tide



krabi_beach_thailand_dress_resort_photoshoot_hedonistit-11-27_0002 krabi_beach_thailand_dress_resort_photoshoot_hedonistit-11-27_0004


I chose to shot this gorgeous Anthropology dress by Rock the Boat on the beach of our Krabi resort.

I was fascinated by the amazing tide of the huge ocean that was spread before us almost throughout the intire trip.

During high tide the sea rises and almost fills the foreshore, and at low tide the sea seemed to retreat away, leaving the small boats abandoned like in a desert.

It was such a spectacular sight to me as I've never seen the tide in such glory before in my life.

The colors of the sea in Krabi hypnotized me and corresponded perfectly with this Bohemian Maxi dress, which was one of my favorite resort clothing I've packed for our honeymoon vacation on the beautiful beaches of Thailand.

In my opinion on a tropical vacation, based largely on the recreation pool and the sea, maxi dress is a key item.

This dress stands strong by it's own and requires no accessories to complete it, which made it the ultimate outfit for the hot and humid tropical climate of Thailand.

What is the key item you always pack for your resort vacations? Tell me in comments

krabi_beach_thailand_dress_resort_photoshoot_hedonistit-11-27_0011 krabi_beach_thailand_dress_resort_photoshoot_hedonistit-11-27_0001 krabi_beach_thailand_dress_resort_photoshoot_hedonistit-11-27_0005 krabi_beach_thailand_dress_resort_photoshoot_hedonistit-11-27_0003 krabi_beach_thailand_dress_resort_photoshoot_hedonistit-11-27_0010

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