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DIY – Old School Inspiration Board

Almost everyone is familiar with the Pinterest website and app.

It’s an amazing website that brings together links from across the web, inspiring us in every field we could imagine, creating our own “boards” about whatever one pleases, allowing us to pin images and links we like; and it’s all done virtually of course.

When you think about it, Pinterest is one huge digital inspiration board.

Let me simplify this term – inspiration board – to those who aren’t familiar with it yet.

An inspiration board is exactly what it sounds like – a collection or a collage of things that inspire you, whether it’s postcards, newspaper clippings, photographs, inspirational quotes, beautiful fabrics and anything else that’s visually esthetic.

diy inspiration board wall לוח השראה

Call me ancient, but as much as I love Pinterest {“pinning” millions of links a day}, I still think there’s some kind of magic that exists only in the old-school inspiration board.

How many times do you see something you love in a magazine or even a cool napkin that caught your attention and you want to keep them, but honestly, you don’t really have anything to do with them?

An old school inspiration board is the ideal place to put these things together!

diy inspiration board wall לוח השראה

What else do I love about these old school inspiration boards? They add a personal touch to an office or a bedroom and you could make them look gorgeous without spending too much money.

That’s exactly why I decided to create an easy and fun DIY inspiration board anyone could make.

diy inspiration board wall


  • Bulletin board (any size you want)
  • Thumbtacks
  • Masking tape / stickers in different shapes
  • White + gold spray
  • Scissors
  • Pictures + postcards + letters + drawings + newspaper clippings etc…


  • Take the masking tape and create an abstract geometric shape you like – you can make stripes, a checkered pattern, or even use stickers in different shapes to create any print you could think of.
  • It’s very important to make sure that the tape or sticker is fully pasted to prevent the color from leaking while spraying.
  • Spray 2 thin layers of color {I chose the white spray} – wait for it to fully dry between the two layers.
  • When the board is completely dry, carefully and gently remove the tape/stickers to reveal the stunning print you created!
  • Pin all the stuff you love!

I used regular plastic thumbtacks that came with the bulletin board, and I wanted them to match the look I was trying to create for my inspiration board, so I decided to spray them gold If you also choose to do this, I recommend you spray them over a plastic bag with the thumbtacks stuck in Styrofoam or a similar material to keep them from moving while spraying them. You should also spray 2 layers of color on the thumbtacks, waiting for the color to fully dry between coats.

diy inspiration board wall לוח השראה
The inspiration board after pasting the tape and before spraying
diy inspiration board wall לוח השראה
Ta-da! The final inspiration board! ♡

diy inspiration board wall לוח השראהdiy inspiration board wall לוח השראהdiy inspiration board wall לוח השראה

If you already have your own inspiration board – send me pictures! It’s always fun to see what inspires other people 😉

Still don’t have one? Go ahead and make one – don’t forget to send me a picture of it after!

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