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6 Uses For The Wonder Balm You Absolutely Must Have In Your Closet – Tiger Balm

Still don’t know about the wonder balm – Tiger Balm, and the magic it can do to your body?

The contents of your medicine cabinet are going to shrink significantly this coming winter…

Although winter is a bit delayed this year and extreme weather changes are considered quite normal, we almost all had colds already and many other symptoms caused by all the changes in the weather – like stiff muscles.

I try to stay away from pills as much as possible, and use natural remedies when my body shows me the first signs of illness – like ginger, lemon and honey tea to relieve a sore throat or a cold, drinking a lot of water and getting plenty of sleep.

Another medication that’s completely natural and that helps me avoid taking unnecessary pills is the Tiger Balm.

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Tiger Balm the MAGIC Balm - 6 different uses || 6 שימושים למשחת הפלא טייגר באלםTiger Balm the MAGIC Balm - 6 different uses || 6 שימושים למשחת הפלא טייגר באלם

Tiger Balm is made up of a unique blend of essential oils and other active ingredients like clove oil and menthol.

This product comes in two version – Tiger Balm White and Tiger Balm Red. The red one is more intense, contains additional oils and is intended to help with stronger pains. Since it’s stronger it may cause irritations, so it’s best to start with the white one and if it doesn’t cause any irritation, switch to the red formula for a more intense treatment.

It’s simply magic in a box!

Tiger Balm the MAGIC Balm - 6 different uses || 6 שימושים למשחת הפלא טייגר באלם

The origin of the Tiger Balm is from an ancient remedy based on a secret recipe that was developed in Burma in 1970 especially for Chinese emperors.
The Tiger Balm formula was developed by the Chinese herbalist Aw-Chu-Kin. His desire to treat patients in the best way led him to create this effective formula that accelerates blood circulation and is used to treat pain.

If it’s good enough for the emperors – then it must be good enough for you, too 😉

Tiger Balm the MAGIC Balm - 6 different uses || 6 שימושים למשחת הפלא טייגר באלם

>> 6 uses for Tiger Balm <<


1. Muscle and joint pains –

Tiger Balm contains Methanol which can ease pains and minor inflammations. Many athletes use this cream to ease pain caused by sprains and back pain. In case of this kind of pain, apply the cream on painful areas in a circular motion until the cream is fully absorbed. After using the balm, wash your hands with soap and avoid any contact with your eyes {it really burns!!}.

2. Headaches –

Tiger Balm is great for relieving headaches, especially tension related ones. You can apply a little bit of the balm in your temples and forehead, or simple inhale the scent of the balm.

3. Colds –

You can relieve cold symptoms, like a sore throat or a stuffy nose, by applying the Tiger Balm on your throat and chest. In addition, it’s recommended to apply a small amount of the balm under your nostrils if you have a stuffy nose {it may burn a little, but it totally does the trick }.

4. Allergies –

Just like the Tiger Balm helps in case you have a cold, it also helps opening nasal passages and helps relieve congestion caused by allergies.

5. Stomach pains –

you can apply the balm on your stomach to help with a sensitive stomach, especially in case of constipation.

6. Bites – 

Tiger Balm is great for keeping mosquitos away and for relieving itchiness from existing bites. In order to avoid mosquito bites to begin with, you can apply a little bit of the balm on your body or leave the container open next to your bed. If you still got all bitten up, apply a little on the bite for instant relief.

There are just so many uses for this balm – that’s why you should always keep Tiger Balm in your bag!

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10 Responses

  1. I love Tiger Balm! I have used it for years for Fibromyalgia. But never thought of other uses! Thanks for this post!

    1. I had no idea that Tiger Balm is good for Fibromyalgia! A friend of mine is suffering from pains caused by this illness as well, so I know how bad it could get.
      I’ll let her know!! 🙂

      You’re welcome dear!

  2. I use this on burns and on My feet, I unfortunately have dropping arches and using this helps soothing any of My foot aches and I use it on burns on My hands when I caught a wrack in My oven with My hand I put the balm on and the pain was just gone I swear it help the burns to heal faster too. I love this little gem and will always keep it stocked up.

    1. Really?! on burns?!
      I had no idea that it could help in this case… since the balm is quite strong and makes the area a little bit sensitive when applying it I thought that it would make it worse, but I’ll have to try it myself!

    1. It’s a really strong balm, so if your skin is sensitive I wouldn’t recommend it. otherwise, you can definitely try it out if you’re suffering from strong neck pain.

  3. My family has been using tiger balm for three generations now. I love the smell to be honest and on nights where I can’t sleep, just putting a dab on my temples and back of the neck forces my eyes to close and helps me relax and get back to sleep. I would suggest to use the white one as it does not stain clothes and sheets. The red ones leaves marks on fabrics that cannot be removed. I also have been looking to try the soft tiger balm (lavender) but cannot find a retailer in Canada. Has anyone had any luck?


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