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Beauty Sleep : My New Partner in Bed

A Pillowcase may seem to be the most innocent and trivial thing there is, right? All in all, it is a small piece of cloth designed to keep our pillow clean so that we can use it over time. But the truth is, that this little piece of cloth has an immense effect on our lives in more ways than people even imagine. Sleep quality, allergies, facial skin and and our hair – are all directly affected by the nightly meeting of our head with the beloved pillow, which we fantasize about as soon as we get out of bed each morning.

If you read my post about the skincare routine I adopted just before my wedding, you already know that one of the methods I advocate for maintaining a healthy, acne-free face is to change the pillowcase at least twice a week. A pillowcase is one of the least sterile environments that our face encounters for many hours on a daily basis. Just thinking about all the dirt and germs on it makes me develop acne ? You cannot argue with the fact that our pillowcase is fertile ground for growing germs, bacteria, and not to mention the awful dust mite… and to think we spend about a third of our life on it!



So it's true that it sucks to change the pillowcase every other night, but if it means going to sleep a little calmer, to me it's worth the effort. The problem was that even when I tried to frequently change my pillowcase, I still feared that the pillowcase was not sterile enough for my sensitive skin … So when I was first approached by ONYX, an Israeli start-up company whose flagship product is a therapeutic beauty pillowcase, I became very curious and I felt I had to study the subject in depth.

‘Lunar Beauty’, the magic pillowcase form ONYX, is made of 100% Egyptian combed cotton with 500 thread count sateen. Besides its super high quality fabric, {certified by OEKO TEX – the highest standard in the world for textile, which act as an international certificate for first class quality, excellency, and safety} the magic in this pillowcase comes from the fact that inside the special fabric are natural silvers ions that were woven into the fabric using advanced technology. The silver ions have the healing properties of cultivation and purification, which act as natural antibiotics that work against bacteria, provide the skin with a sterile sleeping environment clean of infection, and encourage the regeneration of skin cells for healthier and more radiant skin.


Sleeping & skin tips - Lunar Beauty Pillowcase { Silver-infused Pillowcase For Radiance And Glow } Product Review | hedonistit.com


If this all sounds like gibberish to you, you are not alone…  I also was interested in understanding what it all means and how it works exactly. Turns out, at night, when our skin is moist, the silver ions are released from the pillow and penetrate the epidermis to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, which renew the skin cells. In addition, the silver ions also penetrate and cleanse the bacteria and viruses, thus purifying our sleeping environment.

I imagine that for most people this pillowcase can sound like just another gimmick, but since I was interested in this subject, and had been reading a lot about it online, I had the feeling that this was a winning product. After all, the use of natural resources {such as silver and copper ions} exists in the medical industry for many years, and studies have shown that the hours of the night are critical for regenerating and healing the skin – so the idea behind this pillowcase makes perfect sense.


Sleeping & skin tips - Lunar Beauty Pillowcase { Silver-infused Pillowcase For Radiance And Glow } Product Review | hedonistit.com

I decided to sleep on it {literally} for a month, and see if it was too good to be true, or if the company's product really meets expectations.

So, first of all, let's start with the fact that the fabric of the pillowcase is really very high quality, the kind I've encountered only at the most luxurious hotels I've stayed in. So every night I enjoyed a real luxury, and because the pillow is defined as antibacterial, the experience was even better because my fear of dirtiness slowly began to wear off. Personally, it was difficult for me to determine whether the innovative silver compound of the pillowcase had affected my skin over the first few days, Although my skin really did look a bit better, I could not be sure that it happened as a result of using the pillow… Still, I did not check the pillowcase in sterile laboratory conditions, and so I figured that other things might have also affected my skin's appearance, such as hormonal changes.

The pillowcase continued to prove itself week after week {with laundry in between, of course 🙂 } and when I saw that it was not a one-time thing – but that my skin really looked better over time, I decided it was not accidental at all, and the chances are that the pillowcase is the one responsible for my upgraded skin condition. Although my skin has looked pretty good in recent years {knock on wood} but I still had a little redness from time to time and visible pores, and I feel that ONYX's pillow has really soothed my skin and improved its glow. Something else I noticed is that unlike many mornings that I would wake up with sleep marks on my face, with the ONYX pillowcase that never happened… I don’t know if it is thanks to the amazing cotton or the silver ions, but it ain’t a bad bonus ?

My hair too enjoyed the benefits of this excellent pillowcase. It never was static and form the moment I started sleeping with the pillowcase I had an easier time doing my hair. Since I don’t suffer from any allergies {again, knock on wood!} I can not tell if the pillowcase actually helps to reduce allergy symptoms, but I have a good feeling about it because the very fact that the pillow stays clean all the time and in any condition, the quality of breath and sleep improves, and the body does not have to fight infections all the time.




As someone who prefers to invest in products that treat the skin from the inside, like facial cleansing oils, serums, and a good face cream, rather than in makeup products designed to hide the fact that the skin is not in its best state, {as you’ve read here – I don’t use a lot of makeup, and if so, only on special occasions}, to me, this product is a winner. This Israeli start-up allows my facial skin to undergo a kind of beauty treatment overnight in my sleep, at a one-time price of a facial treatment or a good-quality face cream,  it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

To sum up, after extended use of the ONYX pillowcase, you can say I have fallen for its charm, and from now on I will save it a special place in my suitcase whenever I travel.

Now all I have left to do is wait for a face towel with silver ions – no doubt I will be its first buyer! ?

To purchase on the company website – the pillowcase is sold at a price of 99.99 USD, and the silver ions effectiveness can withstand 60 washes.

What do you think of the magic ONYX pillowcase? Have you tried it yourself? Share your stories below… ?

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This post was written in collaboration with ONYX. All of the opinions in the post belong to me personally.

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