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The Little Accessory That Will Change Everything You Think About The Topic You Would Rather Not Talk About

It’s time to talk about the topic most of us would rather not talk about.

Doesn’t matter how you call it – doody, metabolism or “Number 2”.

It’s kind of a smelly issue, but in the end it’s a very natural action and it’s important to talk about it since it’s essential for the body’s normal function.

Why no one talks about a problem we all suffer from?

Gastrointestinal problems, constipation and hemorrhoids are the most common in the modern world, and most of us tend to point a finger and blame processed food, that’s fattening and low on dietary fibers.

There’s no doubt that dietary indiscretions have a central place when dealing with these issues, but recently, more and more studies indicate that a daily object that seems the most natural to all of us – the toilet – is the main culprit.

Although it seems as if they were always around, the modern bathrooms were invented in 1775, and brought many illnesses to the Western world, which are considered rare in the Eastern world, particularly in developing countries.

עצירות וכאבי בטן

Many studies have tried to find the reason these diseases are more common in the West, and found that in the developing countries it’s still common to use the squatting method when going to the bathroom – just as humans used to do hundreds of years ago.

It was found that the primitive way to go to the bathroom – bending over, kneeling at a 30 degree angle, is the best for the body anatomically and is suited for the natural activity of the intestine’s structure, as opposed to the sitting position in the bathroom we got used to from the development of the Western toilet, which disrupts the proper function of the body and is even dangerous health-wise.

The reason for this lies in the structure of the large intestine – while in the kneeling position, the end of the large intestine is straight and therefore the bowel movement is easier and faster, as opposed to sitting on the toilet which creates a curve in the intestines that blocks their bottom part.

As a result of this blockage, it’s very difficult to completely empty out the intestines and fecal matter that should have come out of the body stays glued to the large intestines and is a base for the development of bacteria and diseases related to the intestines {such as appendicitis}, and sometimes, in the case of chronic constipation, where there’s a need to put pressure, it may lead to hemorrhoids.
By the way, sitting this way is also relevant to women’s urination since it allows fully emptying the bladder and helps prevent urine infections, as opposed to the traditional way of sitting.

squatty potty - ישיבה למניעת עצירות

The simple solution for this problem….

In order to maintain a healthy body, fast metabolism and in order to avoid constipation and hemorrhoids, change your body’s position when going to the bathroom – squat instead of sitting.

How do you do it?

Since we don’t want to switch our new and modern toilets to the squatting ones in the East, there are two options:

1. The challenging option – standing on the toilet and squatting.

2. The practical option – sit on the toilet, place feet on a stepstool, place elbows on knees and lean forward.

An American company, “Squatty Potty”, invented a kind of smart step stool that will help people comfortably get to the squatting position in Western bathrooms. Of course you don’t need to buy the special stepstool shown in the video {the company’s official website doesn’t deliver to Israel and on Amazon it costs almost double}, but a regular step stool {like this one} will do the job.

Still haven’t seen this company’s viral video? You really have to see it

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