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Bedroom Tour

Time for another home decor post! This time, I invite you into our brand new bedroom!

סיור בחדר השינה שלי - עיצוב אקלקטי סקנדינבי, ג׳ונגל אורבני | Hedonistit bedroom tour - eclectic nordic urban jungle home styling


The design we chose for our bedroom is directly connected with that of the living room, while keeping to a clean color palette of white, soft camel, golden touches, and fresh greens. The bedroom should be your getaway, a room for rest and relaxation, and so it was most important for us to capture that sense of softness in our new room.

Most of our bedroom furniture we had brought with us from our previous apartment, which allowed us to focus on adding warm touches through fabrics, textures, and plants. The room itself is pretty big, but its length was what we found most challenging, being the main reason why it took us so long to decide how to arrange the furniture.



After having moved everything around and around, over and over, we decided it would be best to – first things first – place the bed at the back end of the room, right next to the big window overlooking the boulevard. 

This choice does have its faults, because keeping a bed right by a wall composed entirely of a window means keeping in mind sensitivity to light, noise, and weather. As for the light, we succeeded at hanging up a thick curtain that blocks out all of the light, which we ordered online from Aliexpress. As for the noise – I’m still getting used to the city sounds… After all, it is my first time living in the center of a bustling city, though I’m pretty sure that in a few months from now I’ll no longer hear the pedestrian traffic light ticking ? And the weather? Well, right now it seems to be fine, I’m more worried about the rainy winter months, but we’ll cross that bridge when we reach it 🙂 

The best part about positioning the bed where we did is that  A) the bed doesn’t take up the entire width of the space, and B) the bed’s look against the backdrop of tall windows and light curtains through which a green view is reflected – is priceless ?



Beside our white Ikea bed frame which we had bought for our previous apartment {which, by the way, I don’t recommend since it has no storage space}, we placed two vintage bedside tables we bought a few years ago in Jaffa’s flea market. 

The most important thing for me was finding the best way to fit a large carpet in the room, partially placed underneath the bed, creating a cozy, homey feeling. We got our rattan carpet at Ikea and I think it totally makes the room work!


סיור בחדר השינה שלי - עיצוב אקלקטי סקנדינבי, ג׳ונגל אורבני | Hedonistit bedroom tour - eclectic nordic urban jungle home styling


We didn’t want to add too large of a closet since we now have a small room we turned into a walk-in closet, so we decided to take advantage of the oddly shaped space, including a small niche near the bed, to combine a smaller, two-door closet {you know how it is – you can never have too much storage space…}. Plus, beneath the window we added a white chest of drawers we got a couple of years ago at Ikea, and slightly revamped it with golden knobs to complete the room’s look. 

One of my favorite items in the room is the great makrame we bought for such a low price on Aliexpress. We hung it in the entrance to the room and placed a straw basket with a plant right underneath it.



My new favorite spot in the bedroom is my makeup corner  ? I have missed this concept so much! When I was still living at my parents’ place I had a makeup corner {remember the Singer dresser, now in the living room? It used to be my vanity!}. But when we moved to Eilat I didn’t have much room for it so I gave it up. 

I set up my corner with 3 basic items including a white desk purchased at Ikea, a gold-framed round mirror purchased at “Items” in Jaffa, and a white chair which used to be my office desk chair.


סיור בחדר השינה שלי - עיצוב אקלקטי סקנדינבי, ג׳ונגל אורבני | Hedonistit bedroom tour - eclectic nordic urban jungle home styling


When it came time to organize my makeup and accessories, I hesitated, because it was clear that if I keep most of the things closed in boxes, I wouldn’t end up using 90% of what I have. SO what did I do? I looked through all of my boxes until I found my collection of small pretty plates, that have so far only been used as styling accessories for my photoshoots {I admit, it’s a fetish, and I use the fact that I create visual content as an excuse to buy more and more – with nowhere to display them at home ?}. And so I decided to use them for my jewelry, hairpieces, perfumes, and lipsticks {while the rest of my make-up is kept in a little drawer at the table}.

 To add some texture and color to the table, I placed 2 bamboo boxes on it, which I found at Flying Tiger during our last trip to Thessaloniki, a {fake} Ikea plant, because let’s face it, it’s the only kind of flower pot that will last, and my favorite lips box I got on one of my trips a few years ago.



Just like in the living room, we decided to decorate our bedroom with little plants to create a calm, refreshing, and relaxing setting. Here too, we decided to use plants that aren’t too high maintenance, I mean, the kind whose life won’t end after only a short period of time… I was given the perfect guidance and help in choosing the best greenery for our home from the gorgeous Vlada, owner of Vladis Flowers, which not only chose plants that best fit our home and lifestyle, but also guided us exactly how to care for them to keep them alive over time ?



Last but not least is the part of the bedroom you have yet to encounter, the one where I spend most hours of the day –  in my office, which will get its very own post, very soon…. Yep, it’s that important 🙂


I hope you enjoyed the tour of our new bedroom. Whether you have any questions about the design or you’re just interested in getting some advice, you are more than welcome to ask me anything in a comment to this post. And in case you missed it, you can see the full home decor series here.


What do you think of our bedroom design? What furniture pieces are you thinking of adding to your home?  

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סיור בחדר השינה שלי - עיצוב אקלקטי סקנדינבי, ג׳ונגל אורבני | Hedonistit bedroom tour - eclectic nordic urban jungle home styling

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6 Responses

  1. Your bedroom is beautiful, it looks as though it is a very relaxing space. My partner and I are hoping to be moving house soon and I for sure want to concentrate more on our bedroom and to create a space where we can both relax after a busy day!

  2. I just checked your blog on the home-office tour and now checking your bedroom tour. I must say that all of your tour blogs are the best ever.

    Nice one to see that you are sharing this valuable and amazing tour with us.

    And yes I will share your blog with my friends on Facebook and Pinterest so we can all are inspired from you.


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