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Women Can, Too – All The Reasons That Will Make You Start Shaving Your Face

I have a confession to make – I shave my face.

Wait, what? Yep, I didn’t get confused… I know it sounds crazy but I promise that it’s one of the most amazing and easy things to do when it comes to facial care.

To be honest, I'm pretty surprised that I waited so long to write a post about it! This technique was really a game changer in my beauty routine when I first experimented with it about three years ago, and it really is irreplaceable.

Before I explain a little more about facial shaving for women and some background on the history of this technique, I'll start with the reason I dared to shave my face in the first place.

Confession: I'm a Woman and I Shave My Face

As I’ve already said in this post, unfortunately I don’t have perfect facial skin. In fact, while I was a teenager and not until too long ago, my facial skin had a tendency to get unbearable with a ton of pimples… no matter what I did – I took special pills for acne, smeared creams to dry the face, tried all possible facial soaps {until I discovered that facial soap is big no-no}, and even tried to reduce certain foods from my menu – the zits would always find their way back to my face. Since I found THE method that works for me to maintain healthy and smooth facial skin {and I’ve received countless thank-you notes from girls who have adopted the method and enjoy a much more complex facial skin}, you can say that I live in peace with my skin. Once in awhile there are days when the skin doesn’t look as good, but overall, I can’t complain 🙂

One of my biggest fears was always to remove the mustache, because no matter what technique I used – wax, thread and even tweezers {!} – my sensitive skin instantly reacted badly and small wounds would replace the hairs that had been removed shortly before. And then I always debated what was preferable – the existence of hair above the lip or “a mustache of wounds”? Since this facial hair wasn’t an option for me, I removed the mustache each time in a different way, hoping that my skin wouldn’t take revenge on me for the momentary stimulus.

And then I became familiar with facial hair shaving.

I don’t remember exactly where I read about this method but because all the other options to remove the mustache weren’t ideal for me, I decided to take the risk and hope for the best. What can I tell you? It worked! Since the day I stopped the facial wax, thread and tweezers and adopted the razor blade the problem was solved as never before.



But what does it mean to shave women’s facial hair and where did this phenomenon begin?

Oh! It's good that you asked 🙂 The Kao Sori facial shaving technique, which originated in Japan, isn’t a new phenomenon at all. In fact, women in the Asian provinces have been doing this for hundreds of years and only in recent years it got more popular in the Western world. By the way, it's said that Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and even Cleopatra shaved their faces, and rumors say that even today all the Hollywood stars do it, but they just don’t admit it 🙂

This technique uses a tiny razor blade {not a usual razor, ok?} and shaves the thin facial hair, also called the peach plume, from the facial skin to smooth the skin and maximize the penetration of the skin products into the skin.

Why should you shave your face?

  1. Facial shaving not only removes the wild hairs but also removes a layer of dead cells from the face and is therefore also acting as a peeling helps maintain the appearance of shiny, shiny and young skin. Suddenly this whole thing that men age better than women begins to be much more understandable and logical! – Most men start shaving from an early age and give themselves a peeling facial without noticing, leading to a much more “reserved” and youthful look 😉
  2. Skin care products penetrate the skin better after shaving, just like they’re more effective after peeling.
  3. Make-up looks much better on a completely smooth face.


Confession: I'm a Woman and I Shave My Face


Does it hurt?

Not at all! But keep in mind that it’s a sharp knife, so if the skin is really dry before using it, it may form a cut, so in this situation it’s important to apply a thin layer of facial cream / oil before using the knife.

Which knives should you use?

There are many knives for women to remove facial hairs, some are better and some aren’t that great. After trying out a few different types I ordered from Amazon, I highly recommend the TINKLE or Shiseido knives – both are excellent!

How to prepare your skin for shaving?

Unlike the way men shave, when it comes to shaving a woman's face, there’s no need for any kind of shaving cream. The secret is to shave after a bath or shower, when the skin is clean, dry and soft.



How do you shave?

1. Hold the razor at a 45-degree angle to the skin.

2. Stretch the skin a little {especially when it comes to slightly wrinkled or especially soft skin to avoid cutting it}.

3. Move the knife carefully from the top downwards – in the direction of your hair growth rather than against, unlike ordinary razor blades!

4. It’s important to shave with short strokes for a perfect result.

This short video demonstrates it perfectly 🙂



How does the hair grow back after shaving?

This is the first question that people ask me when I say I shave my face 🙂 From my experience, the hair doesn’t grow back hard or darker after this kind of shaving.

If you try this method for the first time, it is recommended to shave only a small, hidden area first to see how your hair and skin react. If you see that there's no change in your hair growth and the skin does not react in a strange way, like in my case, you can go on to the rest of the face 🙂

How often should you shave?

I shave once a week, or as needed if I see that the growth is faster. Since this is a type of peeling, it’s not recommended to shave more than 2-3 times a week.

What do you do after shaving?

It’s very important to nourish the skin with cream or high quality facial oil to prevent the dehydration of the skin.

How do you maintain the knife after shaving?

Clean the knife after using it with a dry cloth and cover it with the transparent seal that comes in the package to keep it clean. It’s recommended to replace the knife as soon as it isn’t sharp enough {the durability of the knife depends on how much it’s used}. I change it about once a month – a month and a half.

What do you think about this technique? Tell me in the comments below! 🙂

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