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Beauty on the Road: Three Refreshing Skin Care Products

In the first post of the Beauty on the Road series I wrote about three compact makeup products that are great for traveling functionally both in terms of their package size and in ease of use.

Makeup products can upgrade your look in minutes and make you look glamorous even after a sleepless night and an exhausting flight, but even for the best makeup products itโ€™ll be tough to cover up gloomy facial skin.

After all, a successful masterpiece needs a smooth and clean canvas and one of the main ways to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh is with a daily cleansing routine {you can find additional tips for maintaining healthy skin in this post: How I got smooth and healthy skin in less than two weeks.}.

The second post of this series covers three skin care products* that will help you stay looking fresh even when youโ€™re traveling around the world.

  • If youโ€™re traveling abroad, you should definitely wait and purchase these products at the Duty Free without VAT ๐Ÿ˜‰



If you followย Chiara Ferragniย on Snapchat, then you probably saw her preparing for photography shoots with whimsical eye compresses on her face.

Iโ€™ve also seen those compresses in the past in fashion shoots and in videos from behind the scenes at fashion shows, but Iโ€™ve never used them myself.

ESTEE LAUDER - STRESSBeauty On The Road : 3 beauty products that will keep your skin fresh & dewy when traveling - RELIEF EYE MASK review

In preparation for this series of posts, right before I flew to Zurich, I made a list of all of the things that bother me most with skin care during flights and trips.

THE problem that topped the list was puffy eyes as a result of late night / early morning flights.

If I wouldโ€™ve known what an easy, fast and convenient solution exists for this problem, I wouldโ€™ve saved a lot of under-eye concealerโ€ฆ

The stress relief eye mask by Estee Lauder relax the area of the eyes and itโ€™s a simple and genius product that will make you look {and feel} refreshed within 10 minutes.

The compression patches, originating in Asia like many other cool cosmetic patents, are the ultimate solution for getting smooth and fresh skin in a short time with a minimum of mess and effort โ€“ thatโ€™s the reason they are perfect for traveling.

Estee Lauderโ€™s compression patches come in packs of 10 disposable packages, theyโ€™re small and easy to carry in your bag, which makes this product your best friend before getting off a long night flight.

ESTEE LAUDER - STRESSBeauty On The Road : 3 beauty products that will keep your skin fresh & dewy when traveling - RELIEF EYE MASK review

In each disposable package youโ€™ll find two pads soaked with active ingredients including moisture for the skin, anti-stress components and anti-fatigue ingredients like cucumbers, aloe vera and caffeine, which you can place under your eyes {according to the picture on the package} for 10 minutes and just relax

Thereโ€™s no need to wash the area after using the pads, just pat your skin lightly to make sure the serum leftovers get absorbed!

Iโ€™m telling you โ€“ they invented this product especially for flights!

Itโ€™s not cheap {especially in Israel โ€“ it costs 24 NIS for a unit}, but it pays off because it fulfills their promise {fresh eyes} and solved an extremely annoying problem.

The price for a package {including 10 disposable packs} โ€“ 237 NIS {when using 2-3 times a week}



The second product I tried was a 3-minute detox mask by the same excellent company.

Iโ€™ll start with its disadvantage in the context of this article โ€“ it comes in a relatively large package, and I couldnโ€™t find a smaller version of it except a kit that was probably sold out or that was given as a gift in the past.

Besides this disadvantage, itโ€™s a great product for your daily beauty routine and also for traveling, despite the packaging.

ESTEE LAUDER - STRESSBeauty On The Road : 3 beauty products that will keep your skin fresh & dewy when traveling - ESTEE LAUDER - NIGHTWEAR PLUS 3-MINUTE DETOX MASK review

First โ€“ the product contains 50 ml, which youโ€™re allowed to carry in your hand bag or carry-on in case youโ€™re not taking a big suitcase.

Second โ€“ the mask is very quick to use, so itโ€™s suitable for vacations if you donโ€™t have a lot of time for skin care.

I just apply the mask twice a week right before I take a shower and within 3 minutes, my skin feels fresh, radiant and full of energy just like after a facial.

This mask dries extremely fast since itโ€™s made of clay, which is an excellent ingredient for deep cleansing since.

The clay nourishes and absorbs oils and impurities from the skin.

It also absorbs toxins and dirt that accumulates on the skin and effectively reduces the size of your pores and gives your skin a beautiful and balanced glow.

ESTEE LAUDER - STRESSBeauty On The Road : 3 beauty products that will keep your skin fresh & dewy when traveling - ESTEE LAUDER - NIGHTWEAR PLUS 3-MINUTE DETOX MASK review

The package lasts a long time since you only need to apply a thin layer on your skin in order to get the desired effect. After three minutes massage your skin with warm water and wash until itโ€™s completely removed.

Your skin will feel a bit dry after the mask so donโ€™t skip using moisturizing cream after.

And equally important โ€“ it smells AMAZING.


The third and last product that was chosen for todayโ€™s article โ€“ MACโ€™s Pro Eye Makeup Remover.

On the one hand, one of my favorite makeup products is mascara, and on the other hand, the most annoying makeup product to remove is mascara.

The solution ?

MACโ€™s excellent eye makeup remover which manages to completely remove eye makeup quickly, without rubbing or pulling out your eyelashes.

ESTEE LAUDER - STRESSBeauty On The Road : 3 beauty products that will keep your skin fresh & dewy when traveling - MAC - PRO EYE MAKEUP REMOVER / SIZED TO GO review

Itโ€™s not oily at all, so if you want to go from day makeup to night makeup โ€“ you could just reapply your makeup immediately after using it.

It also doesnโ€™t cause tingling or tears like many other products. The opposite, it contains cucumber extract which helps soothe the area and therefore itโ€™s also suitable for the thin and delicate skin around the eyes.

The small travel size package is perfect for trips {like all of MACโ€™s smaller products} and is easy to use.

Price โ€“ 50 NIS {30 ml).

What about you? Do you use the same beauty products both at home and on the road, or do you have a special bag with smaller travel-size products just for trips?

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3 Travel skin essentials every girl-traveler needs to pack in her bag. These are the must have clear skin products you should pack if you want to stay fresh looking even when youโ€™re traveling around the world. | ESTEE LAUDER โ€“ STRESS RELIEF EYE MASK | ESTEE LAUDER โ€“ NIGHTWEAR PLUS 3-MINUTE DETOX MASK | MAC โ€“ PRO EYE MAKEUP REMOVER / SIZED TO GO | How to have a clear skin on the road | Click through to read the full review @ hedonistit.com

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