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How I Got Clear And Healthy Skin In Less Than Two Weeks

Healthy skin is every woman’s wet dream.

As someone who has far-from-perfect skin, especially during my teenage years {genes, darling, genes…?}, I tried almost every product I could put my hands on to try to get the perfect skin – soaps, lotions, creams, treatment creams, localized treatment and even pills…

After two pretty successful rounds of Roaccutane pills {yes, it was that bad…}, you could say that I got to the point where I feel comfortable with my skin.

True, it isn’t perfect – occasionally, annoying zits pop up, but most of the time it’s not bad at all.

A few months ago I noticed a turn for the worse in my skin, it became a lot more sensitive and pimples starting coming out in places I didn’t see in years {AKA my cheeks – how awful are those, right?! ?}.

A month before the wedding, I arranged a makeup trial with my amazing makeup artist, Nurit Chen, and I was really embarrassed to remove my makeup – my face was in horrible condition!

J U S T.  B E F O R E.  M Y.  W E D D I N G.


One of the most important things to me in terms of the makeup for my wedding was “not to look like an old lady” – how many times have you been to a wedding and the bride looked much older than usual just because they “slathered” on 20 layers of makeup that gave her the most cake-y look?

So that was exactly what I wanted to avoid.

I decided to focus on nurturing my skin and making it as perfect as possible for the wedding, and guess what?

My skin changed from looking the worst ever to healthy and beautiful in less than two weeks!


Today I’m sharing all of the details with you on my new beauty routine that made my skin smooth and healthy – I have no doubt that it will help you, too!


I decided to stop applying makeup

Whoever knows me well enough knows that there’s no way I’ll leave my house without makeup.

It’s a kind of bad habit I acquired during adolescence, during a time when my face was a fertile ground for growing pimples – no matter where I went, even if it was just to throw out the trash or hop over to the local grocery store, I never skipped applying a basic layer of makeup.

The first step in my new beauty routine was to gradually stop applying makeup – it wasn’t easy, mainly because I felt seriously insecure leaving the house for the first time “naked”, without my makeup on. Fortunately, Daniel is the most amazing person in the world and always encouraged me and said that I looked much better without all of the makeup – even in the beginning when my skin was really horrible {as they say – love is blind… ?}.

If you’re also like me – “makeup addict” – try letting your skin ‘breathe’ at least twice a week, and the rest of the time – don’t be lazy and make sure you completely remove all of your makeup the second you get home!

I drank a lot, a lot, a lot of water

I know I talked about this here and here, but I feel like this is a subject that you can never talk about too much!

Drinking water is the key to clean and healthy skin. The skin, like the other organs in our body, is affected by the amount of water we drink since the water cleans the harmful toxins from our body. When we don’t drink enough water, these toxins find other ways to get out of the body, for example, through our skin {in the form of pimples, kapish?}.

I admit that there are times I tend to forget to drink enough water, so during the period before my wedding, I made sure to drink three liters of water every day and my skin thanked me for it.

I trained myself to fill up my sports water bottle with cold water once an hour to encourage myself to drink more and more and more…

I picked up my hair every opportunity I had

Whether you like using hair products or enjoy leaving your hair the most natural possible, you should know that most of the time your hair isn’t the most sterile thing in the world.

When dirt, dust, grease and hair products come into contact with the skin on your face, the pores clog up and pimples start coming out on your skin.

There are so many gorgeous ways to pick up your hair and move it away from your face, but if you don’t like picking up your hair on a daily basis – make sure to put it up in a ponytail the second you get home.


I changed my pillowcase twice a week

Following the previous tip, the dirt from our hair moves to our pillowcase while we sleep – so you should change your pillowcase at least twice a week in order to avoid contact between your face and a dirty pillow during the night.

I started cleaning my face properly {and not like I thought I needed to…}

Don’t get me wrong, I always made sure to clean my face in the morning and in the evening with the best soaps and products available.

The problem was that I attacked my skin instead of working with it gently as should be done – I dried it out with the strongest soaps out, I washed it too many times a day and it fought back seriously – the more I dried it, the more oily and prone to pimples it became.

After consulting with a makeup artists at one of MAC’s branches, I understood that I was too tough on my skin and that I had to start treating it more gently.

I started washing my face twice a day {+ washing before and after workouts} – in the morning with warm water, without soap, to keep the natural {and good!} oils in the skin, and before bedtime, with Bobby Brown’s cleansing oil, which I already wrote about here.

When I felt a pimple coming out, I smeared coconut oil or Argan oil on my skin with a cotton swab on the specific spot – and that was it! Without alcohol, without drying creams – and it totally did the trick!

Another tip is to use a separate towel just for your face, not the one you use when you shower or wipe your hands, and replace it with a clean one every day.

I never skipped using facial cream with SPF

In the past I was a little suspicious of facial creams, especially ones that contained SPF, because I was worried it would make my skin even oilier and will make me break-out even more.

I discovered that facial cream is necessary for radiant and healthy skin because it provides the skin with moisture and a protection layer from environmental damages, so there really isn’t a point avoiding it.

If you also have skin that’s slightly oily naturally, try finding a light moisturizing cream that isn’t oily and is non-comedogenic {the kind that won’t clog your pores} – I started using Garnier’s Moisture Match -24H Hydration moisturizing cream every morning and every night, and not only is it gentle and contains SPF 20, it’s also really cheap {30 NIS!!!} compared to other creams!

I changed my workout routine

It’s important to incorporate physical activity in your daily routine since it does wonders for your body and soul, which directly impacts the way your skin looks because it helps relieve stress and stimulates circulation.

I already have the motivation I need to work out, but my problem is actually the skin care needed before, during and after the workout…

As you already read in the first section, until recently I didn’t leave my house without makeup – and that was valid for workout hours, too.

Like Julia Roberts said in “Pretty Woman” –


The worst thing that could happen to your facial skin is the combination of makeup and sweat that completely clog your pores.

I started washing my face regularly before workouts, skipping makeup for workouts and washing my face with warm water up to 15 minutes after the workout to avoid clogged pores from the sweat and grease – The result? Healthy skin.

Quality time with myself

When we’re stressed out, it shows on our faces.

There’s a reason why before important events ‘a new friend’ will always pop up on our face in the most noticeable place.

Try setting some quality time with yourself every day or every other day – even half an hour is enough! It doesn’t matter if you go out for a walk, do some meditation or even take a long and pampering bubble bath, just like I love doing 😉

rose bath bomb

Do you have more tips to share for maintaining healthy skin? Share them in the comments below!

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9 Responses

  1. Thank you so much! These tips were actually helpful not like most where they suggest to rub random things on your face to rid you of your acne fast. I will definitely be using all of these to make my skin look better finally.

  2. to maintain a healthy skin you can use natural products like potatoes by applyiing its liquid on your face for twenty minutes

  3. Thank you for these tips !
    I learnt a lot from reading your blog, and i am going to do these tricks that helps me get better skin !!


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