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Trend Alert : Black and White Home Décor

The combination of black and white is eternal, but like other classics {hey there, stripes}, this nonchalant combination has become especially trendy this season, and not only in fashion, but also – and especially – in home décor.

Trends in home décor change quickly and unlike fashion, furniture is much more expensive to replace. In fact, Daniel and I have already learned that when it comes to the niche of home décor, it’s always better to go for timeless colors and materials when buying new furniture, or even when you decide to paint one of the walls in a more unusual color {as in, any color that isn’t white}.

So, when the time came to refresh the look of some corners of our little home we decided to adopt the current trend starring in all the stores this season. Home décor in black and white, as trendy as it is today, will always remain relevant and this is a good enough reason to adopt it to our hearts.

Black and white home decor ideas DIY projects

We decided that it’s worth refreshing the design with a black and white collection of accessories, and creating a lovely corner Ah-la-Pinterest, which all of the contents can serve us in the future as well when we’ll decide to renew our home décor again {I’ll have to admit, it happens quite often… 😉 }.

By the way, this hot trend of black and white is a direct continuation of the popularity gained by the Nordic design in recent years, characterized by modern-minimalism and uses monochromatics of black, white and gray.

Want to see how we quickly and easily upgraded our living room and dining area {and on the way, to get ideas of how to adapt this perfect trend into your home}? Keep reading… 🙂

When we decided to refresh our living room and dining room in our house we knew that we didn’t want to make big changes in the furniture, but instead, to add interest through a combination of new and fresh accessories. The dominant colors in this area of the house were gray and white {the dominant colors reflected in both the walls and the “heavier” furniture – the sofa, the coffee table, the TV table and the dining table}, combined with touches of baby blue and yellow {which was extremely trendy a few years ago, and I became so over it}.


Combine black and white using accessories, without creating a dramatic and over-contrasting look. We aimed for a minimalist, sophisticated and clean Scandinavian style, which conveys a warm and relaxed atmosphere while at the same time gives a prestigious vibe.


1.    We balanced the contrast : In order to soften the contrast between these two extreme colors, we used a color that was already very dominant in the space – gray! A combination of shades of gray, which are different variations of mixing black and white, create the perfect harmony and balance.

2.    We added touches of color : We combined golden and silvery metallic touches in the different design elements {like in the complementary graphics and accessories}.

3.    We brought nature inside : a minimalist design in black and white becomes much more interesting when combined with big green leafy plants. Since gardening isn’t really my strong point {I've written about it already here}, we found a much more realistic solution for our house, and just as good – “a bouquet of leaves”! Yes, that's exactly what you think it is. A variety of green leaves in a transparent vase 🙂  These beautiful leaves, which are usually used as fillers in bouquets of flowers, can be bought at any florist and the great advantage is that they are much more durable than most flowers {by us they last around a week looking fresh, depending on the type}, and are usually cheaper than them.


And finally, these are the black and white items that made the cut and became permanent residents in our house 😉 –

→ Fragrance and fragrant candles by Spring Private Collection One of the things I like using most to refresh the house are candles! Not only do they create a romantic and pleasant atmosphere at home, the finest of them also fill the space with a hypnotic scent. The candles by Spring Private Collection do just this, and fit wonderfully into a very magical corner of our living room.

The boutique collection of the Israeli fragrance brand SPRING is made entirely of candles and diffusers in a very classic design in black and white shades, making them the perfect accessory for achieving the hot trend. We nonchalantly placed the elegant diffusers with the silver cap {which you screw back on the bottle after opening the product, leaving the satin bow on} near the candles and on the shelves of the frames we hung around the dining area.

Black and white home decor ideas DIY projects

The boutique collection is divided into two groups – the black, characterized by spice and wood aromas, and the white, which is characterized by fresh floral fragrance. The candles in the boutique series are made of 100% natural coconut wax and all the wonderful aromas, both of the candles and of the diffusers, are produced from high-quality natural ingredients, and contain a high concentration of perfume, so the financial investment is definitely worthwhile in this case.

My favorite aromas are the Champagne on Ice, from the white collection, with a lemon-orange fragrance combined with sweet fruit, and the AMBER & SPICE from the black collection, which reminded me of a luxurious spa {like the one we indulged in at the Amatara Resort in Thailand} combined with a hypnotic “spicy” spice mixture. 

Since I think everyone needs to add fragrance to their house with at least one of these fragrances, I managed to get my awesome readers a 20% discount for only 2 weeks{!} when shopping on the company’s website!

When shopping, simply enter the hedonistit20 coupon code and click on “Activate Coupon”. You’ll thank me later 😉

→ Vintage SINGER Dresser – The SINGER's old sewing machine, which has been converted into an ornament dresser, has been painted and upgraded more than once in the past. In its current incarnation, it was sprayed in white, and it’s definitely the most flattering color it had since I bought it more than ten years ago. The upgrade cost only 12 dollars {the price of 5 spray bottles} and made an amazing change at our home, so I always recommend first checking what can be changed and renovated at home before making unnecessary purchases of new items. On top of the dresser, I placed the Spring Private Collection's beautiful candles and diffusers on a pile of black and white newspapers and books, beside which I placed my favorite matchbox I had purchased during my last visit to Amsterdam.

Above the dresser, two white RIBBA frames were hung vertically, and I bought the pictures for them here and here.

→ Black and White Wall Gallery – Daniel and I have been planning to create a wall gallery made up of many different sized frames and it finally happened! The accessories for the gallery were almost entirely purchased from IKEA, which provides the simplest solution to the beloved Nordic design. We purchased two big MOSSLANDA shelves, the black KNOPPANG frame set, a large black GUNNABO frame, a medium white RIBBA frame and a gold frame from the NEXT website that I stole from my mother during one of my visits 🙂 To add a little more interest into the gallery wall, we also incorporated the diffusers I talked about in the previous point.

Black and white home decor ideas DIY projects

I didn’t purchase the photographs for these frames – I downloaded them completely for free and legally from sites that allow free use of very high-resolution images {pictures that stay sharp even when printed at a very large size}. When we decided that we were going for black and white prints, it was clear to me that I would find stunning images on this wonderful site. I printed the photos I downloaded for free from the Internet in a photo shop (yes, where we used to develop pictures) and it was very cheap, so the whole thing came out much less expensive than we thought 🙂

What do you think of this classic yet trendy style? Have you already added it into your home décor?

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In collaboration with SPRING.

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