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PINSPIRATION : Doughnuts From Around The Globe

Tomorrow night we'll light the first candle of Hanukkah, the Jewish ‘festival of lights’ holiday; but like every year, the Israeli doughnuts, Sufganiyot, find their way to the shelves {and to our thoughts and bellies} long before the holiday begins.


In the past Israelis had to choose between two kind of Sufganiyot – a puffy round doughnuts with strawberry jam in the middle or just as is, but in recent years there has been a trend in which the more the merrier. These days the fillings, toppings and weird accessories {such as tiny vials} are much more sophisticated and making the good ol' Sufgania more similar to Uncle Sam's American doughnuts.

I'm personally still faithful to the good old version, and would rather eat my doughnut with the mythological strawberry jam, and only on condition that it's super fresh.

In honor of this fattening time of the year, I decided to look through my favorite inspiration source – Pinterest – to see how they do it around the world.

If you feel like surprising your family and friends with an unusual version of the fried delicacy {or baked, depending how strict you are} this holiday season, here are  the most 10 pinned recipes from Pinterest for doughnuts from around the world.

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+ Poland – Pączki

Traditional Polish donuts are made from yeast dough stuffed with plums, apricots, strawberries, raspberries or sweet cheese filling and powdered with sugar on top, and are usually eaten during Lent before Easter.

Polish Pączki recipe
Photo and recipe source

+ France – Beignet

The traditional French doughnut, which was warmly adopted in New Orleans after the arrival of French immigrants, is a very airy pillow-like fried choux pastry covered with a substantial layer of powdered sugar. It is commonly eaten in carnivals and on masks and costumes holidays.

Beignet recipe
Photo and recipe source

+ South America & Spain – Churros

Those golden and elongated doughnuts, commonly covered with a mixture of sugar and cinnamon or hot chocolate sauce, has long captured our hearts and became famous around the world.

By the way, they're also much easier to prepare at home than the traditional doughnuts.

Churros with chocolate sauce
Photo and recipe source


+ Italy – Bomboloni

Each region in Italy has its own version of doughnuts, but Bomboloni are arguably the most popular doughnuts across the country. They are made of rich dough, filled with vanilla cream and covered with lots of sugar.

Bomboloni italian doughnuts recipe
Photo and recipe source

+ China – Youtiao

Traditional Chinese doughnuts, similar in appearance to the Spanish churro, are rather salty and are considered a delicacy commonly eaten for breakfast in China alongside rice porridge, soybean milk, or just by themselves.

Photo and recipe source


+ Japan – Mochi doughnuts

Mochi is a Japanese dessert made of sticky rice flour and usually comes in the form of a ball stuffed with pieces of fruit, jams, chocolate and even ice cream. The Japanese doughnuts which are made of the same sticky rice dough is the perfect alternative for gluten intolerants or for those who prefer to give up the fried version without giving up a delicious dessert  🙂

Photo and recipe source


+ India – Balushahi

The traditional Indian doughnuts are made with a mixture of flour and yogurt, fried in Ghee {clarified butter} and are glazed in sugar syrup.

They are especially crispy and melt in your mouth which makes them particularly popular at festivals and weddings.

Indian BALUSHAHI recipe
Photo and recipe source


+ Turkey – Tulumba

Tulumba is a popular Turkish dessert since the days of the Ottoman Empire, and is similar to the Spanish churro in shape and preparation.

These small doughnuts are soaked in sugar syrup and considered a delicacy eaten on the streets and even in large events, often with a toothpick!

Photo and recipe source


+ Portugal – Malasadas

Portugal's traditional doughnuts are fried until golden brown and covered with sugar or a mixture of sugar and cinnamon.

Traditionally, it is customary to eat them as they are, with no filler, but now days it's common to fill them with delicious creamy fillings such as coconut pudding, vanilla pudding, chocolate or tropical fruits.

The Portuguese traditionally eat them on Mardi Gras before Easter – just like the Polish do with their doughnuts.

Photo and recipe source

+ South Africa – Koeksisters

This South African delicacy is actually made with spicy dough {mostly spiced with ginger and cinnamon}, knotted up into a braid, fried in deep oil and glazed with an especially sticky sugar sauce.

It is so popular that it even has a statue in it's form!

Traditional Koeksisters recipe
Photo and recipe source

Which doughnut is your favorite? tell me in the comments below!
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