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2 Year Blog Anniversary + A Giveaway You Won’t Want To Miss {CLOSED!}

Although it’s a bit late, it’s finally happening – a birthday post celebrating my “baby”, the Hedonistit blog, is here!



The blog, which I started in July 2015 as a last resort for self-accomplishment in Eilat {you can read the full story here}, is celebrating two years. Every day I get excited and amazed by the fact that I’ve been able to create this brand from scratch, by myself, a job I’ve never even dreamed would be possible. Definitely not during a time when I was “stuck” in Eilat, away from most of the opportunities I had expected to catch in order to fulfill myself in my adult life. Like Daniel always tells me – “You've managed to make lemonade out of carobs” 😉 And the truth is that as time goes by and the Hedonistit brand continues to develop – I believe it more and more.

It wasn’t always simple and I certainly invested in this “baby” more hours than a normal job would take, but “blogging” isn’t your ordinary 9-5 job. When you take the blogging job seriously, dreams can be fulfilled. It may sound a bit like a cliché, but over the course of these two years I’ve discovered how much this profession – a “blogger” – which is too often perceived incorrectly as amateurish or not serious, enriched my life in so many aspects {and continues to do so}.

Thanks to this blog I’m learning new skills and enriching and deepening my knowledge in various fields. I get great opportunities, I’m exposed to interesting products and I travel to amazing places. And hey, thanks to the blog I even got to know a lot of wonderful people!


From an early stage, my dream was that the blog would allow me to work freely and creatively. I wanted to create a small corner on the Internet that’s all mine, without anyone dictating from above different goals and values ​​that don’t match my own. So, although the goal from the beginning was to create a blog that would also be a source of income, I never promoted things I didn’t believe in, even if it involved a financial loss. As a veteran blog reader, I strongly believe that a good blog is one that doesn’t “sell” its readers to advertisers, but gives readers real, quality information about products or services that can be relevant to them. Based on this belief, I managed to build a successful brand that’s all mine. The kind I believe in, its values ​​and its contribution to my community.

For me, this post isn’t just the blog’s birthday celebration, but also a great opportunity to wholeheartedly thank my readers. Those who share my love of good food {and like me, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle 😉 }, those who love to travel with me through the blog and Instagram around the world and read the travel guides that I wait to write for you when I return home, those addicted to lifestyle, and also those making their first steps into the “blogging” world.

Thank you for taking the time to read the blog, follow it on social networks, comment and even send touching private messages – without you all this wouldn’t have happened ♡


The reason this post took me some time is because it was important to me to find the best way to show my huge appreciation and gratitude to you, whether you accompanied me on the journey over the last two years or if you were just recently exposed to the blog. I decided to do a raffle with the perfect kit worth 250$ with products I chose carefully, in this season’s trendiest color – the Millennial Pink!

{Not familiar with it? No way – it's everywhere! Anyway, it's a color you can’t help falling in love with 🙂 }



So what’s in this amazing kit?

A gorgeous agenda from the ban.do new agenda collection – I love their agendas so much! Not only are they extraordinarily beautiful {the binding, the stickers and the monthly graphics}, they’re also very comfortable to use! They include everything – an annual calendar, a list of special events, notes pages, monthly and daily calendars.

Skinnydip Rose Gold Kitty Headphones – High quality and catlike headphones, what’s there not to like? 🙂

MAC Strobe Cream – A moisturizing cream with gentle pink highlights that stimulates the skin’s appearance {Pinklite}.

MAC Powder Blush – My favorite blush in the past year in a pinkish-coral color with a matte finish {Fleur Power}.

MAC Satin Lipstick – Pink lipstick in the perfect shade with a creamy texture and satin finish {Twig}.

New Balance Pink Backpack – Totally old school.

Sunglasses – glasses with attitude with a gold frame and pink lenses.

SPRING PRIVATE COLLECTION Fragrance distributor – I know, there's nothing pink about it, but I just couldn’t skip this diffuser with this addictive scent! {You may have already encountered it in this post 🙂 }



How to participate in a giveaway?


In order to participate in the giveaway, all you need to do is sign up for the website’s newsletter and leave a comment on this post {Anyone already subscribed to the newsletter is already in! Of course, there’s no need to register again, just write in the comments that you want to participate in the raffle 🙂 }

Yes, it's that simple 🙂

If you're still not following on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest – you're more than welcome to correct this mistake now 😉 It’s just another way to catch up on what's happening on the blog, and in general, but it's not a condition to participate in the giveaway.

This will continue until September 5, 2017, and the winner will be announced on September 6th in the Insta-stories, on the Facebook page and of course in the newsletter – so there’s no way you’ll miss it 🙂 The winner will be randomly selected from the participants in the giveaway.

Good luck to everyone!


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67 Responses

  1. היי!
    אני עוקבת אחרייך כבר שנה לפחות, ואני מעריצה אותך כ”כ! אני כ”כ מעריכה את מה שבנית סביבך בישראל, זה לא מובן מאליו בכלל.
    וגם החבר שלי אילתי, אז זה משהו שיש לנו במשותף חח
    קיצר, כמובן שאשמח להשתתף בהגרלה, אבל רוב הכיף זה לברך אותך מזל טוב ליומולדת שנתיים ולהתרגש לראות מה עתיד לבוא

  2. תמר היקרה. מזל טוב! את השראה לכך כך הרבה דברים ואנשים. עלי והצליחי. על הדרך אשמח לזכות בפרס ???

  3. הרגע נרשמתי לניוזלטר, עוקבת אחריך באינסטוש כבר לא מעט זמן וכל כך רוצה להכניס עוד קצת ורוד לחיי ??

  4. מרגש לקרוא. אני בתחילתו של תהליך דומה בתחום דומה, אז הפוסט הזה נוגע ללבי מאוד.
    עוקבת כבר זמן רב, המון הצלחה בהמשך

  5. Hello from New Zealand! I really enjoy reading your blog. I found it on Pinterest while I was looking up things to see in Phuket. Then found your Instagram?, I really enjoy your little space of the cyber world. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hello, greetings from Bavaria 🙂
    I love reading your blog and follow you on Instagram. Keep on with your great little corner in the Internet. Happy Anniversary! ???

  7. I’m just at the beginning of my blog so congrats to two years!!! I know its hard work so thank you for doing this and this amazing competition! ????

  8. מאוהבת בבלוג ועוקבת אדוקה אחר עמוד האינסטגרם ?
    אשמח להשתתף בהגרלה ?

  9. במקרה נתקלתי באינסטגרם ו…התאהבתי!
    הכל נראה מושלם? אשמח להשתתף גם

  10. מזל טוב הדוניסטית על ???את
    משתבחת עם השנים ( את והבלוג) נהנית לעקוב אחריך, הבלוג מעורר השראה והוא ממתק לעיניים ( זה מהלב לא רק בגלל ה
    Giveaway ?)

  11. קודם כל המווון מזל טוב! איזה כיף שהצלחת ליצור לך את הפינה הזו שלך שמביאה כל כך הרבה ממך.. נרשמתי כמובן וארוץ תכף להמשיך את הסטוקריות בשאר רשתות חברתיות… שיהיה לך המון בהצלחה בהמשך הדרך! ואשמח להשתתף בהגרלה המושלמת הזו!

  12. היי שלום 🙂
    את כותבת מהמם ! מחכה רק לעוד ועוד כתבות
    אשמח גם על הדרך להשתתף בהגרלה ❤
    תודה רבה

  13. Happy Anniversary! I just signed up for your newsletter and would love to join the competition. Scrolling through the comments, it’s so nice to see so many nationalities! Your blog is beautiful, keep up the good work & many travels. <3

  14. היי חייבת לציין שזו פעם ראשונה לי באתר ואני ממש נפעמת ממה שהקמת פה! את יצרת מאפס אתר משגשג עם המון המון כתבות איכותיות ובערך מפעל חיים קטן!

    האמת שראיתי את הקישור להגרלה דרך פרסומת קופצת בפייסבוק… אבל תהיי בטוחה שהעכשיו זכית בעוד נרשמת ?

  15. Happy Blogiversary!! Love your beautiful posts, keep them coming! Dreaming of winning these goodies ? ? ?

  16. היי, אשמח מאוד להשתתף! עוקבת כבר הרבה זמן באינסטגרם ומאוד נהנית (:

  17. לא מוצאת את התגובה שהשארתי פה בימים הראשונים של ההגרלה, ולא מוכנה לפספס סיכוי לזכות בערכה המטורפת שלך… חוצמזה שאת אש, אז כותבת תגובה שוב ❤️?


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