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BEAUTY ON THE ROAD : Beauty Products Haul from James Richardson Duty Free

If you’ve been following me for enough time you must notice how often I fly. And no, I don’t only mean flying abroad – since I’ve been living in Eilat for the past four years I have spent more time on planes than the average person… Let’s just say that if once I would get excited about going to the airport or getting on a flight, today it has become a part of my routine – for better and for worse 🙂

But the truth is, recently I haven't had the chance to get to Ben Gurion airport and go abroad… For my winter vacations I took flights from the Ovda airport, which is 30 minutes drive from Eilat, and at other times when I did land at Ben Gurion, my flight arrived into Terminal 1, so the pre-flight shopping experience at Duty-Free has remained exciting, and to me, marks the opening of a vacation {and the shopping that usually goes with it 🙂 }.

Our first summer vacation this year was to Greece, and although our flight was very early in the morning, Daniel and I did not give up our regular tour through Duty Free. I bought a new ring from H. Stern, we went through all of the James Richardson Duty Free departments, and of course we didn’t give up our pre flight snack {you know how it is, the Duty Free is like a twilight zone – once inside, there is no difference between day and night}. Anyway, it is no secret that all of the best beauty brands and products can be found at Duty Free for the most excellent prices {yes, even though I live in Eilat, Where there's no VAT, I still look forward to those Duty Free finds!}, so I decided to write a short post about three excellent beauty products that accompanied me throughout my last vacation in Greece {and will continue to accompany me well after …}.



Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori


I fell in love with the first perfume from the Gucci Bloom Series as soon as it was launched. Well, at first it was only because of the delicate, clean bottle and its pink pastel coloring, but as soon as I smelled it for the first time I fell for its charm. My favorite scent is that of the jasmine flower, and this perfume was exactly the fragrance I had been looking for. Soon after it hit the shelves in Israel, Daniel’s parents flew abroad and Daniel surprised me by asking his mother to buy me the perfume at from Duty Free {Where it was well priced. Yes, better than in Eilat}. Ever Since I am madly in love with it and feel I have found my ultimate scent 🙂

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori | Elizabeth Arden / Skin Illuminating Brightening Night Capsules | Giorgio Armani / Ecstasy Lacquer Liquid Lipstick | Beauty products review


So imagine how excited I was to see that a new perfume was introduced in the Gucci Bloom series just before my summer vacation. The new Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori, retains its predecessor’s DNA – but includes additions that make it perfect for the summer season. While the first perfume in the series is very sweet, the ‘Aqua di Fiori’ is much lighter, fresh and summery. The Jasmine aroma was added green hues of galbanum and cassis flowers that constitute the higher notes of the perfume {ie those that stand out right after it is sprayed}. Additional notes that can be sensed in the perfume is gentle musk and sandalwood {oak tree oil}, and Alder and Tuberose flowers. Their combination creates a particularly invigorating, green and floral fragrance.

The ‘Acqua di Fiori’ bottle is very similar to the original bottle. The only difference between the two is the addition of deep green flowers printed on the new label.

I personally really love it, and I am totally going to make good use of it this summer {keeping the original scent for the fall 🙂 }.


Price at JR Duty Free:  100ml EDT – 100$ 



Elizabeth Arden / Skin Illuminating Brightening Night Capsules


In this case, I’ve got to start with the bottom line. This is the first product by Elizabeth Arden I have ever tried – and I suddenly realize what all the fuss is about! Ever since I started using these new night ceramides I wait impatiently for my evening shower after which I nourish my skin with this crazy serum!!

Ok, now that I’ve let that out, let me explain what it’s all about and why I am so excited about a small {yet genius} capsule.


Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori | Elizabeth Arden / Skin Illuminating Brightening Night Capsules | Giorgio Armani / Ecstasy Lacquer Liquid Lipstick | Beauty products review


Arden’s night capsules are a new product from the brand’s line of capsules. While traditional day capsules promise to instantly renew skin texture and give softer skin with a smoother look, and promise as well to work on minimising the appearance of gentle lines and wrinkles {I can’t yet say from experience as I've never used them}, the night capsules promise to brighten the skin tone and treat pigmentation, giving a radiant look.

In the night capsules’ case, in my experience they keep their promise. I've been using the night capsules for almost two weeks {I use one capsule every night regularly}, and the change is not only sensed, but also very apparent. To me, what was most noticeable was the creation of a uniform skin tone, because lately my skin hasn’t been at its best and I really needed this boost. In fact, the change was already felt after the first use …



As I already said, the serum comes in a very small capsule {which contains enough serum for the face, neck, and cleavage area}, and is easily opened by rotating the tab. The serum’s texture is amazing, and after application the skin feels silky smooth. It does take some time for the product to penetrate the skin, although its not at all greasy {which I hate} and it feels so good on the skin, so I really enjoy massaging the serum into the skin.

If you too are wondering what makes this serum so successful then you will be surprised to discover that so many vital components are concentrated in one small capsule. Among the key ingredients is an advanced MIX Concentrate that includes vitamin C and niacinamide which decreases the appearance of uneven skin tone, as well as blackheads, sun spots, and redness, licorice extract and hop extract that brighten the skin’s overall appearance and work against the damaging effects of air pollution while supporting skin's own natural collagen and elastin matrix.

True, it ain’t cheap, but if you are unhappy with your skin’s appearance and have yet to find the right product – gives these capsules a chance, they won’t let you down.

Price at JR Duty Free: $104 for a set of 50.


Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori | Elizabeth Arden / Skin Illuminating Brightening Night Capsules | Giorgio Armani / Ecstasy Lacquer Liquid Lipstick | Beauty products review

Giorgio Armani / Ecstasy Lacquer Liquid Lipstick


The final product I’d like to tell you about it the liquid lipstick/ lipgloss by Armani, that without a doubt earned the title of most worn lipstick on the trip. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of lipgloss, especially the kind with strong pigment, because they tend to be too sticky and difficult to apply evenly on the lips.


This product by Armani manages to almost completely overcome the stickiness {which disappears within minutes} and is very easily applied on the lips thanks to its formula and the shape of its applicator. For the color, I chose the number 400. I liked the fact that even though it has a very strong pigment, by simply applying one layer it can compliment a natural look, while applying more than one layer would achieve a more noticeable and glossy look.

It’s lovely smell is addictive, it is soft on the lips and, for a lipgloss, it is long-lasting. {Lasted on my lips for hours, although it did leave soft “kisses” on cups, and didn’t stand against certain greasy foods}.

An Armani Beauty bestseller with great potential for summer.

Price at JR Duty Free: 39.90$.



Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori | Elizabeth Arden / Skin Illuminating Brightening Night Capsules | Giorgio Armani / Ecstasy Lacquer Liquid Lipstick | Beauty products review


What do you think about the beauty products I purchased for my summer holiday in Greece? Leave me a comment below! 🙂

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This post is in collaboration with JR Duty Free. All opinions mentioned in the post belong to me.


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