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Lipstick Review For Valentine’s Day

In honor of the holiday of hearts and kisses – Valentine’s Day – which is celebrated worldwide next week, I decided it’s time to finally combine in one post all of the lipsticks that landed on my desk recently and check which ones are worth the space in your makeup bag and which aren’t, depending on your needs.

As someone who doesn’t apply too much makeup daily, you’ll probably never catch me leaving the house without a good lipstick on my lips. Lipsticks have the amazing ability to upgrade your look in seconds without hurting your skin, and add some color to your life, or like Audrey Hepburn once said “On a bad day, there’s always lipstick”   🙂

When you choose a new lipstick, besides the shade that is always top priority, it’s important that the lipstick should be durable, easy to use and that it won’t dry up your lips.

Well, these are the exact parameters I checked in this post about 9 new lipsticks that were recently released in stores! If you’re in the mood to freshen up your makeup bag, keep reading.

סקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דיי סקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דיי


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MAC – Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour: In The Shade Chocotease

Last year MAC came out with a series of liquid matte lipsticks which were controversial – some praised the lipsticks and some were disappointed with the product considering the price. I myself didn’t try out the first series, but I saw that some of the reviews said they weren’t durable and that they crumble on the lips in a very unflattering way, which reminded me of my attempt with the same company’s liquid lipstick Pro Longwear Lipcolour, which really weren’t great in my opinion.

Towards Spring 2017, they added 12 new and beautiful shades to the series, so I decided it’s about about time to check them out. I chose the shade Chocotease – a warm, deep and very pigmented chocolate brown. The formula has a mousse texture, slightly sticky, which completely dries into a perfect and dry matte finish. The special structure of the applicator, which is made in the shape of a leaf with a small “pocket” on each side, helps to apply the exact amount of the product needed to fully cover your lips while almost perfectly lining your lips without a liner. Considering the negative reviews regarding the first line of the collection, I was very surprised about the durability of these lipsticks. Not only does this shade look amazing on the lips from the first second {although it was darker than it appeared to be on the package when it completely dried}, the lipstick lasted many hours and only came off after eating a very oily meal. In addition, unlike MAC’s other matte lipsticks – this lipstick hardly dried my lips. The only drawback of this lipstick is the way it comes off the lips, leaving an unflattering “liner” while the inner lip is completely colorless.

Great shades {also comes in black and blue!}, easy to apply and relatively durable – worth buying, but keep it in your bag to reapply after meals.
סקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דיי

MAC – LIPTENSITY: In The Shade Dionysus

MAC’s new line of lipsticks which just recently came out, in collaboration with tetrachromat Maureen Seaberg, who has a special gene which allows her to distinguish over 100 times more shades than most humans. Thanks to this collaboration, MAC released 24 new shades of pigmented lipsticks which stay the same color in every kind of lighting.

The lipsticks come in special shades in the nude, brown, pink and red scales, and there are even a few special ones like blue, gray and black.

The packaging of the lipsticks in this line is different than the company’s classic lipsticks – the cover matches the shade of the lipstick in the package, and the lipstick itself is in the shape of a bullet cut in an angular shape.

I chose the shade Dionysus – a deep plum shade, which is lighter on the lips than what it looks like on the tube. The formula is based on gel, spreads gently on the lips {just like liquid lipstick!} and gives a pigmented color with a satin texture, a little shiny {but not glittery}, in one stroke. However, I didn’t like the shape of the lipstick, since its angular shape without a pointed tip makes it difficult to line the lips perfectly and requires using a lip-liner or a lip brush for perfect application. On the other hand, it’s a very moist lipstick which doesn’t dry out the lips, not matte, and is super-duper durable! And honestly, I never came across shiny lipsticks that are this durable. Another point that should be noted as an advantage is the fact that it fades in a nice way and doesn’t leave that ugly “liner” look at the end of the day.

A lipstick that will suit those who love the shiny look but are sick and tired of lipsticks that aren’t resistant, but only for those with the patience to take extra time to apply it perfectly.

סקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דיי

Soft Touch – Stay + The Glamour Collection

Soft Touch is an Israeli beauty brand which I’ve never tried before, and honestly, I’m not even sure why, but I didn’t have high expectations. They recently launched a limited edition of 4 new shades in their lipstick line Stay +, which according to the company are supposed to be super durable with a shiny finish. They sent me the four new shades to review: plum purple, hot red, pinkish-nude and an orange shade, and I was honestly pleasantly surprised.

The lipstick comes in a long and thin case which is exposed after twisting it up, and allows an easy and precise application thanks to the soft formula that wraps the lips with rich pigments. It’s another series of shiny lipsticks {as opposed to matte ones}, which are very durable but from my experience, this series lasts less time than MAC’s LIPTENSITY. The lipsticks by Soft Touch also fade in a nice way.

A great option for shiny + durable lipstick lovers, who are willing to compromise a little on durability for a lower price.

סקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דיי

Flormar – Oversize Lipstick Pencil: In The Shade 006

I have a special affection for lipsticks that come in the form of jumbo pencils, if the formula is good and can be easily applied on the lips. This is exactly what the Flormar pencil is like, that comes in a pigmented, creamy texture, which allows color build-up. Since it’s a pencil, it makes it easier to line the lips, and thanks to the creamy texture it’s easy to cover the whole lip area fast and easily.

This line of pencils comes in 6 shades, so I got shade number 006 to review which is the perfect cherry shade! In terms of durability, it’s durable but not like the classic matte lipsticks, and it fades in a nice way leaving a shade that you get after eating a cherry popsicle  😉 It doesn’t moisturize the lips, but it doesn’t dry them out like most matte lipsticks do.

It’s easy to use and is particularly good if you’re in a rush.

סקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דיי

Rimmel London – The Only 1: In The Shade Under My Spell

Rimmel London’s new series of lipsticks is also suitable for girls who prefer their lips on the shiny side. Their lipsticks have a great formula, they are moisturizing and have an extremely strong pigment, unlike many other moisturizing lipsticks.

I tried shade number 800 – a deep purple shade with presence that’s hard to miss. While the formula is great and keeps the lips moist and soft, the structure of the lipstick itself makes it a bit difficult to apply precisely, which is something that’s very important with shades in these pigments, and I had to use a lipstick brush for maximum accuracy. In terms of durability, you can say that this lipstick is relatively durable and lasts a few hours, but its moist texture marked all of the glasses I drank from during the first hours. Like most other lipsticks that I already mentioned, this lipstick also fades in a nice way.

It’s good for whoever is looking for a pigmented lipstick, full of shine that keeps the lips moist, as long as you have time to spend on accurately applying the lipstick with a good brush or liner.

סקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דיי

OFRA – Summer Metallics Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick: In The Shade MONACO

OFRA’s liquid lipsticks are among my favorites. I wrote about them in the past, and I already got to try a few of their collections from this great line. This time I got the shade Monaco to review from their metallic summer collection, which really interested me. Honestly, as much as I like this recent metallic trend, I was a bit more hesitant applying it on my lips. Turns out that I was right when I hesitated to buy it, because I really don’t think it’s flattering on me  🙂

The shade that I got is a purple-pink with a cool shine, which I actually thought would be good for the winter. It’s almost the same formula as the other lipsticks in this line, maybe a bit less durable than matte lipsticks, but is very pigmented and totally does the job!

It’s recommended for daring girls who love the metallic look and aren’t willing to compromise on comfort and durability!

סקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דיי

Flormar – SUPERMATTE: In The Shade Pink Velvet

The matte lipstick by Flormar promises a matte and full look for the lips thanks to the velvety texture. Honestly, I didn’t buy it at first. The lipstick’s formula is nice, creamy and very, very pigmented, but it took quite a long time for the lipstick to absorb and turn matte as promised. However, after around half an hour {!} the lipstick turned matte and I discovered that it provides a relatively high level of durability, especially considering its low price. I got the shade Pink Velvet to review, a coral-pink, which felt a bit too neon-y at first but when it slowly became matte it became much more flattering. Thanks to its creamy texture, it’s relatively easy to apply this lipstick & line your lips with it.

Not my first choice, but very good if your budget is relatively low.

סקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דיי

Maybelline – Vivid Matte: In The Shade Rebel Red

Maybelline’s Vivid Matte lipstick series promises a matte finish, with a strong and rich pigment. I’ll start with the fact that they don’t really keep their promises, because despite the promise the series is named after – this lipstick is in fact not matte at all. At first I thought it’s just a matter of time, like the last Flormar lipstick, but turns out that this lipstick has a beautiful satin finish, and that’s all. So it’s true, it doesn’t keep the promise to give a matte finish, but that really doesn’t mean it’s not worth buying.

I got the shade Rebel Red, and if we’re talking about Valentine’s Day – it’s perfect for this holiday! A special and beautiful red which makes your lips extra desirable  😉 This lipstick’s formula is also great, with an easy and light mousse texture which is easy to apply evenly on the lips with the help of a flexible and good applicator. This lipstick doesn’t dry, which is both good and bad – it doesn’t dry up the lips, but it leaves a trail of kisses if you know what I mean…. In terms of durability – it stays durable for a few hours and fades in a nice way, but it’s not as durable as other good matte lipsticks {hmm… because it just isn’t matte  🙂 }.

Recommended! Not only because of the good price, but especially because of its beautiful shade and the nice feeling it leaves on the lips.

סקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דייסקירת שפתונים לכבוד הוולנטיינ׳ז דיי

Which lipstick did you like the most?
How do you plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day – if you’re going to celebrate at all?
Tell me about it in the comments below!



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18 Responses

  1. Great roundup, lady! Love that you did a trial and surfaced up some awesome recommendations! You are too cute!

    I’m such a big believer of this too — On a bad day, there’s always lipstick 🙂

    1. Yeah i love the chocolaty shades as well! They’re so stylish and retro!
      The MAC ones are great! just note the disadvantages as well 🙂

  2. I just recently started wearing lipsticks and I can’t believe I waited so long! I have a very fair complexion and I had always felt self-conscious wearing bold shades, but now I feel like the bolder the better! Thanks for sharing, my favorite for spring is the Flormar SUPERMATTE in Pink Velvet 🙂

    Gennifer Rose | http://www.GenniferRose.com

    1. That’s the fun thing with lipsticks – you can play with them and try different shades ntil you find the ones that are perfect for your complexion 🙂

  3. To be honest, I’ve never tried any pencil lipstick! Thanks for the review I’ll probably choose something new to try:)

  4. Great reviews Tamar,

    I’ve tired a few Rimmel lipsticks in the past and I’ve got to say I’ve been really impressed! I love the Under My Spell shade – and I always try to make time to apply with a brush and liner – so I think it will work for me!

    Thanks again for these reviews,

    Laura | https://makeupscholar.com


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