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The Best Travel Apps To Pack In Your Phone {They Are Totally Free!}

Booking a flight, choosing a hotel, packing a suitcase and planning your trip – there’s no doubt that arranging a successful trip isn’t an easy task!

How lucky we are that we live in an era with all of the information we need in the palm of our hand, right?

There are thousands of traveling apps in the market these days – so how will you know which apps are worth the space on your cell phone, and which really aren’t?

Continue reading… 😉

Even if you don’t have a trip planned in the near future, there are a few traveling apps you should always have ready on your cell.

Out of dozens of apps I’ve tried over the years, I chose my favorites that I always use – before or during my trip.





1. Hopper {iPhone / Android}

Not only does this genius app find the cheapest dates to fly, it also predicts fluctuations in tickets prices every day and sends notifications when it’s best to order your tickets.

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2. Hidden Flights {iPhone / Android}

This app find flights with the most ridiculous prices ever – whether it’s for a last minute flight or one planned way in advance.

We ordered our next flight from Israel to Amsterdam for just $98 on this app!!!

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3. Skyscanner {iPhone / Android}

Another app that lets you compare between flights to different destinations and sends you notifications when the price changes.

The app also gives you the option to search for the cheapest destination according to dates you can travel when you type “everywhere” in the destination field.

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Sleeping Arrangements


1. HotelsCombined {iPhone / Android}

The app of HotelsCombined’s website, which won the prestigious award as the ‘leading search engine for hotels’ 3 years in a row in the World Travel Award contest, provides information from many websites and apps for hotel bookings (including Hotels.com, Agoda, Booking.com and more) and displays it all in one place.

One of my favorite features this app has {and that doesn’t exist on the website} is the option to compare prices and see which hotels in the area have available rooms and what their prices are, which is extremely useful on long trips when you don’t want to book all of your hotels in advance.

The app also provides special deals available only on cells.

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2. Airbnb {iPhone / Android}

Would you rather spend your vacation staying in a cool apartment? The best choice for you is Airbnb’s app {booking an apartment using this link will give you $34 off!} – signing up for this app is super quick and before you know it you’ll be able to set the area you’re interested in and your budget.

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1. Google Trips {iPhone / Android}

I got to know this genius app recently!

It’s another great Google app which automatically syncs with your Gmail account and combines all of the important information for your trip: flights and hotels you ordered, useful information about your destination like attractions, restaurants, shopping, emergency numbers and more.

You can also plan a personalized trip or get travel recommendations for the time you’ll have at your destination.

Before your trip you should download the planned trip to your cell phone so all of the information will be available even if you don’t have an internet connection 😉

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2. PackPoint  {iPhone / Android}

This app will save you a huge headache and will help you decide exactly what you should pack for your next trip.

PackPoint creates a personalized packing list based on the user’s gender, destination, the destination’s weather forecast and activities you plan on doing there. You can add things to the list the app creates to make it perfect for your trip.

Don’t forget take a quick peek at this post before you finish packing.

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3. TripAdvisor {iPhone / Android}

You probably know TripAdvisor already and you probably used it one way or another while planning a trip. But if you still don’t have their excellent app, now’s the time!

This app offers detailed guides to cities around the world {over 300!} including recommended attractions, museums, restaurants and other things that can upgrade your trip, and download them directly to your cell so you can use the information even if your cell is set on off-line mode.

In order to download the guide, all you need to do is press “Download cities” on the app’s main page and choose your traveling destination.

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Google Maps {iPhone / Android}

I already told you about this great website here, and if you already used it while you book your hotel/flight – you probably know how simple and helpful it is when you’re trying to find your way around a foreign city.

The website’s popular app works exactly the same way, which makes it especially useful when you arrive at your destination. All you have to do is set your destination {street, attraction, restaurant, etc.} and it will tell you the best and fastest way to get there.

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Google Translate {iPhone / Android}

Remember when travel guides included small dictionaries with words and phrases to help you communicate with locals?

So those books were replaces a long time ago with apps that give us endless information without the extra weight and the small dictionary was replaced by apps which help us feel a bit more local when it comes to the language.

The best in my opinion is Google Translate – not only can you insert words and sentences and get a decent translation to almost every language, there are many other cool features like using the cell’s microphone to translate things locals say in real time or using the camera to translate street signs and menus written in the language used locally.

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Avast Wi-Fi Finder {iPhone / Android}

I love getting a local sim, including a limited internet package, at every destination I arrive at. In most cases it’s not a big expense, but like everyone, I like using apps like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram which can use up the internet package quickly.

The best solution is to use the local sim’s data only when you don’t have a choice, and the rest of the time, use free networks. This is exactly where using this great app comes in, and will help you find free Wi-Fi spots easily and quickly, closest to your location.

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Toilet Finder {iPhone / Android}

If you got to know me – you know that I drink a lot.

And you know what that means… I always have to pee.

If you can relate, you’re going to love this app! Toilet Finder will help you find the closest public restroom and will provide you with useful details – if it’s free, suitable for disabled and how it was rated by users.

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Expense Management


Trail Wallet {iPhone only}

Know how when you travel you set a budget {more or less} and at the end you not only exceed your budget, but you don’t have a clue what you wasted all of your money on?

Meet this brilliant app that will help you manage and keep track of your expenses. This app gives you the option to set a daily budget, enter your expenses according to different categories {food, shopping, attractions, etc.} and according to the local currency or in your currency.

The whole process is quick and easy so there’s no reason not to insert your expenses right away and get an idea of your expenses at the end of the day on a detailed and easy to understand graph or pie chart.

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Which traveling apps do you like using? Tell me about it in the comments!
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The Best Free Travel Apps You Need To Pack in Your Phone When Starting to Plan A Trip | Travel Tips & Hacks | - Click through to read more at hedonistit.com

The Best Free Travel Apps You Need To Pack in Your Phone When Starting to Plan A Trip | Travel Tips & Hacks | - Click through to read more at hedonistit.com

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