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The Perfect Guide: Foot Care in 5 Steps

I have never liked my feet. I have even hated them for most of my adult life.

Like everybody else, I too was born with soft, tiny feet, but over the years }along with growing 1.75 meters tall{ they grew. Very much. Let’s just say that I’m lucky to be comfortable in a size 41 shoes, while if not, I will have to search for a size 42.

So yes, I am a big foot in every sense of the word. But size, which has kept me from developing too big a love for shoes, is certainly not the only problem.

You might say I wasn’t blessed with the most graceful looking pair of feet – the toes are a little too long and disfigured, the pinky toenail is almost nonexistent, and the skin? Let’s just say it likes to become like elephant skin… So in short, I can unhesitatingly say that when it comes to my body, my feet are the part I like least.

There was a time when I was embarrassed to wear sandals or other open toe shoes. And although there are many women with such ungraceful feet, mine seemed hideous in my eyes and I preferred not to expose them in public. They would only see daylight if I was by the pool or at the beach, while the rest of the time, even on hot summer days, I would keep them in a pair of closed shoes.

Those days are long gone, and these days I take advantage of any opportunity to air out my feet 🙂 Which brings me finally to the subject I would like to discuss….


The funny thing is , we all almost obsessively take care of our skin, but when it comes to skincare and our feet, they are without a doubt the least taken care of area of our body.

I must admit that, like every winter, I was a little lazy once again when it came to grooming my feet. They didn’t receive a professional pedicure for a some months, and, since most of the time they were tucked inside socks and boots I didn’t really get around to treating them properly at home either. Suddenly, at once, before the summer had officially begun, it started to become very hot here in Eilat, and I was caught unprepared with no choice but to switch to wearing sandals and flip flops with the hope that nobody would notice my feet. It was clear to me that I must do something about it, and soon. So I immediately made an appointment for a professional pedicure after which I bought some great, new products that will help keep my feet nice and soft at home too.

If you’re also tired of having dry, cracked skin, and you can’t wait to show off your hot new sandals, keep reading – I’m about to show you how to care for your feet in five simple steps.




Some girls enjoy going for a mani-pedi, they see it as an hour {or more} of pampering and pleasure. I, unfortunately, am not one of them, and most of the time I feel like I can be doing something more significant with my time while I am occupied by my nails {or my phone}. And don’t even get me started on all those tools… Brrrr… Just the thought makes me shudder!

But, there’s nothing to do about it – a truly professional pedicure can make even the ugliest feet look not bad at all 🙂

True, it can also be done at home, but most of us don’t bother purchasing the right tools or making time for it… And even if you do, it never feels the same. That is why I do not give up on professional pedicure at the beginning of the season, and why I go back for more if necessary.

After the professional pedicure, it is best to stick to a home care routine once a week, which keeps the feet soft and prolongs the time between professional treatments.




A good at home treatment begins with a nice hot bath, or at least bathing your feet in warm water. To prepare the skin for care it is best to soak for 20 minutes in a salt and mineral enriched bath to cleanse the skin and help with the softening process. I like to use “Bath Balls” but you can also opt for bath salts that come in a bottle.





When the skin is nice and soft, it is easier to perform the peeling. By massaging the grains on your soles, you will remove the dry, dead skin cells and expose softer skin that will better absorb the foot cream. I use this foot scrub by Sabon made from thin yet effective grains and a refreshing menthol scent. After a good scrub, rinse your feet, dry them well, and move on to the next step.


טיפוח כפות הרגליים ב - 5 שלבים




Like I said before I hate anything that has to do with filing, especially when it comes to rubbing down the skin. You will never catch me with one of those metal graters or any of those Pumice stones which I hate. About two years ago I bought this electronic file and you can pretty much say it has solved my at home filing issue. The file runs on batteries and removes the skin with a roller-head. It is so simple to use and a lot less irritating than any other tool I’ve tried.

It's easy to be tempted into thinking that this device replaces a more thorough professional pedicure, but from my experience it is only good to use between treatments. The stone {sold separately} should be replaced for good results in the long run. Also, from what I have read, take into account that the file is not suitable for diabetics or people who suffer from blood circulation problems.




We have reached the most fun part of this routine – massaging your feet with Butter Foot Cream! This is the step where we provide our soles with the moisture they deserve, especially the problematic areas – the heel and foot cushion. I try to use this rich cream after each shower, and not just once a week, just like I do with face cream 🙂 After massaging, it is best to wear cotton socks for a few hours after applying the cream, or even overnight, to allow for the cream to be absorbed in the skin. {By the way, clearly, any pair of socks will do, but I like to use Sabon’s because of how soft they are and they don’t press on my ankles.}.



And a few more tips…

1. A shower in lukewarm water is better for the skin, and that includes the soles of our feet. Wash your feet with soap and avoid using drying them up by using water that is too hot.

2. Most of us tend to ignore this, but after the shower it is extremely important to dry your feet {in between the toes too! 🙂 } Wet feet are a fertile environment for the development of fungi and infections.

3. Wearing shoes? Always choose dry, clean socks, made of cotton that breathes.

4. Sweat is also a source for unwanted bacteria, so air out your shoes and feet whenever possible.

5. Let your nails breathe every once in a while. Remove nail polish for a few days and make sure your nails haven’t turned yellowish or grayish and that you have not developed an unwanted fungus.


What are the products you like to use most to care for your feet and prepare them for summertime? Leave me a comment below!

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* This post was made in cooperation with Sabon. Any and all personal opinions belong to me.  

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