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What to Pack for a Winter Vacation

My packing list for a vacation or short trip is one thing I constantly am asked to share with you here on my blog. The truth is, it’s pretty crazy that I haven’t done so yet… After all, the travel category is one of the most significant categories of my blog!

I have shared certain packing tips here and there on my Instagram stories, but I’ve never put together an organized packing list – one you could “copy-paste” before every trip. So now, as I prepare for my trip to Northern Italy {Milan and the Dolomites}, I am finally sharing my official winter vacation packing list with you!

Let’s get to it 🤗

4 Things Staples to Survive the Cold of a Winter Vacation

1. Hand warmers the number 1 accessory for chilly destinations! You won’t find me without at least one hand warmer heating bag per day in my bag {yep – I mean the kind sold in travel stores}. Every morning before Daniel and I step out to see the city, I grab one of these bad boys and stick it in my coat pocket, and it keeps me warm all day long… 

2. A long coat combined with knee-high boots – “The ultimate sealing technique” for a cold winter holiday 🥶🙃 But seriously, I used to bundle up in so many layers to keep warm on the cold streets, only to suffer from being too hot every time I step indoors to a mall, shop, cafe, etc. But as they say – you learn from your mistakes, and I learned that there is no need to overdo it with layers, a warm long coat and knee-high boots will do the job, even if all you’re wearing underneath is a light sweater and a pair of jeans.

3. Thermal socks – If you’re like me and your feet freeze in low temperatures, I really really really recommend buying good thermal socks! Once your feet are warm, your whole body is warm, and it’s totally worth it!

4. Magic tights – You may have gotten the chills when you noticed me wearing short dresses or skirts and thin transparent tights in my pictures from trips to several cold destinations… so the thing is – those tights are not at all thin and they’re definitely not transparent! 🤫 They’re actually fleece leggings that look like tights, so not only can you wear them with dresses in the freezing cold, they’re a lot warmer than regular pants! I bought three pairs about four years ago, and use them all until today. The brand’s link is no longer active but here’s a link to something similar.

מה לארוז לחופשה חורפית

My Winter Packing List



🌟  HedonisTip – I always prepare full outfits {clothing + accessories + jewelry} and photograph the different items I pack so that I don’t end up overpacking things or forget about things I have no use for during my trip. Note – you can and should reuse the same item for certain outfits {it saves room, and there’s really no reason not to “recycle” a basic item like jeans, undershirt, and classic scarf that goes with anything 😇}.


🌟 HedonisTip – In case of a leak, remember to pack liquid products, such as shampoo, in a separate, sealed bag.


I hope my winter packing list will save you time and effort, and help you feel ready to reach your final destination!

Did I forget anything? Leave me a comment below!

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