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Valentine’s Day – Cute Greeting Cards FREEBIE

Do you feel that?


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you can already feel the love in the air!

Valentine’s Day, the Christian holiday of love, is an inherently commercialized holiday, and is claimed to have been created originally by the greeting card companies as a tool to increase sales. Still, despite the commercial and kitchy aspect it is accompanied by, there is still something very special about this day. Many people claim there is no need for a day dedicated to celebrating love, that it is silly. If love exists, it is felt at all times and therefore does not need its own special day. But I beg to differ. I think that a day in which you can celebrate love in a more kitchy way is sweet and positive. It stops us from life’s crazy race, and reminds us to tell our loved ones how happy we are that they are a part of our lives.

In fact, the holiday was lovingly embraced in my country, Israel, in addition to its Hebrew date equivalent of Tu B’Av, because really, we can never have too many reasons to celebrate the most wonderful thing in the world – love ♡

In honor of Valentine’s Day, celebrated tomorrow, I decided to design especially cute graphics to be sent to anyone you love! You can print them and add to a gift, send them in their digital format to someone you love, or even share your favorite on any social network and tag those you love most! {and don't forget to add the #HEDONISTIT hashtag too! 🙂 }

Valentine’s Day is often associated with the a romantic love shared by two partners, and has the potential to leave those single with a little heartache {at least those interested in a relationship}, but it doesn’t have to be that way. No one should be left out of a holiday which is about such a universal concept. Love exists not only for couples, but also among family members, friends, and yes – there is this little thing called self love, and it is no less important than all the other forms of love. And so, in the greeting cards I prepared, you will find a suitable option to send to anyone you love, whether a romantic love or a friendly love, and there are even a few you can dedicate to yourself! 


To save the specially made Valentine’s Day greeting cards in full size and quality, choose an image, and then right click and save. {If you’re using your mobile, holding down your finger on the image will do the trick 🙂 }

All graphics are provided for personal use only, and are not to be used for commercial reasons.





How do you love to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Share your stories below!

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Valentine's Day Free Printable Cards - Tell your special someone that you love them today! hedonistit.com



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