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Nail Sticker – FUNailZ Review

Let’s start with the fact that I have two left hands.

I’ve always had shaky hands… nothing critical – just a slight trembling that doesn’t really interfere with anything in life.

But when it comes to applying nail polish {or eyeliner – but thankfully I already know how to manage that} this tiny problem turns into the most annoying thing in the world!

No matter how much effort I’ll put into it, there’s no way that the whole skin around my nails will stay clean.

Let’s say that if I really, really try, I could stay a bit more “within the lines”… but mostly, I just brush the polish on freely, wait for it to dry and then go into the shower and remove the leftovers around the nails by scratching it {embarrassing, but that’s the situation} – as long as it ends up looking good!

When I first saw these stickers somewhere overseas I got so excited – partly because they had one with a print of small pineapples, and partly because there’s no way I could paint even the smallest design on my nails with my shaky hands!

funailz nailart מדבקות לציפורניים פאניילז funailz nailart מדבקות לציפורניים פאניילז

A few days ago I found a sweet little package in my mailbox and in it were 2 sets of nail stickers from the Israeli company FUNailZ, and I felt like I had a mission – to review this product for those who haven’t try it yet.

In the company's site you’ll find dozens of cool and different designs that will match every outfit possible, from casual everyday designs to festive ones. The coolest part is that they are all designed by Israeli designers

So how does it work?

In each set you’ll find 18 stickers in different sizes and a small nail-kit that which includes a wooden stick and a small nail file and easy instructions you could also find here.

funailz nailart מדבקות לציפורניים פאניילז

funailz nailart מדבקות לציפורניים פאניילז

What do I think about this product?

I discovered one thing in common with all the stickers I’ve tried so far – patience is necessary.

If you have patience then you’ll absolutely love this product…. Why? First of all, because it upgrades every look in the coolest way possible, and secondly, because it’s very cheap compared to the other option – getting a Mani-Pedi to get perfectly polished nails with a cool design.

The only problem I have with these stickers is that they aren’t very flexible and that’s exactly why you need to have patience, because you have to try applying it a few times until you reach the perfect result that’s smooth and clean – anyone who’s addicted will testify that it will happen eventually.

So as someone who is quite lazy and with almost no patience, I only use these stickers for special occasions when I really want to shine instead of the casual look.

What I love about FUNailZ is the huge variety of patterns available and the fact that it’s supposed to last around ten days, so it’s definitely worth the investment.

funailz nailart מדבקות לציפורניים פאניילזfunailz nailart מדבקות לציפורניים פאניילז

What do you think about nails stickers?

Have you already tried using them? If yes – did you like it?

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