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Sheet Mask – The Perfect Mask For The Lazy Girl

Sheet masks became the hottest trend in recent years in the beauty field. Where did they come from, how did they manage to attract a huge crowd of devoted users, who are they suitable for and who really shouldn’t use them?

If skin care is important to you but you don’t have time for long care routines that include using a large number of products – this post is exactly for you.

Just like many beauty and cosmetics products that took over the industry over the last few years, the origin of the sheet masks is also from Asia – or more specifically from South Korea.

The big advertising boost that created the pursuit of this kind of mask was created by celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Adele, Alexa Chung and many others, who posted pictures on Instagram and other social networks, while wearing the latest hit from the Korean beauty industry. But is this a marketing gimmick or is there a real benefit behind these famous masks?

sheet mask 101

My first experience with the sheet masks was during our last trip to Thailand. The truth is, you can find them now in almost any drugstore, in some clothing chains {like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21}, and of course online, but when I got to Thailand I just couldn’t ignore them! There’s no doubt that they’re still more popular in Asia than in Israel, and the huge variety of different companies and types made me want to try them all!

It was love at first mask.

The cool and soft mask soothed my skin after the tiring flights and from being in the sun, my skin started glowing and was extremely soft – and not less important, the whole pleasure takes around 15 minutes. Add to that the fact that the mask doesn’t get you dirty, doesn’t require washing your face or hands after use, leaves a pleasant scent on your skin right and you'll get the perfect mask for a lazy girl who likes to keep her skin radiant, without too much effort. Honestly – it’s just a bigger version of the soothing patches for the eye area that I already talked about here.

Another reason these masks became a huge hit is that unlike other masks and creams, you really don’t need to worry if you put too much or too little of the product on your face. The mask itself comes soaked in all the things that will make your skin soft and radiant – all you need to do is put it on your face for the time it says on the package {usually 10-20 minutes} and relax.

sheet mask 101

Should you use ‘em or skip ‘em – depending on your skin type :

There are several types of sheet masks for different needs, for example, moisture and nourishment masks, brightening masks, soothing masks, anti-aging masks and many others, but the truth is that their biggest benefit is that they just give a crazy “boost” of moisture to your facial skin.

The fact that these are disposable masks that aren’t messy and are super nourishing make them perfect for flights that usually dry out the skin and make it look tired, but they are also great to use during cold winter days when your skin is prone to dryness or after prolonged exposure to the sun.

On the other hand, it’s important to know that the sheet masks aren’t suitable for all skin types. If your skin is prone to acne, you should skip these because they tend to generate heat and can make inflammations and breakouts worse.

How does it work?

It can’t get easier – place the mask on your face, lay back and relax for the time it says to on the package. The magic with these masks is that from the second you remove the mask you can already see the results – your skin will be smooth, healthy and glowing. I love using these masks at least once a week, although as far as I know, there’s no limitation and you can use them daily as well.

sheet mask 101

Tips for using these masks :

1. Work on clean skin – the most important thing is to apply the mask on clean skin, in order for the skin to absorb the active ingredients in the mask in the best way possible. Before using the mask, make sure to remove your makeup, wash your face {best to do it this way} and avoid applying moisturizer or sunscreen on your skin before using the mask.

2. Use every drop – the masks come in individual packages which helps retain the moisture and are soaked in the active ingredients. After placing the mask on your face, make sure you don’t miss any leftovers from the bag and massage your neck and hands with them. Do the same with what’s left on your face after removing the mask – massage them into your skin in circular motions from your neck upwards.

3. Stick to the times – Before using check exactly how much time you should leave the mask on your face and don’t get tempted to leave it on longer than necessary. Contrary to what you may think, not only will it not help your skin – it will do the exact opposite. Since the mask is made out of cloth, if you leave it on too long it will dry up on your face and will eventually absorb the moisture from your face.

4. Get the maximum out of it – the masks are soaked! so in the middle of the use, while it’s working, enjoy the cooling effect for more time by flipping it over.

Click here to purchase sheet mask online : Amazon.com Amazon.co.uk.

What do you think about these facial masks? Have you already tried them yourself?

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Everything you need to know about sheet masks : Sheet masks became the hottest trend in recent years in the beauty field. Where did they come from, how did they manage to attract a huge crowd of devoted users, who are they suitable for and who really shouldn’t use them?

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