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7 Ways To Celebrate Spring

There is something quite exciting at the beginning of every season, but springtime is without a doubt the season to which I look forward to most.

The longer days, the weather just right, and the blooming flowers are what make this especially short season, at least here in Eilat, one that inspires me to try new things, pull out my light floral dresses and go out to eat as often as I can to be beneath the open sky.

Just before this wonderful season slips away into a particularly steamy summer, I’ve prepared a short list of seven things that I think are most fun to do right now.

I welcome you to join me in celebrating spring, and let me know in a comment about more ways to celebrate the most wonderful season of the year.


 7 Ways To Celebrate Spring


1. Treat yourself to natural skincare products

Though winter is behind us, no matter how hard I tried to care for my skin during the cold season, the cold air and wind caused my skin to dry up and get a drowsy, gray-ish, and lifeless look. So just before I get all the new swimsuits I ordered for my summer vacations, it’s important to take advantage of the pleasant spring days and restore the moisture and shine in my body, and a good shower is certainly the first step towards achieving this goal.

If giving up long, hot showers was hard in the winter, than springtime is the perfect time to restart and refresh with a shorter, lukewarm shower.  

You’re probably familiar with my facial cleansing oil obsession from this post, but my love for cleansing oil does not begin, nor does it end, with the face! Oil-based soaps are a great way to clean your skin without drying it up, a great accomplishment when attempting to revive your skin after a dry winter. A good oil-based soap is one that creates a gentle foam, rinses easily, and leaves your skin with a fresh scent. This oil-based liquid soap from Sabon does exactly that! It cleanses and enriches the skin, granting it elasticity and glamour. Needless to say, this soap makes every one of my visits to the shower especially pampering!


7 Ways To Celebrate Spring

In honor of spring, Sabon has launched a new line of products called “Be Always in Bloom”, and this great product received a special new design and scent, with an especially intoxicating twist, and is now sold in limited edition in stores and online. The soap’s fresh spring fragrance is composed of oils extracted from Tuberose, a mysterious flower that blooms and spreads its scent during the night, and withers with morning, combined with other essential oils rich in vitamins and Omegas. The smell of Tuberose is unique and sweet {similar to that of Jasmine, my favorite, although there is no relation} and thanks to the oils, it leaves your skin with a nice long-lasting scent.

After showering, it is most fun to wrap yourself up in a bathrobe that makes you feel oh-so-good, and lightly soak up the water left on your body to keep your skin from drying up. {By the way, in case you were wondering, this killer bathrobe is also available in Sabon stores now 🙂 }

Since the water quickly evaporates from our bodies after a shower, the final step in skin care is to enrich the skin with an extra boost of moisture by using a rich body cream, especially the areas that tend to be more dry such as the soles, knees and elbows. An amazing body milk, also Tuberose scented, can be found as well in the Sabon spring collection. Aside from the perfect smell, I especially liked that the cream absorbs quickly and keeps the skin as soft as that of a baby! The cream is made from excellent natural ingredients such as oatmeal and vitamin E, which soothe dry skin, and firm and protect it from any damage caused by time and sun.

After such pampering on a daily basis, there is no way our skin won’t be ready for it’s swimwear debut!  



2. Decorate your home with fresh flowers

Spring is the season for flower lovers, and as a avid flower fan myself, I am delighted each year by the beautiful sight of flower “carpets” that cover the fields with color. Yes, even here in Israel, my little country, they make an appearance, short as it may be.  

But since we mostly spend our time at home or in the office, and not so much prancing through flower fields, a fun way to feel spring in all its splendor is to bring it’s floral freshness inside!

A bouquet of flowers can add so much joy and beauty to your home and work space (especially when you succeed at keeping it fresh over time). There are so many ways to adorn your home with flowers, and as usual, you can always find the best ideas on Pinterest 🙂


7 Ways To Celebrate Spring - flowers

3. Have a picnic

Spring is the perfect season for a picnic. The sun is warm, nature is at its best, and all we have left to do is pack up a cute picnic basket or cooler with a large tablecloth and a variety of goodies that are fun to eat under the open sky.

There is no need to go far away and cancel all your plans to enjoy a picnic in a pastoral location,. A picnic on the nearest beach, in a neighbourhood park or even in the garden, can be enjoyable and refresh your daily meal routine.

If you’re not exactly sure what to prepare for a picnic, you can find many tempting ideas on Pinterest, but if you don’t feel like spending too much time in the kitchen, you can buy some good bread and tasty products from your nearest deli, or even purchase an ready-made picnic basket. After all, it is not all year long that we get to enjoy such perfect weather, so treat yourself to one good picnic this year and celebrate springtime.

Don’t forget to wear a hat and sunglasses, and apply sunscreen before going out in the sun, because although the sun is not yet at its peak, it is still highly important to protect ourselves from its rays.


7 Ways To Celebrate Spring - picnic


[hi-pinterest-board board=”Picnic”]


4. Read a new book at the beach or the park

So it’s true that books can {and should be} read all year round, but I’d like to be totally honest with you here, when I’m at home, and the air conditioner is blasting, winter or summer, I tend to get into crazy binge sessions on Netflix and forget that there exists such a thing as a book. Yes, I know, my entire childhood I was encouraged to read more books, and my mind was always distracted by other things. But when the weather is this nice, it is almost a crime not to get out of the house, book in hand, and enjoy the fresh weather and the warm sun.

This season, there are two books that I cannot wait to read – ״Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working  by Otegha Uwagba, and The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**kֿ״ by Sarah Knight.


7 Ways To Celebrate Spring


5. Enjoy a music festival in Europe or the USA

Spring is the opening season for music festivals around the world. The Primavera Sound Festival in Spain and the Coachella Festival in the US are considered to be two of the festivals that mark the beginning of the wonderful season of music festivals.

A festival is one of the coolest ways to celebrate spring! A warm sun, camping out, live music concerts of all kinds, thousands of people from around the world, good food, and lots and lots of alcohol. What more can you ask for?

If you are the spontaneous kind, get tickets to one of spring’s first music festivals. If you are less spontaneous, you can book a ticket to one of the summer festivals and begin fantasising about the whole experience as of now. Either way, it is worth getting your wardrobe into festival mode with items like light dresses, straw hats, small bags {or even better – a pouch!}, denim shorts and, of course, cool sunglasses.

For a list of this year’s best festivals follow the links Europe / USA.



Music festival
Good times at the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium

6. Try a new recipe with seasonal ingredients

At the top of the things that make me love the spring season most are the goods it brings to our kitchen. Fresh spring ingredients {such as Artichoke, fresh Garden Peas and Apricots} combined with the nice warm weather makes us want to say goodbye to those heavy winter meals.

Naturally, I turn to Pinterest to find inspiration for new dishes, and I already got my eyes on some interesting recipes.

Here too, on my blog, you can find some great recipes for light coking such as this post on Artichoke, a wonderful sandwich with vegan patties {perfect for a picnic!}, and Chia pudding. You will find more recipes here. 🙂


7 Ways To Celebrate Spring
A recipe for spring rolls with coconut peanut butter sauce I am dying to try! From helloglow.co

7. Wear springy dresses

The last, but definitely not least, on my list of ways to celebrate the coming of spring is to wear spring dresses. They are light, comfortable and fun, and you have no idea how much I’ve missed wearing them !! 🙂

Goodbye heavy coats and layers, hello light, flirty dresses!


7 Ways To Celebrate Spring

7 דרכיםa7 Ways To Celebrate Spring לחגוג את בוא האביב



What do you love to do most as spring comes around? Share your favorite spring activities in the comments below 🙂

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* In collaboration with “SABON”, all of the opinions are mine.



7 Ways To Celebrate Spring

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  1. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips. Love going for a picnic and as an author, I love reading on the beach. Absolutely love your site and am bookmarking it!


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