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Welcome to the New Hedonistit Website!

After months of thinking, planning, designing, phone calls and emails, I am so happy to finally share with you this major project to which I have dedicated so much time in 2019 – the new and improved Hedonistit website!

Everything has got a fresh look, and finally feels as if it reflects me and my brand in the most precise and authentic way. The truth is that I’ve been wanting to refresh my brand for a while now. I’ve changed so much in the past two years, evolving as a blogger and a human being, and the website and initial branding were sort of left behind. 

When I first started my blog in 2015, I built my website with my own two hands. I had no idea what it would take, and couldn’t afford to pay anyone who did, I was just starting out and had a tiny budget set aside for my “hobby”. But I knew this is what I wanted to do, and my aim was to turn this hobby into my day job (what seemed very strange and unrealistic to those around me) and so I was willing to work days and nights alike to make sure my blog would take form. 

Thanks to helpful tools and resources online I was able to independently start my blog, create my own little corner online, and turn it into the thriving business it is today. But with time I reached a point where I felt that my independent business, the one I built on my own with lots of love, deserves a website that would properly  represent it. After all, I found a way to turn my hobby into my day job, and now it's time to invest in my baby and nurture it. {If you’ve been following this blog long enough you should know by now that I strongly believe that there is no progress without perseverance}.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this mature new “baby” with you! This big project spanned a whole nine months of labor {a different kind of pregnancy…} and long months of dreaming and planning, and after a long process, I am so pleased with the final result. When I first started thinking about refreshing the brand and website, I asked myself the following question: “How would you like women to feel when they leave the website?…” To which my answer was: Inspired and motivated. To me, it is most important that this blog, which started out as my own little corner on the net, will not only be a place that my community feels right at home in and excited to enter, but also a place they leave with tons of motivation and practical tools.

So what’s new around here?

This crazy project didn’t revolve solely around rebranding Hedonistit, but also included rebuilding from scratch a one of a kind website that includes all of the ingredients that my brand consists of, the content and service I offer, and the aesthetic language associated with my brand in the past few years. 

Color palette – My aesthetic, personal style, and visual style have changed and evolved incredibly in recent years. The entire visual language of Hedonistit has become a lot more pastel pink, and is apparent as well in my personal style, photos, newsletter, and social networks – even in my most used emojis {😊💗🌸🦄🥰} . Up until now this color palette was not reflected in the most important place – on my blog! I could have spontaneously changed the colors on my site, but I don’t like to do things “on one foot”.  It was important to me to dedicate time to think about the rebranding process and do it properly. {Even if that meant lots of self control on my side, and Daniel having to hear my complaints along the way}.

Logo – My previous logo, the one that served my blog for the past two and a half years, just didn’t feel right anymore. It’s not that I don’t think it’s sufficiently beautiful or professional, it just no longer reflected what Hedonistit has become. The blog’s name and famous pineapple have received a new look with a flow that feels a lot more appropriate 😍

AboutOne of my favorite pages on the new website is the about page, where you can read all about Hedonistit, my story, things you may not know about me, and also recommended posts!

Quiz – Whether via emails, Instagram, or my personal counseling sessions, I constantly meet young entrepreneurs who feel confused about what they should be doing, and are seeking guidance on how to turn their passion into something more than just a hobby. Believe me, I know how confusing it is to take the right steps in a world that has endless information and distractions. This is exactly why I created this short, yet important, quiz to help you discover what your next step is in making your personal hobby become your full-time job.

BlogThe blog’s page underwent a serious face lift to create a more comfortable and enjoyable user experience. There you will find recommendations on the hottest blog posts, categories for each of the posts, and in general a more pleasing overall design.

The ShopThe new store is something that I dreamed of doing for a long time and finally came to be! 😊 One of the important things I have realized over the past two years is that I love the fact that the content I share is inspiring, but it is just as important for me to create things that can reach far beyond inspiration – real tools you can actually employ to make the inspiration come true. This is exactly the thought behind the digital products I created for my online store! The purpose of these new products is to organise your work to be more efficient and less stressful. Of course, this is only the beginning, and I plan to expand the store with new products that will meet your needs.

Shop My StyleI am constantly getting inquiries about my outfits and accessories, the things I buy to style my home and beauty products I use – so I decided to create a page dedicated to these things! This page will be updated on a regular basis with the best items from around the web.

Online Courses You’re probably aware of the deep love and connection I have with digital courses …. It started from my early days as a beginner blogger, where I immersed myself in courses that eventually shaped my brand and personal development, and evolved over time into the {free and premium} courses I created for the community. All of the pages for my courses also underwent a major facelift to make them much more enjoyable to read.

Professional Service- Were you aware of the fact that in the past few years I have been offering various consulting services for content for businesses? One of the things I was most upset about was that there was no properly designated space in my previous website for these services, and so many business owners didn’t even know I offer this type of service! Which is funny, because any time I would post a glimpse of this sort of activity on Instagram or in one of my newsletters, I’d get so many inquiries about it. As you can see, on the new Hedonistit site, these services have received a place of honor, with separate pages dedicated to each type of service – one for strategy and content, the other for business  guidance and consultation.

Although this was not an easy journey at all {and included sleepless nights and moments of panic, nerves, and crying}, I couldn’t be any happier about  the decision to take this step! One of my goals in life is to constantly look ahead and evolve – which is exactly what this new site represents 💗

Finally, I’d like to thank Daniel, my husband and best friend {my Instagram husband too, of course!} for his endless support, his brave attempts to cope with my not-so-pleasant moods {to say the least}, all of his hard work by my side, and for the fun we have on this crazy journey called a blog. 

I would also like to thank the STG team for working with me on building up the new site, and their success, after many months of work, in making my pink dreams a reality. 

Last but not least, I would like to thank YOU, this unbelievable community of amazing, brave women that we have created here over the past few years! I am so grateful that you’re here. Whether you’re new around here, or you’ve been with me since day one, I am so thankful that you choose to be a significant part of Hedonistit each day. I hope you love the new website and you are of course more than welcome to take a look around and enjoy the  experience 😘

Lots of love, 


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