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20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Thailand

Daniel and I chose to start and end our great 2019 trip at one of our favorite destinations in the world – Thailand!

This is the third time we choose Thailand as a destination for our long annual trip, and I'm sure we must never tire of visiting it.

{Though this time around, we decided to combine it with a slightly unexpected destination – The Maldives 😍 Of course, blog posts from this magical destination will also be up on the blog soon!}

The first time Daniel and I traveled together to Thailand, we chose to start with a trip to Chiang Mai and Pai in the northern part of the country, continuing  to the famous islands in the southeast – Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao and end our trip in Bangkok {before you ask – it was long before I started my blog and so, unfortunately, there are no travel guides to those destinations 🙈}; While for the second time we chose to change direction and reached the famous islands on the west side – Phuket, Riley Beach, and Koh Phi Phi {click here to read my guides for these islands}, and then return to Bangkok again.

On the previous two trips, we fell in love with the scenery, the amazing food, and the nice people and looked forward to going back and exploring other, and slightly lesser-known, parts of this amazing country.

That's why on our last trip, spanning on nearly three weeks, we did return to Bangkok again – to experience its addictive urban side and visit the city's breathtaking temples for the first time but decided to also check on another lesser-known destination for travelers – The Island of Koh Kut.

I didn't get to read much about Koh Kot Island before we planned our last trip, which is quite surprising considering it's the fourth largest island in all of Thailand! This magical island, located in the far eastern corner of Thailand, is a specially preserved and pristine gem whose unique beauty is a blend of wild jungle and crystal clear emerald waters. Because this island is a kind of secret, it has exemplary tranquility that is very hard to find elsewhere. In other words – this place is simply heaven on earth!

This short post is just a tiny peek of both opposite ends of our trip – the urban versus the barely untouched nature… Soon I will post a detailed post with new tips for Bangkok and also a post dedicated entirely to the amazing hotel we stayed at Koh Kut – the amazing Soneva Kiri.

But until then, here are the first 20 photos from our trip to Thailand {By the way, you are more than welcome to click here to watch the special IG stories highlights from our trip to Thailand}.

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  1. Been to Thailand twice but haven’t covered it the way you did. Such stunning pictures that I wish to travel again. Just to take some Instagram worthy pictures.


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