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Dry Shampoo – Everything You Need To Know About This Magical Product That Will Make Your Hair Perfect

One of the main things that can drastically change the way you look is your hair.

The saying “bad hair day” became so common in our culture for a reason – we can go from an amazing look to a “how the heck did I leave my house like this?!” look depending majorly on our hair.

When you think about it, our hair is actually the true crown of our head, and as such we should treat it accordingly.

Everyone has a completely different hair routine and can be anywhere between a quick shampoo and conditioner wash and till a long designing process that includes blow dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons and a variety of other available products.

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t wash my hair more than three times a week {as in one day yes, one day no} it starts looking pretty bad.

My bangs are the first to show signs of fatigue, when they start to get greasy, dull and not flattering at all.

It’s true that there’s always the possibility to wash your hair every time it starts to look a bit bad, but washing your hair daily is known to be unhealthy for your hair and scalp, so I really try to avoid it.

Besides that, I don’t always have the time or strength to go through the whole process of washing, drying and styling my hair.

This is exactly where a product came into my life and completely changed my hair care routine – Batiste’s dry shampoo!

batiste dry shampoo rewiew - tips & tricks | ביקורת מוצר על שמפו יבש בטיסט וטיפים לשימוש נכון

I came across this product about five year ago in an Israeli drugstore, when they brought it to Israel with a very narrow distribution and it disappeared from the shelves after a short time for an unknown reason.

You have no idea how bummed out I was when I couldn’t find it anywhere, and when I tried ordering it online, I found out that they don’t ship spray bottles to Israel.

You’re probably thinking – “What’s her deal? It’s just a hair product”, but believe me that as soon as you try it, your life will change drastically and you won’t be able to part from it.

Dry shampoo is a lifesaver – especially on flights and long trips, and just because of that when I went to the Werchter festival last year I had to get it {four days that combine sleeping in tents and crowded music performances are a dangerous combination that lead to terrible hair) and the only thing I found that time abroad was a competitor’s dry shampoo that really didn’t do the job.

Anyway, I was longing for Batiste!

Fortunately Super-Pharm {an Israeli drugstore} has finally decided to sell it again in Israel and there’s no one happier than me about this 🙂

Not only did they bring it back to the shelves – the selection is also much larger {6 different type} and the price is excellent {launch price – 25.90 shekels}.

batiste dry shampoo rewiew - tips & tricks | ביקורת מוצר על שמפו יבש בטיסט וטיפים לשימוש נכון batiste dry shampoo rewiew - tips & tricks | ביקורת מוצר על שמפו יבש בטיסט וטיפים לשימוש נכון

So how does dry shampoo work?

Batiste’s dry shampoo is a spray with a powdery texture which aims to absorb any residual oils and dirt that accumulate on your hair and scalp. After a few sprays, the hair feels just like it does after washing it – clean, light and with a great scent {the exotic scent is a must if you miss the Caribbean and the scent of coconut and pineapple 😉 }.

batiste dry shampoo rewiew - tips & tricks | ביקורת מוצר על שמפו יבש בטיסט וטיפים לשימוש נכון

As someone who’s addicted to this product for a while already, I want to share some useful tips with you that will help give you the perfect dry shampoo experience –

{Just don’t blame me after when you won’t be able to live without it 😉 }

1.  It can be used all over your hair – since the dry shampoo is great for absorbing oils on the scalp, people tend to use it only on the roots, but this product can work wonders for the rest of your hair, too! If you want to add texture and volume to your hair don’t hesitate to spray some of the shampoo from the roots to the end of your hair.

2. Keep some distance – a common mistake is to spray dry shampoo too close to the hair, creating a white powdery appearance on your hair that you really don’t want to get {it can also happen if you don’t shake the bottle before using it}.

The best way is to use dry shampoo is to spray it on your hair from about 20 cm away in order to achieve an even distribution of the spray on your hair.

3. Pick up your hair – spraying dry shampoo only on the outer layer of your hair {just from above} won’t do the job. It’s very important to pick up different parts of your hair and spray it on the inside parts, so that the product can really absorb all the oils and dirt not only from the outside layer.

4. Give it time to settle before combing – for the best results, spray the shampoo on the hair and give the product at least a minute to absorb the oils before you start to brush it evenly into the hair.

5. Use it before you go to sleep – Yes, you read it right, this shampoo is great for preventing the oily look even before it shows! So if you are afraid to wake up with oily hair, you can use the shampoo as a preventive product – just spray the dry shampoo on your hair before you go to bed and let it absorb the oils during the night.

6. Don’t exaggerate – as much as dry shampoo is a great product, it really shouldn’t substitute actually washing your hair with water and shampoo, but just to refresh your hair between the washes. If you use it too much chances are your scalp will start to dry out and itch – and dandruff really isn’t sexy.

batiste dry shampoo rewiew - tips & tricks | ביקורת מוצר על שמפו יבש בטיסט וטיפים לשימוש נכון

If you're new to the amazing world of dry shampoo – Welcome 😉 Share your first experience with me!

And if you already managed to fall in love with it and you have more tips about how to use it – write them in the comments below 🙂

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