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POOL DAYS – A Recipe For A Perfect Day At The Pool



The summer hasn’t really even begun yet, and the temperatures in Eilat have already crossed the 40-degree mark.

Yes, I am quite serious. {If you follow my Insta-Stories you may have seen how the heat caused my candle at home to melt completely and lose its shape!}

I have been living here for almost four years and every time I am surprised by the excessive heat that comes to the city long before the summer officially begins.

But the truth is that in recent years this crazy weather is no longer typical only to Eilat … Global warming is felt even in places where, in the past, summertime did not require air conditioners at all.

So yes, it is extremely hot. A furnace, if you will.

The perfect solution? As every summer, defeat the heat by bathing in cool waters.

And, if you ask me, a visit to the pool will almost always beat a day at the beach.

No grains of sand getting all over the place {or in the worst case – stones},

no risk of being stung by jellyfish or stepping on a crown of thorns,

and no salt water blinding me as I dive.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy going to the beach {mostly for the view and vibe}, just not as often as I enjoy going to the pool. 🙂

In this post you can get a glimpse of how I spend a perfect day at the pool

If you’re planning on spending the hot summer days by the pool {or inside it 😉 } – this post is meant for you!


POOL DAYS - the perfect pool essentials




Before going to the pool :

MOISTURIZING FACIAL CREAM  One product I will not give up is a good quality face cream. This goes for all seasons, but in the summer I make sure to use a light cream that absorbs easily, with SPF 15 for protection. I apply a cream with SPF every morning, on a daily basis, but when I know I will be spending lota of time in the sun, especially if I will be taking a dip, I make sure to reapply at least once. I recently started using this cream from SABON, and I’ve loved it from the very first use. This product is not only aesthetically pleasing, it is also made from natural ingredients such as Jojoba oil and algae that soothe the skin and prevent redness and sensitivity. Its texture seems a bit thick at first glance, but it is actually light, absorbs quickly and its scent is gentle and refreshing.

SUNSCREEN  is another must-have protection against the blazing sun {yes, even if you plan on lying in the shade the entire time.} Personally, I really don’t like to apply thick, oily sunscreen on my body and so I will always prefer a product that comes in a spray bottle over a regular one. Anyhow, I will never use body lotion on my face, the mere thought of it causes my skin to break out.

MAKE UP  as little as possible. I usually only like to use mascara and lipstick; nothing that would clog my pores.

DEODORANT  no need to explain, right? 🙂


POOL DAYS - the perfect pool essentials

To freshen up :

HYDRATING SPRAY  To refresh the skin and restore its natural moisture throughout the day, especially during sun exposure, I like to use a face mist. For the past two weeks I’ve been trying out this mist and like its gentle scent and freshness. It contains botanical extracts, red oroblanco grapefruit and various plants that purify and revitalize the skin. One spray and I’m as good as new. By the way, it is wonderful to use as pick me up during the day, not only when going to the pool or the beach.

OIL ABSORBING SHEETS  are without a doubt one of the best products humanity has seen 🙂 I, personally, cannot get through the summer without them. They come in a tiny package, easily absorb all excess oils from the skin and eliminate unwanted shine.


POOL DAYS - the perfect pool essentials


After sun exposure :

BODY SORBET  Yes, I am not confused, there is such a thing as body sorbet. Actually, I was surprised myself. So, when I got this product from SABON, I had to figure out what it was all about. Sorbet is actually a fancy name for a light body cream with a gel consistency, with a cooling effect and a light texture that matches the summer months. The first time I used it, I thought it was a bit sticky, but it quickly absorbed into the skin and left it soft and well-scented. . The cream is enriched with aloe vera extract and avocado oil, making it the perfect cream to apply after being under the sun. And, if you’d like to really be pampered, you can keep it cool inside your fridge.


POOL DAYS - the perfect pool essentials




SWIMSUIT  I must say, this year, I outdid myself. Summer hasb;t even started and I already got myself 4 new swimsuits , and the hand is still on the trigger (or, in my case, the mouse).  I’ve got two summer vacation planned and so I like to thin it is a good investment. Especially when most of my bathing suits were inexpensive. I bought this swimsuit at ZAFUL after a few successful swimwear purchases I made there last summer.

WHITE BOYFRIEND SHIRT  I have a special love for this kind of men’s basic shirts, they are light and perfectly highlight a nice tan.

SLIPPERS  I bought these slippers right at the beginning of the season in H&M, and I really like their classic look.

A HAT  preferably a wide-rimmed one, to best protect the head, face and nape of your neck, while adding to your look.  

SUNGLASSES  at the pool, in contrast to being at the beach, there is less of a chance that your sunglasses will get scratched or ruined , and so it is ok to splurge on a good pair.

BAG  I have a new summer bag into which I don’t forget to put the essentials – wallet, iPhone, magazines and a book to read, earphones and hair clips.

SUMMER TOWEL   This pastel striped towel is also part of SABON's new summer collection. It absorbs and drys quickly, and includes a small pocket that turns into a backpack with laces into which the towel can be folded.

COOL POOL INFLATABLE   the ideal accessory for relaxing by the pool, tanning, and Instagrammin' 🙂

SPEAKER  perfect for a private pool, at a hotel, or at home with friends. Far less perfect  to use at a public pool or country club. Use wisely…


POOL DAYS - the perfect pool essentials




WATER BOTTLE  You can say I am a bit obsessed with water. I drink around 3 litres of water a day, and that is because I always have a full water bottle near me at my desk. I noticed that if I leave the house without a water bottle I can go a whole day with drinking less than half a liter, which is of course not very good for the skin or the body. I like to spice up my water bottle with some sweet fresh fruit to create healthy, naturally flavored water 🙂 Right now my favorite combination is peach and mint! A perfect poolside refreshment

COOLER BAG  a small, sweet cooler bag , perfect for keeping your fruit fresh until your next poolside snack. ‘Cause there is nothing worse than hot, tired fruit.

COCKTAIL  one of my greatest summer pleasures is to sit by the pool with a good cocktail in hand. It doesn’t have to be something too complicated, an Aperol Spritz will do the job


POOL DAYS - the perfect pool essentials




Good music in your ears is a must for a fun day by the pool! Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, and Jack Johnson are my favorites, but here is an especially good playlist which I recently found on youtube 🙂

How do you like to spend your hot summer days? What are your pool essentials? Share your favorites below.

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This post is in collaboration with SABON. All opinions mentioned in the post belong to me.

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