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How to Avoid Burnout and Keep Up the Motivation as a Blogger and Entrepreneur

You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you’re just not in the mood to get anything done? Do you think about all the things you have to do and can’t even get yourself to sit in front of the computer? If you don’t encounter this so often, that’s pretty good, I mean we can all have those days… but what happens if you feel this way more often than not? Is it normal? Are there ways to overcome this feeling or even prevent it?

This feeling is known as ‘burnout’, and the answers to both of these questions is a simple YES.

10 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Keep Up the Motivation as a Blogger and Entrepreneur

Burnout, defined as a state of long-term exhaustion and limited interest, is a condition we all experience at some point in life. It can happen in a relationship, in a family, with friendships, and of course at work.

When trying to visualize burnout, we usually imagine a picture of an employee in their routine, but the truth is that burnout is no less common for entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Most employees have a regular routine of fixed days and hours in the same office with more or less the same tasks and the same colleagues – so it is perfectly understandable that such a routine can cause burnout… But entrepreneurs and bloggers? After all, they do what they like and they choose and define their own work hours – so how could they be burnt out? 

Well, I could easily answer that from my own personal experience over the last 4 years – when you do what you love and are fully committed to it {whether starting a blog, running a successful Instagram account, open an independent business, etc} that means that you spend most of your time and energy on reaching your goal. 

And it’s amazing, really. 

Sometimes I work 12 hours a day, but I truly do love what I do, and I enjoy the work and the results, otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

But it can also be really, really, exhausting. 

If you're an entrepreneur or a blogger yourself, chances are you know exactly what I'm talking about…

As entrepreneurs, we are constantly trying to multi-task and get everything done, because we see the goal so clearly and want to reach it as soon as we possibly can. The world is at our fingertips and most of the time we just don’t know how to stop and let go. But if we never do, burnout becomes inevitable. 

Even if we are 100% passionate about what we do. 

Believe me, I’ve been there so many times and I still work on myself when it comes to this. I certainly have a tendency to overdo it, and have the urge to complete tasks every single minute, but in the four years since I started my blog I have come a long way. I’d be lying if I said that I’ve discovered the magic secret for preventing burnout completely, there are times when a larger amount of work is simply unavoidable {for example, an upcoming deadline, building a website, or launching a product}, but there are ways to reduce the sense of burnout and keep yourself motivated, long term.

The first step in overcoming or preventing burnout is to stop and listen to your body. 

You should be aware of and able to recognize the signs your body sends you, and not be in denial thinking “I’m just tired”. Burnout is more than just fatigue. But how can you tell the difference between fatigue and burnout? Here are some burnout symptoms to pay attention to: 

✖ You can’t focus.

✖ You’re having a hard time finding inspiration and thinking of new, creative ideas. 

✖ You’re always tired and get annoyed by the smallest things.

✖ You’re frustrated and lack motivation.

✖ You no longer enjoy what you do.

✖ You find yourself questioning whether or not to continue.

✖ Catching up on sleep doesn’t help in this case.

Bottom Line – You’re emotionally, physically, and mentally drained.

10 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Keep Up the Motivation as a Blogger and Entrepreneur

The good news is you can get through this! Here are 10 things I do to prevent and overcome burnout as an independent blogger and entrepreneur. 

Note : Don’t take on any added pressure, and you don’t have to try all things at once, rather slowly integrate them into your routine.

{All of the the quotes below are taken from the gorgeous IG account @momentaryhappiness – I strongly recommend to follow! ?}


I know, how obvious it sounds, but sometimes we have a tendency to ignore the obvious, even though it is actually the most important {from experience!}. Until recently, I used to feel really guilty whenever I took breaks. I felt I was lazy and that at this rate, it wouldn’t get me too far. I didn’t listen to my body even though it showed signs of weariness over time… and then – my body decided that if I wasn’t gonna be the one to take a break, it would initiate one itself. I became sick, for two whole months, the kind of sick that kept me in bed, and mostly away from work. Let’s just say I learned my lesson. In fact, breaks are a good thing, and no less important than work itself. Taking a break is essential, rather than selfish. I recommend you take a break from your computer at least once every hour during the workday, to move around a little bit, and I also believe in making time for the things you love to do other than work. Spend time with people who give you good energy, enjoy good food, travel, discover and learn new things.


One of the things that causes the most stress and burnout at work is lack of planning in advance. Yes, I understand that you want to be young and spontaneous forever – and that's cool and everything, but less suitable for managing yourself at work on a daily basis. Without a pre-arranged schedule, you will presumably always feel like you’re drowning in tasks, and even though you work non-stop, you will never be able to complete them all. I’m sure you already know how much I love making lists. I have to-do lists for every little thing, and I feel it has an amazing positive affect in relieving stress. If you feel like you’re inefficient in managing your time, and that stresses you out – you’re welcome to click here to read more about the ways I try to better my own time management {and get awesome printables too!}.

10 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Keep Up the Motivation as a Blogger and Entrepreneur


I know how hard it is to say no – we don’t want to let people down, and surely prefer to avoid being criticized, upset at, or worse, hated. That’s why we so often feel obligated to accept every request even during busy, stressful times, when we have almost no time left for ourselves. But the truth is, even by saying yes to every request or whim, people will always have something to say. No matter what you do, not everyone will love you and not everyone will be happy with how you conduct yourself. Learn to politely refuse and aspire to win over people’s respect instead of always trying to get their approval. Your days are full of important tasks as it is. Think of how many things you could get done to help your well being, in place of all the offers you’ve turned down.


Theodore Roosevelt was not wrong in saying “comparison is the thief of joy”. I know it’s not easy, but you should really try and focus on your own personal advancement and avoid comparing yourself to your colleagues. Comparing yourself to others is the surest way to reach a state of burnout, despair and frustration. Maybe the reason why you feel like others are moving forward while you remain in one place, is because you’re stuck wasting your time on comparisons, while they are invested in personal progress?

10 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Keep Up the Motivation as a Blogger and Entrepreneur


With all the great things involved in writing and managing a blog, there are also harder and less glamorous times. Times when you are lost and you have no idea what you are doing, times when you can’t help but compare yourself to others, and times when all you need is someone to tell you that it will pass, and that everything will be fine 🙂

When I first started my blog, I’d say about 98% of the people I knew didn’t even know what a blog is, and didn’t understand why I’m doing this. Most of them probably viewed it as some kind of whim that would pass with time, nothing coming out of it.  Anyone who doesn’t really know what a blog is can’t really understand the enormous potential embodied in it, or everything involved in its management. Put that together with the fact that I was living in Eilat, hundreds of kilometers from everyone I knew, and you will quickly realize how even family and friends who tried to support me, couldn’t really be there for me, as much as they wanted to. Luckily, Daniel, my better half and my best friend, has been a partner before the blog even began. He has been by my side for victories both big and small, and pushes me ahead despite my fear or hesitation, and empowers me in my more delicate moments. He is my rock, and I am blessed to have found such a supportive partner.

Building a strong support system, whether of family, friends, or fellow bloggers, is essential. A real must, To succeed as a blogger I had to surround myself with positive people on  whom I could lean on in a time of need. The kind of people who could give me honest feedback when I needed to hear it. Very quickly I found the answer in a Facebook group for bloggers from around the world, people going through a similar, or even identical experience as I was. When I couldn’t find such a group of Israeli bloggers, I started The Blogging Babes – an Israeli Facebook group for bloggers that serves as a support system and a place to ask questions freely and in a supportive and pleasant atmosphere.

10 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Keep Up the Motivation as a Blogger and Entrepreneur


Nobody can do it all. Everybody needs assistance at one point or another. I personally am the most stubborn person I know, and like to do everything by myself, so I totally get it if you too hate asking for help. But, sometimes there’s no choice but to do so, especially when you take upon yourself a little too much. Try and understand which are the tasks that are most burdensome, and see if you can outsource. Now, obviously, if you are only just beginning, you probably can’t afford paying someone else on a regular basis. I get it, I was in your shoes not long ago. What you can do though, is use useful scheduling tools {for example scheduling Facebook and Instagram posts, or a Pinterest pin} that will help lighten your load and will spare you time at nearly no cost.


Social media is an amazing addition to our lives, but the networks have a tendency to empty us out {and our mobile’s battery too}. Endless scrolling and checking messages, comments, and new followers can be pretty exhausting, and even though how present and responsive you are is significant, your sanity is of higher priority. Put your phone aside for a small amount of time each day, and set it to “Do Not Disturb” even for one hour a day, and enjoy complete silence. 

10 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Keep Up the Motivation as a Blogger and Entrepreneur


When you catch the blogging / entrepreneurship bug it makes you want to spend all of your time on your new “baby”. And it will often cost you your health, which is easiest to neglect. Whether you do it as a side job or as a full time job, chances are you’re trying to divide your time between spending time with family and friends, and  taking advantage of every free moment to create content or products, marketing, social media involvement, and anything that can take you to the next level … You’re willing to sacrifice sleep, give up physical training and regular meals, and eat Junk to save time and try to get everything done. Know that state of mind pretty well… I still go there sometimes myself. It is a lot easier for us to leave our health at the door, because we don’t see or feel any immediate results, and therefore think it’s no big deal. Now that’s where you’re wrong. Neglecting certain things along the way will only add up and become accumulated in physical fatigue, from which we become burnt out not only physically, but emotionally and mentally too. The solution? Just like any other, plan ahead of time! Plan and schedule your meals {you can do so by dedicating a certain amount of time, or time in a day, for cooking fresh food. Schedule a meeting with your gym/outdoor park, and stick to a healthy sleep routine. {Click here to read my tips for better sleep}.


Why did you begin doing what you do? To help others, to establish yourself as an expert in your field, to evolve, or simply for fun. Whatever it is… remind yourself why you started and continue to incorporate into your work tasks that concern this ‘why'. Everyone has tasks and less fun thing to get done at work, no matter what kind of work they do, but as an entrepreneur or blogger you have the privilege to incorporate in your work the elements most important to you and your brand.


Release yourself from the thought that everything you do has to be perfect. Sometimes, when you work really hard on something and it does not come out really amazing, instead it’s just “okay”' – it can be a real bummer. I know how hard this must be for you to hear {it was for me…}, but it's pretty ridiculous if you think about it. Yes, creativity is amazing and important, but the thought that everything must be perfect is simply unrealistic. The fact that you’re even busy with creating is good news. Be good to yourself – you’re doing the best you can. 

10 Ways to Avoid Burnout and Keep Up the Motivation as a Blogger and Entrepreneur

I hope these tips will inspire you and help keep you motivated, avoiding burnout. 

Have you ever been burnt out as an entrepreneur or blogger? How did you manage? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. As a freelancer who usually travels and works at the same time, I find this to be very helpful. Very comprehensive. Appreciate this! Thank you!

  2. A very nice post shared. In these days lots of people easily accept defeat in blog writing and other writing skills but this content is relevant for anyone. Thanks for this optimistic post.


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