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Moroccan Gold : The Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Your Body

If you didn’t live on another planet over the past few years, there’s no way that you haven’t heard about the magical oil called Argan oil.

It’s very possible that you know it as Moroccan oil, which most of us connect to haircare; or you may have seen the name mentioned on hair products, like shampoo and conditioner – without really understanding how this natural product can work wonders not only for your hair, but for your skin and nails, too.

I learned about the amazing features of this natural oil just a month ago, and since then – I'm addicted!

Okay, before I reveal all the good things that this product does – let's understand what Argan oil even is…

Argan oil is produced from the pits of the nuts on the Argan tree, which grows naturally in southwestern Morocco, where Argan oil is known as oil from the “Tree of Life”, because it had many medicinal qualities.

Over the last few years, the Western world was exposed to this miracle oil after articles and studies published the qualities of pure Argan Oil, and they began growing Argan trees for commercial use here, too, in the south of Israel.

Argan oil is rich in ingredients and essential fatty acids like oleic acid, linoleic acid, vitamin E and SqualEne {a natural fat found in the skin, of great importance because it serves as a natural antioxidant and strengthens the immune system by creating an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral layer on the skin and thereby protects it from infections} – Who wouldn’t want to get some more of this product?!

So how do you choose high-quality Argan oil that will do the job?

It’s important to know that not all products that have “Argan Oil” printed on them are identical – the quality of the oil and the quantity of it in the product changes a lot from product to product.

Here are a few things you should pay attention to:

  • Check if the product’s ingredients contain the words “Argan Oil” or “Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil”.
  • Look for Argan oil that’s 100% organic and natural.
  • Check the percentage of the Argan oil in the product. Products that contain 100% Argan oil are more concentrated and therefore are more active and only a small amount is needed to see results quickly.
  • The oil should have a subtle scent.

הזהב המרוקאי : נפלאות שמן הארגן המרוקאי לגוף || Moroccan Gold : The Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil for Your Body

There’s a reason they call is Moroccan gold – here are all of the reasons that will make you fall in love with this product and appreciate Mother Nature even more 😉

1. Gives hair volume

Argan oil is best known in the context of hair care – when it comes to your hair it’s simply magic in a bottle.

This oil has remedial abilities to rebuild hair that was damaged from the weather and from chemicals in shampoos, conditioners, hair dyes and unnatural hair-styling products, we tend to use on a daily basis.

A few drops of Argan oil is sufficient to cover your hair with a layer of moisture that makes it shiny and soft.

Additionally, Argan oil is a great natural product for hairstyling and can be applied on wet hair and dry hair, and unlike other oils that enrich the hair, like olive oil or linseed oil, Argan oil has a subtle scent that absorbs quickly in the hair, without making it look greasy, heavy or dirty – just the opposite, it gives your hair a healthy and shiny look.

Since I started using Argan oil on my hair, I can’t give it up!

I really like rubbing 2-3 drops of Argan oil in my hair {without getting too close to the scalp} after I shower, because it nourishes the hair and shortens the time it takes for my hair to dry {which usually takes HOURS? }, and also before I blow-dry my hair or use a hair straightener.

You can also use the oil as a mask for your hair to help dry and damaged hair to recover – rub your hair with a little oil and brush it to make sure it gets from the roots to the ends, and the cover your hair with a disposable shower cap or a towel and leave it for at least 20 minutes {you can even sleep with it overnight}, and then wash your hair as usual.

Your hair will look perfect – soft and shiny! Even my hairdresser asked me how my hair suddenly looks so good 😉

2. Relieves, relaxes and heals irritations and itchiness caused from a dry scalp

Argan oil is also great if you have a dry and peeling scalp – just rub a few drops of oil onto your scalp for around 20 minutes before you take a shower and wash it with warm water.

Head & Shoulders, right behind you 😉

3. Great for dry skin

For those who suffer from dry skin and even extremely dry skin, Argan oil can be the perfect solution because the fatty acids in the oil penetrate into the skin easily and compensate for moisture loss in dry skin.

After the shower, heat a few drops of oil between the palms of your hands and apply on your body. You'll be surprised how fast the oil gets absorbed in the skin and leaves a pleasant touch that isn’t oily at all.

4. Even people with oily skin can enjoy this

As someone who suffered from oily skin, especially during adolescence, I can understand your amazement – to rub oil on oily skin that’s already prone to pimples?!?

You’ll be surprised, but yes!

If you were also blessed with oily skin, you have to deal with skin problems caused mainly due to the accumulation of excess oil on the skin's outer layer, like clogged pores {blackheads}, zits and those horrible pimples right under your skin that refuse to disappear no matter how much you try to pop them {we all sin when it comes to that!?}.

What we usually do is try to dry our face in order to prevent the problem… but we’re actually causing more harm than good, because we’re causing the skin to produce even more fat – which leads to the formation of new pimples, zits, etc.

This is exactly where the Argan oil comes in The chemical composition of Argan oil is similar to the natural sebum on the skin, so if you apply some of this wonderful oil on your face you can actually “trick” your skin that your body already secreted enough fat and in response it will slow down the oil production from the sebaceous glands in your body.

Pretty simple, right? 😉

5. Prevents and heals Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema

Fatty acids and vitamin E in the Argan oil help soothe the skin and speed up its healing process.

In addition, the oil relieves itchiness and the burning or tingling feeling of the skin that come along with blemishes and applying a very small amount of it can have a direct effect on the skin’s condition.

6. Anti-Aging

Thanks to fatty acids and the other active ingredients in Argan oil, which fight free radicals and improve the skin’s elasticity, the oil is also used as an ideal natural anti-aging product.

You should apply the oil before going to sleep directly on your face, neck, chest and other body parts to prevent signs of premature aging like wrinkles, age spots and loose skin, and also to correct the damages from aging and keep your skin looking young even at a more advanced age.

7. Helps eliminate stretch marks and scars

Argan oil can help lighten scars and stretch marks {and even prevent them} because it contains vitamin E, which increases the skin’s elasticity and protects the skin’s collagen fibers that are naturally damaged from free radicals.

8. Strengthens nails

Argan oil is very effective in strengthening nails, so you should rub your fingernails and toenails with a little Argan oil before applying nail polish, especially if you use gel nail polish.

9. Prevents chapped lips

Just like Argan oil moisturizes your skin, it’s also very useful as oil for your lips {like the amazing coconut oil 🙂 }.

Spread some oil on your lips to keep them soft!

10. Can be used as a luminizer

Even in the makeup field, Argan oil can be useful. ?

Spread a small amount of oil on your cheekbones after applying your makeup and you’ll get a glowing and healthy look – Strobing style!

* The use of Argan oil is dangerous for people with nut allergies.

What do you think about the Moroccan gold? If you know additional uses for Argan oil share them with me in the comments!

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