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The Sukhothai Bangkok – An Oasis in Bangkok

Bangkok was our homebase during our long trip to the east, so we had a couple of nights in between flights to various destinations we visited throughout our trip. We really enjoyed the authentic taste of the city which we felt mostly on our last three days – days that were fully dedicated to Bangkok – which  is why we decided to experience them at The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel, one of the best and most famous hotels in the city.

The hotel, named for Sukhothai, Thailand’s first capital which is perceived as the golden age of Thai culture, is very different in style and design than any hotels I’ve been to in Bangkok.

Where to stay in Bangkok - The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel

Unlike many other luxury hotels that take pride in tall buildings and modern interiors, The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel offers an old world charm, a taste of Siam, and perfectly combines the architecture and landscape with blooming gardens and lotus ponds set between the complex’s low buildings. 

The first feeling I had when we stepped into the hotel was that of an oasis, a place to relax and connect with nature in the midst of Bangkok’s bustling urban jungle. 

Where to stay in Bangkok - The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel
Where to stay in Bangkok - The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel
Where to stay in Bangkok - The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel

The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel is located in the Sathon business neighborhood, midtown, about a 10 minute walk from the MRT Lumphini subway station, and the BTS Sala Daeng tram station. Taxis were our transportation of choice during our stay, but right outside of the hotel you can hop on a tuk tuk to get to anywhere in town. 

Daniel and I were invited to stay in the hotel’s new luxury wing, Club Wing, and enjoyed a Club Balcony Room. As you can see from its name, the room has a balcony – which is so uncommon in Bangkok, and one of the reasons why I loved it so much! Apart from the large balcony overlooking the beautiful hotel pool, the room is designed in a classic modern style, complete with teak furniture, wooden floor, and a classic color palette composed of black, white, brown, gold, and emerald. In other words – everything that transmits traditional Thai luxury. 

Where to stay in Bangkok - The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel

The bed was divine, and the huge black and white marble bathroom, with mirrors on all sides, was pretty easy on the eyes and body after a long day of wandering around the city. Also, not only does the room have a huge, luxurious shower, but also a large bathtub with Bottega Veneta soaps, thick towels, and the most gorgeous robe I've ever tried on. The bathroom also had a double vanity and an electronic toilet system. Also worth mentioning is the large designated area for suitcases – a true rarity in hotel rooms in large urban cities.

Where to stay in Bangkok - The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel

Being that we were Clug Wing guests, we had the option of having breakfast in the private lounge, or in the hotel’s main dining hall (known as one of the best in Bangkok). Of course we tried both options – and both were equally great – the main dining room has a large spread of asian dishes (including buns, dim-sum, soups) alongside eggs, fruit and vegetables, cheeses, breads and pastries, a shake stand, coconuts, and more.

while the lounge breakfast felt more exclusive, with a smaller buffet and service a-la-carte.

Where to stay in Bangkok - The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel

And speaking of food – we almost never order room service when we stay at hotels, but since we checked in pretty late to the hotel and didn't feel like going out, we decided to go for it, and I must say that the quality of the food at the hotel was one of the best I've seen, even the room service. The food arrived relatively quickly, neatly, and the dishes were warm and fresh as if we were sitting down to eat in a restaurant.

Where to stay in Bangkok - The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel

Besides the excellent food, the hotel has an exceptionally large emerald-colored swimming pool surrounded by plants, deckchairs, umbrellas, and small canopies – perfect for anyone who wants a break from the bustling city and feel as if they’re at a resort in one of Thailand's tropical islands.

Where to stay in Bangkok - The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel
Where to stay in Bangkok - The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel

 Near the pool is the hotel's spa complex, Spa Botanica, where, on the first morning at the hotel,  Daniel and I got a double massage were pampered in a very professional and relaxing time. 

If you’re looking for a different experience of Bangkok, one that offers luxury, high -end quality, and impeccable Thai service in the heart of the city, combined with a relaxing experience,  The Sukhotahi Bangkok is the hotel is for you. 

What do you think about The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel? Leave me a comment below 🙂

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Thanks so much to The Sukhothai Bangkok Hotel for an extravagant stay in bangkok. 

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