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Now that I’ve shared with you the story of how I came up with the vision for the apartment we recently moved into, listed my top 5 steps for designing your home, had a coffee in the living room, and a quick visit to the bedroom, we have arrived at our final station in our home decor series – my office!

If you know me well enough, you know how much time I spend in my office. Like I wrote in the first post in this series, I truly enjoy working from home, and am less attracted to spending my work hours in a cafe or a shared work space. My office is where I get inspiration and formulate new ideas, write, edit photos,  and actually manage my whole business. Which is exactly why designing my work space is so important.


סיור במשרד שלי - עיצוב אקלקטי סקנדינבי, ג׳ונגל אורבני | Hedonistit office tour - eclectic nordic urban jungle home styling


Nearly 4 years ago, just after starting my blog and business, I published a post about decorating my new home office. I already knew back then the significance of a nice and neat and ergonomic workspace, but oh boy did I learn a lot since then. Due to commonly wrongly organized work space, I’ve developed an infection in my hand that’s been around for the last two years. Of course, since then I have upgraded all my office equipment with a new and comfortable work desk {one that is  both sitting and standing}, a large screen, an elevation stand, an ergonomic mouse, and a chair that suits my needs both in terms of comfort and design. I won’t elaborate on the items though, because the details already appear in my blog recommendation page, but I will talk about the design of the workspace 🙂



For starters, unlike my previous office which was in a dimly lit room, my current office is now in the light and airy bedroom, which I have laid out before you in my last post. At first, I feared the combination of workspace and bedroom, but I must admit – I love it! First of all because the room is definitely big enough to fit the two, and its decor provides an easy,  calm ambiance and flow, and also because I enjoy watching my stud of a cat Charlie, cuddle in bed while I work. {Though, as you’ve seen in my stories he can be quite the distraction with all the TLC ?}.



When I thought of designing my workspace, it was clear that it had to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also as functional as can be. So I first had to decide which items I wanted out in front of me at all times, and which were stored in boxes or a set of drawers for less often use and for the sake of  organization.



I brought my office furniture with me from our previous place, and just reorganized them to freshen things up a bit. The chest of drawers, fake plants, and small storage boxes were from Ikea a few years ago, where I now keep my  pens etc. used to be a candle holder that came with the perfectly scented candle from SPRING, my planner, and of course my notebook – where I keep all of my to do lists 🙂



Besides all of my basic office equipment ,I decided I really wanted to surround myself with as much inspiration as possible! So I added a few books, picture of Daniel and I, a cork board filled with visual paraphernalia that make me feel good {pay careful attention to the cute drawing made by the amazing Nicola Jane Creative ?}. And the cherry on top was the mood board I created based on images from magazines!


סיור במשרד שלי - עיצוב אקלקטי סקנדינבי, ג׳ונגל אורבני | Hedonistit office tour - eclectic nordic urban jungle home styling


I hope you enjoyed the tour of my office. If you have any additional questions, or are interested in some advice, you are more than welcome to leave me a comment below – ask me anything! And in case you missed it, you can view the complete home decor series here!


What do you think of the look in my new office? If you have any office space tips , I’d love it if you share your ideas in a comment below!
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