About the Product

If you’re interested in real collaborations with brands, you need a great Media Kit in your toolbox!

Attract brands and companies to work with you by having a unique media kit that is not only stylish but also includes all the important details about your blog.

As a blogger, you probably spend time answering inquiries like How much exposure does your blog get per month? Or What kind of services does the blog provide? This professional media kit will not only help you provide answers to those repetitive questions simply and aesthetically, but it is also a great way to establish successful relationships with potential clients.

This Media Kit will help a customer who knows nothing about your brand get to know your blog, understand which audience it is targeting, get a taste of the best blog posts, and get information on the costs of the services you offer.

Make your blog unique and professional with this hassle-free Media Kit template.


Upon purchasing the product, you will receive a PPTX file containing 17 designed pages that can be easily exported in one simple click and sent out to potential clients.

The media kit can be edited to fit your needs and style, you can change the background colors, edit the texts, and add your beautiful images.

What’s in the Kit

  1. A designed media kit in PPTX format. It can be edited using Microsoft PowerPoint.
  2. The media kit is composed of 17 pages, including pages designed for the blogger, the blog’s description, the target audience, statistics,  press, services, prices, and more.
  3. A file containing the media kit’s fonts – free download!
  4. A user’s guide – in PDF format.
Instructions & clarifications

Please be sure to read the information carefully, especially if this is your first time purchasing a digital product.

  • The images are not included in the template.
  • Due to the digital character of the product, there will be no refunds after the purchase is made.
  • Unauthorized distribution of the product is prohibited and will result in legal action.
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Hotel Rothschild 22

Creating a content strategy, producing and creating visual content that aligns with the hotel branding and values.

Creating an Instagram account made up of a mix of ambient images produced under an integral color palette, built specifically for the brand and photographed at the famous Rothschild Avenue with models combined with inspirational quotes.

Hotel Herods Dead Sea

Creating a content strategy, producing and creating visual content that aligns with the branding and hotel values.

The account is built from a color palette that combines the hotel atmosphere, landscape and Drone photos of the unique Dead Sea along with model photos, highlighting the unique Dead Sea spa and mud experiences.

yummy yummy

Creating a content strategy, producing and creating visual content that aligns with brand values.

Creating a trendy Instagram account that combines the variety of desserts sold at the store with unique pop-up accessories. 

As part of the project, a concept was built that showcases the special, original and trendy desserts of the chain. “Instagram desserts” that are not only excellent but also corrupt and delicious.


Creating a content strategy, producing and creating visual content in the purpose of branding the company as a young and prestigious brand.

Creating an Instagram account in a natural, harmonious and clean atmosphere that emphasizes the design of the jewelry in an elegant and chic way. we choose the brand a color which creates an effortless look, but yet prestigious and full of style – a look the is timeless with an international aroma.