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6 Things You Must Check Before Laser Hair Removal

As someone who loves wearing shorts, dresses and skirts {even in the winter! ? } – laser hair removal was a dream for me from my very first hair.

Let’s not forget or ignore the fact that hair removal from the underarms and bikini areas became more and more annoying {and painful} over the years.

During high school I decided to put an end to it and with help from my parents I closed a package deal for a few treatments limited to these three areas.

A dream come true! I was excited to finally be free of body hair and to be able to wear whatever I wanted without worrying about these trivial things.

Or at least I thought so…

Fast forward a few years – and {almost} all of the unruly hair came back.

Annoying, right?

Today I’m more mature, smarter and out-there {you noticed, right? ? }, so my decision regarding a hair-removal clinic for the second round was much better and I was more informed.

Whether you've already started going through laser treatments and whether you are undecided what laser hair removal company to choose – this post is just for you! 🙂

6 things you have to know before going for a laser hair removal + 3 tips that will make the treatment mush better

Before we get to the tips that will guide you to choose a professional hair removal company, here are a few tips that would help you get the most out of your treatments :


1. Be sure to use sunscreen SPF 30+ – Sunscreen {I really love this one} is a must in your beauty routine, especially if you’re undergoing laser treatments.

It’s important to apply it before treatments, because you can’t undergo the laser treatment when your skin is burnt, and after it – because your skin becomes sensitive and needs maximum protection.

2. Ditch wax, tweezers and string – laser treatments work on the identification of the hair follicle pigments, which means that the follicle must be there for the treatment to really work.

Get yourself a high-quality razor {this razor is one of my favorites} and shaving cream, and be sure to completely shave your hair before every treatment, and most importantly – let the hair fall out naturally and don’t be tempted to pluck them out after the treatment – it will only delay the process.

3. Don’t skip peeling treatment in the bath – a few days after the laser hair-removal treatment, I like using peeling products {this one is great} which help prevent hair growth under the skin and helps the natural process of the hair loss after the treatment.

4. Avoid hot showers and the use of perfumes and deodorants after treatment – as I said in the first paragraph, after treatment, the skin becomes very sensitive, so you should avoid hot showers, perfumes and deodorant use up to 24 hours after each treatment.
If the thought of not using deodorant during the hot summer days also makes you sick – you should buy natural deodorant and use it after treatment {try this one or that one}.

5. Purchase calming cream – If you decide to remove hair in extremely delicate areas {like armpits and bikini line} It is recommended to use before and after treatment gel & lotion that would soothe the skin, reduce the feeling of discomfort and redness of the skin {try this gel before the treatment and this cream to soothe the skin after treatment}.


Okay, so you decided that you want to go through laser hair removal but it's difficult for you to decide which company will do the best job?

Here's a short list of all the things I think you should check, in order to avoid wasting money and time, before you commit to a hair-removal company :


Safety –

The most important thing you have to pay attention to when choosing a laser hair-removal clinic is the devices they use for the treatments.

There are quite a few clinics, big and small, that use devices that can cause more harm than good to your body. Before everything, check if the hair removal is done with equipment that meets strict standards and that’s under medical supervision and quality control.

Don’t be shy to ask for the device’s name and check if it’s approved by the Ministry of Health and meets the American FDA standards {considered the strictest} and the European CE standards.

Guarantee –

Permanent hair removal? There’s no such thing.

If you thought that a short series of laser treatments will make you say bye-bye to your hair, then you’re probably a victim of the false advertisements of the hair removal clinics trying to rip you off.

From 2013, the Ministry of Health in Israel banned the use of false promises, but there are still certain clinics that use this inaccurate term.  

The reason it’s impossible to promise that the laser treatments will remove the hair permanently is that the body produces hair according to different stimuli, like hormonal changes during pregnancies or menopause. That’s why even if your laser treatment was considered a success, there’s always a chance your hair will grow back sometime.

Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, I had a failed attempt at a young age when they promised to remove my hair in a limited number of treatments that failed.

That’s why it’s important to check the guarantee before your first payment – do they give you a guarantee regarding results or success? Is there an option for unlimited treatments? If the clinic can’t promise at least one of the two, you should look for a different clinic that meets this standard.

The clinic’s years of experience and size –

Following the previous section – what’s a guarantee worth if there’s a good chance the clinic will go bankrupt and won’t be able to uphold their commitment to unlimited treatments?

There are parameters that can help you know if the clinic is reliable and experienced and will give you the confidence needed to pay for treatments in advance:

How long does the clinic exist? Of course – the longer the clinic exists, the lower the chances are for bankruptcy.

How many branches do they have in the country? A big company with a respectable number of branches is considered more stable.

During your consultation, were there other customers in the clinic? Did you hear about the clinic from other people who had treatments there? Sometimes it’s best to rely on the wisdom of the public crowd – there’s a reason some companies have better reputations than others.

Does the clinic have customer service? If not, the company probably doesn’t take their clients seriously, and you definitely don’t want to get treatments in a place like that.

6 things you have to know before going for a laser hair removal + 3 tips that will make the treatment mush better

Experience –

You don’t want to be a guinea pig, especially not when it comes to your body and health.

Before you seal the deal, check how much experience the clinic has in the hair-removal industry, whether the staff is skilled and professional and approximately how many clients are treated there.

Don’t choose a hair-removal clinic without proven results, and always consult with past clients of the company to get the most honest and reliable opinion.

Medical Supervision –

Although you don’t have to go to the doctor for hair removal, it’s very important to choose a place that has a clinical staff or medical supervision.

Luckily, I haven’t had any problems during my laser treatments, but my two of friends who were each treated in a different clinic, suffered from side effects during and after their laser treatments – pigmentation, skin burning and more.

A quick response of the medical staff in cases of skin problems and side effects can make a huge difference in terms of your experience from the service and the treatment.

Prices –

When you compare prices of clinics, make sure you're comparing the prices for the hair-removal from the same areas {for example, half a leg or a full leg} and the number of treatments {limited or “for life”}.

If you decide to go for the limited number of treatments {I wouldn’t recommend it from my experience} – check how much each additional treatment will cost you in case the treatment won’t be completed in the number of treatments you signed for.

Sometimes you’ll find out that the “extra” treatments will increase the price drastically and it may be worth going for the option that seems more expensive – the unlimited treatments.

Always remember – usually the cheap way ends up costly.

So if you already decided to go through with the laser hair-removal, don’t be stingy and choose the cheapest option.

At the end of the day, this is a medical-aesthetic treatment which requires knowledge, advanced technology and an experienced staff, so it’s important to pay a little bit more and to have peace of mind.

6 things you have to know before going for a laser hair removal + 3 tips that will make the treatment mush better

What do you think about laser hair-removal treatments?

Considering it, tried it and wasn’t happy or left satisfied?

Let me know in the comments below where you’re planning on going or where you already had treatments ???


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6 Responses

  1. It was really nice how you said that there is a reason why some companies have a better reputation than the other’s, so it’s best to rely on the crowd’s wisdom sometimes. Never underestimate that power of referral as my mom would say, and now I think I know why. A friend of mine was planning to get a hair removal treatment before her trip to Hawaii, and I’m helping her choose the right clinic. Thanks for sharing. At least, I now have a basis.

    1. Your mother is absolutely right! a good referral worth 100x times more than a plain ad.
      I hope your friend would choose wisely, in this case it’s better to spend more money and get better results.

  2. Great post! Before I got laser hair removal I made sure to do my homework and ask around too. The reality is these treatments are all dependent on the technology being used. When the practice you visit old technology, you get lousy and painful results. Make sure you ask about the laser technology they use and look them up too! You want to know they’re working with the right tools.

  3. I had laser done on my armpits and all bikini area. If I’m being brutally honest, that was the best investment I’ve ever made in my life. Years later and without proper maintenance treatments my skin remains softs, my hair remains thin, and I honestly don’t have to worry about shaving every other day as I did before. If you’re thinking about it, go for it! You won’t regret it.


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