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Facial Cleansing Oil – the product that will give you all the reasons to get rid of your facial soap ASAP

From an early age, we were taught that in order to maintain smooth and healthy skin, we need to drink plenty of water and keep our skin clean.

As someone who suffered many years from problematic facial that’s skin prone to acne, I always tried to follow all of the instructions I got from dermatologists and read in magazines and on the Internet:

Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day

Avoid touching my face

Stay away from fatty and spicy foods

And, of course, wash my face at least twice a day, with facial soap.

This article that will break the last myth will radically change your beauty routine.

First of all – get rid of your facial soap. Yes, even if you use expensive facial soap.


From the first second I hit adolescence {and it was only around the age 15, a total late bloomer…}, you could say that I've tried almost every facial soap that can be found on the shelves – liquid, mousse, solid, natural. Along with all of these soaps, I smeared all kinds of creams on myself designed to dry out the skin, some natural and some which contained antibiotics, and I even took a very wide variety of pills.

I did everything possible to get my smooth and glowing skin back.

Finally, I gave up and decided to take Roaccutane pills. Twice.

In the second round my skin already looked much better, but I still didn’t feel like it was 100%.

Then came the product that completely changed the look of my skin, and I broke the myth that I followed religiously for years – I stopped washing my face with facial soap.


Yes, it all started from this travel kit by Bobbi Brown, which contained a smaller version of the company’s facial cleansing oil.

I was very skeptical and terrified of the idea of applying oil on facial skin which already always seemed way too oily, but the reviews online praised this cleansing oil and I decided to give it a try. After several uses of the facial cleansing oil, not only did my skin feel much better, it also looked great!


I decided to look further into the issue – after all, until now the explanation was always to dry the wounds caused by the skin’s oiliness, so how can facial cleansing oil improve skin prone to acne?

Cleansing oils thoroughly remove makeup, dirt and bacteria that accumulate on the skin during the day while providing essential moisture to the skin.

Unlike soaps which are split into a million categories, it turns out that oil skin cleansers are suitable for cleaning dry skin and oily skin.

The fit with dry facial skin isn’t surprising at all – people with dry facial skin get exactly the same oil that the skin needs, unlike ordinary soaps which tend to dry the skin.

But what about oily skin? That they always taught us to dry? Oily skin that’s prone to acne becomes a lot less irritated after using facial cleansing oil because unlike regular facial soaps which dry out the skin and cause it to produce more and more fat {leads to an endless cycle of more pimples!}, it actually slows down the production of fat in the body because the body doesn’t feel like it’s under attack – it gets all of the essential oils from the product itself!

So simple – so logical!


Since oil is much more liquidy than regular liquid soap, and has a tendency to run out quickly if you just spray it on your hands and massage your face, I found the perfect solution for a more economical use that’s also better for the skin – a silicone brush.

I press the oil’s bottle cap once or twice {I currently use this one} into a soft silicone brush and clean my face with it. This not only saves an unnecessary waste of oil running between the fingers, but the small silicon fibers on the brush thoroughly clean the face, resulting in facial skin that’s smooth, soft and radiant.

How do you protect your facial skin? Have you already tried facial cleansing oil?
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This magical beauty product helped me get healthy and smooth skin after years of dealing with acne! I advise you to get rid of your facial soap as well in order to get clear and glowing skin. Read more @ hedonistit.com

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