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5 Bad Habits In Your Beauty Routine That You Just Have To Break

We all sin, and know how hard it is to admit it – you know very well that you have some bad habits that you prefer to deny their existence.

But just like every other problem in life – the first step to taking care of it is admitting it exists. It’s true that it’s much easier to turn a blind eye and hope that these habits will disappear by themselves, but when it comes to your beauty routine, it’s very important to open a new page before things get ugly {and when I say things I mean your face and body – it’s a shame, isn’t it?}.




1. You’re not drinking enough water –

You invest in the best creams and makeup products available, but when it comes to the cheapest and most basic thing in nurturing your body and face – water, you tend to settle for less.

Water has a huge impact on our body, because the body is made up mostly of water. Water enriches the amount of liquids in your body, contributes to your metabolism and helps us maintain a vital and young look that’s full of shine.

When you forget to drink water {yes, water – not Coke, juices and iced-coffee} you lose fluids in your body, and your facial skin responds accordingly.

It starts drying out and getting a tired and faded look. You'd be surprised, but even the most subtle wrinkles stand out when your skin is dry.

Don’t get confused – it’s important to drink plenty of water not only during the hot summer months, because drinking plenty of water hydrates dehydrated skin during the winter months.

How do you break this habit?

It’s very simple – carry a small water bottle around with you 24/7 and use the Water Tracker Daily App to you remind you to drink the required amount.

And another small tip – I've found it's much easier for me to drink with a straw, you should try it 😉

5 bad beauty habits you have to break - drink more water! | 5 הרגלים רעין בשגרת הטיפוח שאת חייבת לשבור

2. You go to sleep with makeup on –

There are some evenings the very thought of cleaning your face can be exhausting.

It happens to all of us – You get back home after a long and tiring day and the only thing you can think about is getting into bed and falling in a deep sleep.

Believe me, I understand you; but if you were aware of the horrible things that happen on the skin of your face when you don’t remove your makeup, you would never skip this step in your life.

So what’s really hiding on your facial skin?

During the day all kinds of dirt and bacteria stick to your face, especially if you have makeup on, making your face the perfect substrate for growing bacteria.

If you think about it, when your face isn’t clean before going to bed, your pillow absorbs a fair amount of this bacteria – so your face is sleeping on a bed of bacteria night after night.

Beyond that, when you sleep with a clean face, your body discharges good oils that are beneficial to the skin, but if you continue to sleep with makeup, this natural process won’t happen, and the dirt will penetrate deeper into your pores and remain there for a while. Got it?

So how do you break this habit?

Add into your daily routine 3 minutes of high-quality facial cleansing – I like to use Garnier’s micellar water or BOBBI BROWN’S oil facial cleanser, it’s the fastest and easiest way.

On nights you really can’t stand on your feet, use makeup removal wipes before bedtime – keep them by your bed, for example, on your bedside table {that way you’ll never have an excuse 😉 }.

Very soon you'll notice a huge change in your facial skin – much less pimples and a more uniform and even complexion.

5 bad beauty habits you have to break - remove makeup before bed! | 5 הרגלים רעין בשגרת הטיפוח שאת חייבת לשבור

3. You always touch your face –

You may not even notice it, but you A L W A Y S touch your face.

Whether you're trying to pop a pimple {yuck!}, just resting your head on your hand, or even pressing your cell to your ear, the bacteria that you transfer to your face can lead to a massive pimple breakout.

So how do you break this habit?

It’s true that it isn’t easy, but once it’ll be in your awareness, you’ll manage to eventually stop this horrible habit.

Other than that – be sure to keep your hands clean at all times {antibacterial gel is your new BFF} and start using an earpiece for your cell phone – this will help you avoid pressing it to your cheek all day.

5 bad beauty habits you have to break - stop touching your face! | 5 הרגלים רעין בשגרת הטיפוח שאת חייבת לשבור

4. You don’t use a moisturizer before applying makeup –

Concealer and foundation can hide pimples and redness – but if there’s something that stands out even more after applying makeup, it’s dry and flaky skin.

An unaesthetic appearance of tiny dry flakes under your makeup can ruin even the most perfect makeup.

Moisturizer cream helps maintain skin's natural moisture and provides nutrients and protection against environmental damage {and from the sun if it contains some kind of SPF}, so it is necessary before applying makeup.

So how do you break this habit?

Even if your skin isn’t very dry, applying a high quality face cream on your face and neck is an essential step before you even start thinking about applying makeup.

Think about it – it will take you less than half a minute and it’ll give your skin a radiant and much healthier look.

There’s no need to use a large amount of cream because your facial skin can only absorb a small amount each time – apply small dots of cream on your forehead, nose, cheeks and neck and rub it in gently. If your skin is too shiny, you probably put too much cream.

If you prefer lighter coverage, you should use BB CREAM, which combines the moisture and coverage needed in one product.

5 bad beauty habits you have to break - use moisturizer | 5 הרגלים רעין בשגרת הטיפוח שאת חייבת לשבור

5. You take showers with boiling hot water –

Who here has never had a long shower with boiling hot water that leaves the bathroom filled with steam?

I know that on cold winter days one of the most fun things to do is take a shower with very hot water to warm up your body, but many of you don’t know that this kind of shower damages your skin and hair.

Water that’s too hot removes a layer of the skin’s natural oil and leaves the skin unprotected, dry and sometimes even itchy.

So how do you break this habit?

It’s time to change this routine and switch to warm water to avoid the removal of the protective oily layer.

If you can’t completely give up bathing in very hot water, start the shower with hot water and slowly switch it to lukewarm water. It’s best to end the shower with cold water to help close the pores and prevent dirt from entering the skin after showering.

There’s a reason the Finns take steaming hot baths and then go for a short dip in the freezing lake ;).



Which habit is the most difficult for you to get rid of? Tell me in the comments below!

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2 Responses

  1. The over use of antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers is creating a big problem in the medical world, use of these items is making the resistant germs even more resistant, as in super bugs that we can’t cure or knock out. Normal soap is fine, no need for antibacterial.

    Also drinking with a straw will give you wrinkles around the mouth.

    1. That’s so true! I used to use all the antibacterial soaps out there in order to get rid of acne and it only made it worse.. now I’m using cleansing oil and it made wonders with my skin!
      Regarding the straw – I know, but some people just can’t drink a lot of water without it and it’s better to drink with a straw than not to drink at all..


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